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  1. _lecro_

    Word Association (Part 28)

  2. _lecro_

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    The regular RS team looked like true professionals compared to Magid Magid standing in this afternoob, ive never heard him on there before but it was truly cringeworthy ! I just hope hes a bit better at being Major #monotone
  3. _lecro_

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    Bohemian Rhapsody 9/10 It would have got a 10 if freddy had been in it !
  4. _lecro_

    What Have you Done in Three Words(part 2)

    Bought new boots
  5. _lecro_

    Disgusting act in Ponds Forge.

    They may have just identified as a bloke
  6. _lecro_

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    I challenge anyone not to get a shiver down there spine ....
  7. _lecro_

    Word Association (Part 28)

    dissimulate 🤨
  8. _lecro_

    Word Association (Part 28)

  9. _lecro_

    Word Association (Part 28)

  10. _lecro_

    Loosing interest

    Pretty much sums it up !! I think ive only posted once since the so called update .
  11. _lecro_

    I wonder how many have left this forum

    Ive never even looked at the classifieds .
  12. _lecro_

    Change a Letter (Part 21)

  13. _lecro_

    Change a Letter (Part 21)

  14. _lecro_

    Britain First banned by Facebook

    Sounds like a job for Rip Off Britain How would a dildo have need of such facility
  15. _lecro_

    Change a Letter (Part 21)

    Resists temptation to use first thing that came to mind Liner.............

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