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  1. Hi Plaintalker - I am having problems cutting down the materials. There are 2 murder trials alone to cover that were covered in great detail by the press at that time. Peace ticks so many boxes for 19c crime and media it is quite incredible... ...and notorious:twisted:
  2. This is the first time a history course has run on Peace to my knowledge. A course blog is under construction for the course, you can find this at http://charliepeace.blogspot.com/ It is early days yet for the site but a similar blog was developed for the Sheffield City Battalion course, which can be accessed at: http://sheffieldpals.blogspot.com/ 0114 242 3609 is the number to book a place on the course - hope to hear from you:)
  3. The Sheffield WEA are offering a local history course on the Sheffield City Battalion after Xmas The course begins on Weds 13th January, 7pm - 9pm and runs for 10 weeks and we have 7 places left. The course venue is the old vicarage at Attercliffe - 3 Vicarage Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield S9 3RH The cost of the ten week course is £55 but zero if you are unwaged or in receipt of benefits If you are interested in attending the course you can find more info or enrol by telephone on: 0114 242 3609 or e mail : yorkshumber@wea.org.uk You can also pm me if you want more info The course is running at present (we have 4 weeks left!) and was fully subscribed and to get a flavour of the course you can visit our current course blog at: http://sheffieldpals.blogspot.com/ Look forward to hearing from you:) News update The annual Remembrance Parade through Dore village in Sheffield, to the war memorial outside the church, will take place on Sunday 9th November at approx. 10.30am. The parade will again be supported by the local scouts and the ATC corps. The parade will again be led by The City of Sheffield Pipe band. For anyone who may be interested, the pipe band will be performing again on Sunday at the the Winter Gardens in the city centre, from approx 1.00pm.
  4. The Sheffield WEA are offering a local history course on Charlie Peace The course begins on Weds 21st January, 7pm - 9pm and runs for 10 weeks. The course venue is The Circle, Rockingham Lane just off Division Street - part of Charlie's old stamping ground The cost of the ten week course is £55 but zero if you are unwaged or in receipt of benefits If you are interested in attending the course you can find more info or enrol by telephone on: 0114 242 3609 or bunging off an e mail to: yorkshumber@wea.org.uk You can also pm me if you want more info Here is the blurb for the course Charlie Peace: Criminal Fall, Cultural Rise. The course is a ten week investigation into the life of one of the most notorious criminals of the nineteenth century. Using primary and secondary evidence we examine Peace within the context of nineteenth century Sheffield and against a backdrop of Victorian crime and penal reform. We examine Peace's burglary in Sheffield, his murder of a police constable in Manchester, the Dyson killing , arrest in London and his subsequent sensationalised trial. The second part of the course examines media coverage of Peace through the mediums of film, newspapers, comics, penny dreadfuls, museum commemoration and music hall. The course draws upon the disciplines of History, Criminology and Media Studies.
  5. As previously mentioned in the thread, I am currently teaching a WEA course, 'The Sheffield Pals and The First Battle of The Somme'. We have had a number of people sign up for the course via the Forum, which has been terrific. Just to say we have started a course blog - this is a multi author blog for people on the course to post their thoughts, pics etc.... It is early days for the blog but I thought a few of you who regularly contribute to the thread may want to have a quick look....you will find the blog at this link http://sheffieldpals.blogspot.com/ Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment boxes. We have just started to add to the links on the page that may help people in their own research projects/interest about Sheffield City As part of the course we are planning a walking tour of Redmires with the help of Sheffield University - if anyone out there is interested then please pm me It is anticipated that this 10 week course will run again after the Xmas break, if anyone is interested Thanks:thumbsup:
  6. You could try here TH fans are still "Listening To His Music" via a vibrant, active and growing fan club - The Ted Heath Music Appreciation Society - in London. There are more than 1400 members of this organization from all over the world. Contact: Membership Secretary: Mrs P Jones jackpete27@tesco.net Flat 15 Ynysderwe House Pontardawe, SA8 4AA England, UK
  7. Think its the selectors that should be dropped. You pick an unknown to spearhead your attack and you will concede runs. Vaughan is on a bad trot at present but he will recover. I cannot see anyone leading England in the present set up. The 'burden' of the England captaincy has always dampened the captains ability to score runs (see Brearley) It must be remembered that this South African side is top notch and they will find our weaknesses. I am more worried about our thin bowling line up rather than our batting at present.
  8. Not pedantic but correct!! The WEA website is wrong - I phoned them today and the course is being held at The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield S1 4FW
  9. I see the WEA have a course running on the pals 'The Sheffield Pals and the First Battle of the Somme' In September 1914 Sheffield responded to Kitchener’s nationwide recruitment of volunteer soldiers. These volunteers formed what became known as ‘Pals Battalions’. This course examines the formation of the Sheffield City Battalion, 12th Yorks and Lancs. Through an exploration of primary and secondary sources we trace Sheffield City from their initial training at Redmires to their action on the Somme in July 1916. Pre-enrol on 2423609 by 9th Sept. Telephone: 0114-2679934 to book a place on the course Course reference: C3647205 Course duration: 24 September 2008 to 03 December 2008 Course day(s) and time(s): Wed 19:00. This course will run for 10 sessions of 2 hours each. Course fees: Standard course fee: £61.00 for the ten sessions Reduced fee: £53.00 (Click here for further information on reduced fees) Venue information: Voluntary Action Sheffield The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield S1 4FW
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP0RHPDoUYc:hihi:
  11. As soon as you cross the white line and the ref blows his whistle - you are in active play, until you have permission to leave the field. This is a very old rule Simple really....
  12. Well done to Bulldog and thanks goes to Geocol for all the work here:thumbsup:
  13. Wed 11th Czech 1 v 2 Portugal Switz 1 v 1 Turkey Thursday 12th Croatia 1 v 2 Germany Austria 1 v 2 Poland Friday 13th Italy 2 v 0 Romania Holland 2 v 1 France Saturday 14th Spain 1 v 0 Sweden Greece 1 v 0 Russia
  14. Why doesnt Sheffield have a major flower and garden festival? It would attract visitors and revenue into the city - good idea or bad idea. Good - where should it be held? Should it be a city, urban show or perhaps in Norfolk Park - a place that seems underdeveloped in terms of its use?
  15. Switzerland 0 Czech 2 Portugal 1 Turkey 1 Austria 1 Croatia 1 Germany 2 Poland 0 Romania 0 France 1 Holland 1 Italy 1 Spain 2 Russia 1 Greece 1 Sweden 1 and that concludes the voting for the Hackenthorpe jury
  16. Alex Ferguson took over at Old Trafford in 1986 - he delivered the Premiership in 1993. It took seven years.
  17. Was it Lee Trevino who was accused by a journalist of being lucky after holing from off the green to deny Jacklin a major. Trevino laughed and and replied.."its funny, the more I practise the luckier I seem to get" For my two penneth...Kaka is the best player in the world but Ronaldo is catching him up with every game he plays
  18. An elderly guy was attacked by two youths - he was on the deck as I passed - a few spirited residents ran after the two youths concerned. The guy was in pain but conscious - looked like he had a leg injury. A number of neighbours looked after the fella until the paramedics arrived:thumbsup: Hope the fella is ok and plod catch the lads concerned
  19. 'Long Walk Home' Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - from the new CD, 'Magic'
  20. As Waddle stated, we need to keep hold of the ball more Serbia, next up - they have already qualified and may rest a few players...fancy England 2-0
  21. The youngster Lewis Hamilton...they say he's driving the Mclaren on his dad's insurance...............Direct Line apparently:)
  22. Chase certainly played the audience well Even Steve Van Zandt who plays one of the main characters stated at the weekend that the actors are also unsure if the show has really finished Great television...BADA BING:thumbsup:
  23. Concur I also think that Gerrard is not the finished article yet - he has a few years before he reaches his peak Name the top sides in the world and he would be in the starting eleven every time - overrated:hihi:
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