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  1. The topic is a bit older but some of you seem to have some experience so maybe you can help. We are currently expecting our second child and looking for baby items, we are quite new to the Sheffield area so I don't really know where to look for baby items. We purchased a lot from IKEA and also online on www.prams.net but some items like the pushchair I'd rather test in a shop. I went to the Mothercare in Meadow Hall but they didn't have much to choose from so maybe you have some tips where to shop? I'm also quite interested in the sling network Bumps+births mentioned, can you give me some more information about that? Thank you for your help:)
  2. For me it was around 15 years ago 'Pet sematary' I'm never ever going to watch that film again it was horrible
  3. I enjoyed the film very much, would totally recommend it! Agree with the others Eddie Redmayne is brilliant.
  4. Also think that the eggs should have been destroyed with the death!
  5. My daughter uses a Samsung tablet, think it was about 80ish.
  6. How is there even the possibility to increase the productivity if there will be a lack of people able to work. I do agree, our tax system is not perfect and it definitely needs to be modified in the next years, but what we need to do is to make sure that these immigrants are able to get well paid work in order to help public finances and pay for OUR pensions and health care system. Otherwise, it means that there will need to be an extra £19billion of spending cuts or tax rises after 2019. An OBR analysis suggests that Britain's borrowing as a propotion of GDP would rise to 99 per cent if there is a steady flow of immigrants. If there was a complete ban on immigrants, borrowing would rise to 174 per cent of GDP.
  7. Gone Girl - Okay, a lot of suspense. Didn't like the ending though
  8. We actually need the immigrants and children because in a few years we are facing a lot of challenges caused by our ageing society. We need people to work and pay in our welfare system otherwise we won't be able to receive pensions anymore or health care.
  9. Can also recommend a gas hob type kettle, they are pretty good.
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