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  1. We've got 3 cats and a small dog who gets on with cats more than other dogs and the eldest cat isn't a huge fan of the others but they get on ok, the other two play together constantly and there's a year age gap between them. I think having them all around the same age does make a huge difference. And the dog loves them all.
  2. What about making your own soap? Then you know exactly what's gone into it. https://www.diynatural.com/how-to-make-soap-2/ Then you can add your own essential oils or whatever else you want, such as seeds for exfoliating purposes.
  3. Amazon sell Dr Bronners, that's where I get it from. Oh and I've seen it in TK Maxx occasionally too. And etsy sell loads of homemade natural soaps. https://www.etsy.com/uk/search?q=natural+soap&explicit=1&locationQuery=2635167 .. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ElliesFarmShop?ref=listing-shop2-all-items-count#items these look particularly nice
  4. We do treat wooden outdoor furniture, I think the one we currently have is just not very well built and flimsy. ---------- Post added 08-07-2017 at 11:07 ---------- We're going to have a look at wentworth sawmills sometime this weekend or maybe next week, they look like the type of thing we're after Thanks, I just looked at their brochure and didn't really find the thing we're after. I have a feeling we'll have to go to the type of places that do fencing etc too.
  5. Oh, they are quite expensive! Some of those different sets on their are absolutely beautiful though, especially some of the benches!
  6. Ooooh we'll have to have a look there, that's great thanks! ---------- Post added 07-07-2017 at 09:17 ---------- We were after something more like https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=hardwood+outdoor+table+and+chairs&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj109iB3fbUAhUMLlAKHSx7AIAQ_AUICygC&biw=1536&bih=760#imgrc=ESQXDIiFi6MEDM:, rather than an actual bench. Thanks though!
  7. I looked at costco but the only one I could find was a circle bench one which wouldn't be any good really, thanks though!
  8. Basically, I wondered if anyone knew where pubs get there outdoor table and chairs? The super thick wooden ones. I'm sick of buying wooden table and chairs for outside that are flimsy and break or crack after one summer. Even though I store them in the garage over the winter etc, they just don't last. Does anyone know where to get the thick chunky table and chairs? I can't afford an insane amount for them either though unfortunately. Thank you!!!
  9. Hi, I've been looking into getting a saltwater tank, and I've fell in love with boxfish! But before I rush into buying any fish (I only want one boxfish I know they prefer to be alone), I want make sure I can care for it to the best abilities that I possibly could.. I have a few questions that I'm struggling to find answers to if anyone could help.. Would a 170 litre tank be big enough for a boxfish? I'd only want the boxfish, 2 clownfish and a goby. I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Oh and possibly clean up crew dependent on if the boxfish would eat it etc. Do you have any hints or comments on the idea of keeping a boxfish? I'm open to negatives because I wouldn't want to get a fish that ends up unhappy! Thanks!!! Also as I'd want a small cowfish, I think it'd be a thornback I'd need?
  10. If she hasn't turned up at your house already then I doubt you have reason to be anxious about that, she's probably off treating somebody else badly. And if you're anxious about your own self control then it's probably better you no longer speak to her anyway.
  11. I mean it's not really my place to say it, but I really don't think you need someone like that in your life. Being depressed isn't an excuse or reason to treat someone like that. She sounds kind of awful. Maybe the nice side was actually a bit of a front and when you got to know her you found out what she's actually like. Even at my worst I wouldn't have been horrible to my friends or family, there was no reason to be like that. I think maybe you let her take advantage of you and your kindness when she really didn't deserve it. Oh and if you bump into her, you have no reason to be nervous because it was her who treat you badly!
  12. It won't have been me I just distanced myself from people, stopped replying to texts/calls etc so I wouldn't say any of the friendships ended on a bad note. I'd try and contact her if you want to, I do sometimes think about my old friends. And actually I did force myself to reply to one of them who was upset over me not being in touch and apologised to them. It's always worth trying to contact her though if it would be nice for you, the worst that could happen is she ignores you and you'll know where you stand then.
  13. I think you could possibly try and talk to him about it in the right situation, but in a way I think they need to make that decision to do something about it - you just have to let them know you're there for support. I found the hardest part about going to the doctors was that I didn't want to be forever labelled as having/had depression or anxiety, the label itself really bothered me as I was afraid of how people/employers would react to it.
  14. I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression for about 4 years now, so not that long in comparison to some. At first, I just felt numb - like I was just sitting there with no thoughts or feelings and I'd cry because I just felt so pointless/worthless/like I was a burden. So I knew I had to go to the doctor, now up to this point, I'd never thought depression was as bad as it is, I thought people sometimes used it as an excuse, but boy was I wrong. It's taken me about 6 different medications to get something that works, and that took 3 years to work out. It's not quick and simple. But I know that without those tablets, I wouldn't have coped this 4 years. They didn't always help, and you do have to help yourself as well as have medication, but they took the edge off a bit. My problem was and still is to some extent, I stopped talking to people except immediate family, I cut off all my friends, I wouldn't talk to strangers or anyone without someone there and even then I'd end up in tears quite often just because it made me so anxious. I didn't go out, my sleeping pattern ended up as me sleeping most of the day and being up all night. I lost interest in everything, things I'd enjoyed, even just the tv, I couldn't concentrate at all. I eventually after about 2 years agreed to try CBT, which I wish I'd done sooner - it helped so much. But I have to point out actually, I did try it at the very beginning but I didn't really click with the woman and I didn't go back, but the second time, I really liked and trusted the woman which made it a thousand times easier. My problem is, in all this time I haven't worked, which would probably would help to some extent, but even though I feel better some days now (before it was every minute of every day) I still have days when I can't cope with just the normal things, like talking to strangers etc. I don't think I could even get to the interview point to be honest, it'd be too much pressure even though I know once I had a job with people I'm comfortable with I'd be absolutely fine. I'm going to force myself to start volunteering at some point and work from there. But small steps really do help. But I feel it's soooooooo important to find an understanding and caring doctor (I saw about 4 different doctors at my practice until I found the one I see everytime now) because some just don't seem to listen, or something, they didn't help anyway.
  15. I can't believe you can have a fox as a pet! He's really cute though, if I saw him I think I'd presume he's a weird dog
  16. Ohhh right! Maybe that is it, in which case it says stealing 3.5lbs of grain.. I think. In 1906 Thanks!!!!
  17. That's when the records of the prison are for between - not when he was in prison.... ---------- Post added 13-03-2016 at 17:52 ---------- Thanks, just tried that but it won't let me save the image or anything.. I presume it's because it's a website you pay for kind of thing...
  18. I'm on ancestry.com so I don't think it'd let me link would it? I'll try and find similar online... Can't find it!
  19. I've recently started researching my family tree and found a record for a family member from 1801 - 1914 saying they spent time in prison, I was interested to see what it was for but under the sentence and offence they've just put a squiggly looking D or something - does anyone know what that could mean? Thanks in advance!
  20. When I looked online about this a few years ago, I found a lot of people actually train the dog to bark on command instead. So it's more of a positive thing instead.
  21. Our dog would only go up the stairs, not down them for a long time, I think it was at least a year. And then eventually one day I had him upstairs away from a visitor and he got soooo desperate to see them that he ran downstairs by himself. So if they want something enough, they'll do it Also, maybe try putting a few treats on each step to tempt him to go up so he realises he is allowed?
  22. I was out at 08:30 this morning around Frecheville and noticed quite a few police cars, and then I've just come back from town and saw a police van that turned off towards the pond at frecheville.
  23. It actually resolved itself last night after a while, apparently they knew it was doing it. I wouldn't have minded but I wanted a coat and it ended up going on sale for black friday so I really wanted it! They actually told me to use chrome as it probably wouldn't be affected, but it was . I was just worried it was going to have downloaded a virus onto the computer at first, I didn't actually realise it was coming from that page until I started clicking other things on the page and it kept doing it. I'll just have to hope it hasn't downloaded anything nasty Thanks though!
  24. It says you can't open it but comes up at the bottom saying ''provider (6).aspx'' but when you click on it it says windows can't open this file. I had to reset the computer last week because of something randomly downloading, so didn't want to have to do that again!
  25. It's not actually redirecting to another page.. Do you use chrome? When you download something it goes into the box at the bottom which says ''show all downloads'', it's downloading it onto there as if it's a document but if you try to open it, it says we don't have the programme to do so. I think I'm going to call Evans, not that they'll know. But I thought it's weird that everytime I open evans.co.uk it does it Apparently it's a known error phew, I panicked then!
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