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  1. Thanks ,i did end up checking on net and came to that conclusion in end late last night .one of them survived but unfortunately the outher didn't i think one of em was a bit greedier than the outer .I found something saying to sprinkle a little Epsom salt in water but didn't have any to try .We will be much more carefully when feeding from now on .
  2. Hi i have a rabbit hutch its double tier though with small run like part at bottom with no base it was only used for a couple of months last year as spare hutch think we payed about 65 for it its a decent one in nearly new condition would take 25 for it !
  3. Hi can anyone please help ,today my daughter fed our fish and then my wife also later fed them again now tonight when returning from work they both look very upset hardly moving and are upside-down ? the filter hasn't been on for a couple of days.Dont know what to do they look like they wont last much longer unfortunately we have only had them a couple of months and clean there water every two weeks .Any advice would be much appreciated
  4. s13 ,but can drop it off tomorrow morning if its any use to you there's the odd bits of stick in there but mostly little piece's of conifer ,its on the back of my truck at mo so could really do with getting it off asap
  5. Dose anyone know if allotments will take free mulcher ? im a gardener and will have some mulcher from about 25 conifers im cutting down next week. Thought it may be useful to some one instead of going to the disposal yard
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