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  1. Another day on Netherthorpe road... i wonder what could be causing such mayhem ! About 20 seconds later a motorbike with two helmetless muppets on came flying off the roundabout and staight down the middle with jam sandwich in hot pursuit , pursuit which lasted about 3 seconds when they saw the jam (pun intended)! Blues and twos went off and they just sat in it with the rest of us . Atleast a few push irons got a nice ride home 🤔
  2. Distribute them into the nearest paper recycling bin
  3. I dont see many updates coming .. "on April 29, 2020 we’ve announced with a heavy heart the Cliqz story is over. It is a terrible decision, but it is the only one possible. There is no future for Cliqz as it is today."
  4. I think Mr Cleese might have invented this whole controversy .. Both series of "flowery *****" has been downloaded more in the last day than ever before
  5. Yep your right .. i confess i didnt check the specs i just assumed a new game would have required better hardware.. im too used to BF
  6. Who said it was Football Manager 2020 .. ? those minimum requirements look more like the specs for Football Manager 2005 !
  7. Iceland have some frozen donner meat .. its ok after a few beers .. TBH theres some greeat recipes on youtube
  8. Has someone suggested to you that Gleesons are somehow blocking your wifi ? Sounds like something the sky help desk would come up with
  9. It works because it was on in the early 70s when racism was acceptable !
  10. Best bit of comedy ive seen this christmas. A welcome change from all the american trash !
  11. I used to live in the maisonettes about 20 years ago and apart from 1 or 2 familys it was fine and we didnt have any issues . Theres only one block and they have been done up a few years back. Thats because its actually classed as bradway, which looks much better on any correspondence
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