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  1. Have to agree with Parcher - the two houses opposite Manor Club on City Road are.............indescribable really, the residents have to work for the YEB - thats my theory and I'm sticking with it:heyhey:
  2. I thought it was pretty good myself. £4 for adults and free for kids. It is more of a fete than a market. I would have preferred a ticket for the Lane Saturday. Would go again.
  3. Balfour Carpets down Darnall - site of the old cinema - they are in the phone book. Carpets are a good rate and the charges for fitting are excellent - if you are short of cash but want quality, this is excellent.
  4. That would be terrific - I have activated the sytem to enable to E mail me directly or you can post on the site - your call. Either way I would be interested in hearing an account of working there. Thanks again Teabag
  5. Any of you know any good pub quizzes in the south side of Sheffield on a Weds evenings? Beighton, Mosborough, Birley, Hackenthorpe type of area's Thanks Teabag:)
  6. Dustbunny and Shirleye Thanks for your replies - much appreciated Would any of your family like to be interviewed informally about their memories at BB's for a local oral history project? Alternatively, set something down in writing? Teabag
  7. Boam Thanks for the info I will follow up the leads - very promising Teabag
  8. The Harlequin chip shop, across from Hallam University until it recently closed down was the best chippie in Sheffield. John's in Mosborough is a fine establishment. Any ones of real note to add?
  9. Researching a family history connection. All the info I have is that there was an explosion that demolished a block of flats and there were fatalities. It would be after 1900 I guess - it could have been a war time explosion or perhaps gas - any of you local history buffs know anything? Any info, greatly appreciated
  10. Researching family history and need general info on working at Brown Baileys - any of you 'senior surfers' like to recount, retell a few stories? Thanx
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