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  1. 😧 Black Hole Sun - Sound Garden !
  2. Happened a few times last night but thats the first time i noticed it.
  3. Black Man......... Hazel O'Connor
  4. Tragic loss 😢 #TaylorHawkinsRIP
  5. Check page 35 - 36 of the manual for changing the image size / format https://www.manualslib.com/manual/202350/Samsung-Digimax-L85.html?page=37#manual or change them on many sites designed for just that e.g https://jpg2png.com/
  6. Assuming its firefox .. right click at the top of the window .. customise toolbar then from the new customise window find the screenshot icon and drag it into the menu bar but you dont need the icon just right click / take screenshot as the above poster.
  7. Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
  8. Apparently some of the terrorists were trained at al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan !
  9. 5 page thread on the subject HERE
  10. Sad loss ! Was one of the best .
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