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  1. Recently tried root beer in a restaurant and I am hooked! The only place I've found that sells it is the Union shop in Sheffield University and that is £1.45 for 375ml bottle. Does anyone know anywhere else in Sheffield that stocks root beer? Thanks
  2. We feed our pooch 'beef marrow bone' we pick up in morrisons for a treat every now and then. He just licks out the marrow from the hollow of the chunky bone and leaves the actual bone bit. We always keep an eye on him whilst he has it. I personally think this is okay. We don't feed him other bones as we are worried about splintering too.
  3. Hello. I've been using Lottie at Lottie's School for Dogs for my rescue staffy crossbreed. I would recommend and her prices are reasonable. When we got our dog he had problems with other dogs and a lot of anxiety issues and she has been very patient with him. Her site is: http://www.dogtrainingsheffield.co.uk/
  4. I recommend the classes by Lottie's School for Dogs. They are in Crookes area. She runs classes for all types of dogs, puppies, adults, rescues etc. her email/phone is on the website http://www.dogtrainingsheffield.co.uk/
  5. I have been using one recently because 10 weeks ago my dog broke one of his weight-bearing toes. He has not been allowed to walk during this time and he was getting frustrated being cooped up in the house, so we purchased a stroller. He is a medium sized mongrel and was a little too large for the backpack type carriers. We have been using it to take him out to the park and also we went away for bank holiday to the peaks, so we were wheeling him around. They are very easy to use and great for dogs with a disability. We've been able to walk on grass uphill and downhill and on paths. We have a medium sized DoggyHut in red. You can open and close the top compartment, front compartment and rear compartment. There is a loop and tether that you can adjust the length of the strap and attach it to your dogs harness/collar. We usually ride with the front and back closed (he is a nervous dog, so I think he prefers it this way) and the little part at the top open and our pooch sticks his head out of the top and looks around. We lay a fleece blanket inside as the base is pretty hard otherwise. Overall I would recommend them for elderly, injured or arthritic dogs. Initially I was a little worried about people judging us, but so far people are normally only intrigued or think its a great idea to keep dogs mobile! We will be looking to sell ours soon when our dog is fully recovered so if you are interested you could try it out at some point!
  6. I really enjoy the Monsal Trail or also Padley Gorge is rather nice. Here are some links for you to look at; Monsal trail leaflet http://www.peakdistrict.gov.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/125579/monsal-trail-leaflet.pdf Padley Gorge - I normally just take my own route around, but there's a circular route on this website here http://www.near-chesterfield-derbyshire.com/padley-gorge-walk.html
  7. I am glad it's not just me who feels this way
  8. I have noticed that drivers are simply NOT stopping at zebra crossings and it is really beginning to irritate me. The prime offender is the zebra crossing near the exit of Crookes Valley Park (near the Harcourt Road turning). Twice in the last fortnight I have been going to cross and the car does not slow down and in the end has to slam the breaks. Today the driver of a van looked me in the eye, saw I was intending to cross and began to speed up. I stepped onto the crossing at the same time as he went to speed up and then he swerved slightly to avoid me and then raised his hand in a 'thanks' gesture whilst smiling. It is not acceptable. If people want to drive they should adhere to the rules and respect pedestrians rights. I worry for children or less mobile people. It really isn't on. Anyway, rant over - just my tuppence on the matter
  9. I am going away from Fri-Mon in the bank holiday in August (28th-31st). We've rented a cottage in the Peaks (Tideswell) for 3 nights and it's my first holiday with my rescue dog - we've had him for just over a year. We don't own a car and our pooch is terrified of public transport, so usually we only take him places within walking distance. I wanted to ask whether people think it will be cheaper to rent some sort of pet taxi or whether we would be better off renting a car and driving ourselves. Does anybody have an recommendations for pet friendly transport? Do 'normal' taxis allow dogs? We'd be looking for a journey with 2 people + dog from Sheffield (S6 3FX) to Tideswell (SK17 8LX) on 28th August around midday (or early afternoon) and return from Tideswell to Sheffield on the 31st August early afternoon if possible. Let me know any suggestions you have. Thanks
  10. I'm in the process of taking up running - starting with the NHS couch to 5K podcasts and am on week 2. I wanted to ask for some advice on what sort of terrain is best to run on? I've been running around a playing field on grass (some is a little bumpy) and I wanted to ask is it better to run on a paved surface or on grass? Which do you find easier? Is one better/worse for your joints? Thanks
  11. I don't particularly like the taste of water alone either, so I know where you are coming from. I find that diluting orange juice 50/50 with water makes a nice drink and not as much sugar as juice alone. Also if you like iced tea then try brewing some tea (no milk) in boiling water (with some lemon slices if you like) and then leaving it to cool and storing in the fridge. This makes a very flavoursome and healthy drink - you can add sugar or sweetner tablets to taste if you need to. Hope this helps
  12. The lion the witch and the wardrobe Batman Planet of the apes Human centipede?!?! Hehe
  13. If you are going to get guineas then it's important to be aware that there are some foods you shouldn't give them. The main ones are potato, rhubarb and tomato plant leaves!
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