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  1. I will support our troops by continuing to protest about our continuing war in Afghanistan You want to support our troops and save lives...protest
  2. The EU is only a childs second step. You must embrace your fears on this one Aim4...the water looks cold but its fine once you are in;)
  3. Just to add something else Women are supposed to have a masculine side and men are suppose to have a feminine side. So which side is multi tasking? If you are deficient in that area...which side is letting you down? Just a thought..... Women on the whole I find are better multi taskers but then again I prefer a quiet life...Hrrrmmm
  4. The first 50 years of the Twentieth century were War War War as you call it. Over 30 million Europeans died in all the conflict. Look at how the concept of nationalism and nation states have ravaged Europe in the last century. The EEC has been going longer than 35 years my friend. The EEC and greater cooperation within Europe has kept the peace, unlike the Twentieth century and yes, the EEC and EU has something to do with that. In large part it can take the credit. I welcome greater European cooperation. I am a Sheffielder, a Yorkshireman, British and a European and proud of it. I can only see greater cooperation with democratically elected assemblies, plus local governance adding to Europes well being and security. A world Govt is a dream but what a dream to have ...surely a better one than a vision looking back to some mythical golden age. We must learn from the past and move forward or we are condemned to repeat the past.
  5. Retep are you posting from inside the crocodile?
  6. Heartily agree and not forgetting that Europe has not been involved in a major continental war...the EEC and the EU can take some credit for that Just look at the terrble history of Europe in the 20th century...is that what we want to return to?
  7. 72 or 73...you lost then and you will lose gain at any ballot box on the question Now why is that so difficult to understand How about getting with the programme and addressing the isse in the thread Your arguments and your website signature remind me of that Japanese soldier stranded on that Pacific island still fighting the second world war 30 years after it had finished Move on man
  8. Your lot camapigned in 72 and lost. The govts that signed the EU charter went into democratic national elections with that printed in their mainfesto. Your lot lost Your fighting irrelevant battles, over issues that were resolved over 30 years ago. The South lost the Civil War and are to my knowledge still part of the US union. You are a political luddite. The debate has moved on You arguments are irrelevant and on this issue so is Benn but everyone knows his views have been for the large part out of date for last 30 years
  9. I think you will find that in America they fought a Civil War over the issue of the union in the 1870s. Perhaps you could google that. This country, voted for EU membership in a democratic national referendum in 1972, perhaps that is another one to google. Perhaps now you could address the real question posed in the title of this thread. I will of course give you plenty of time to google your response:hihi:
  10. Yes, that goal. I think most footballers could hang up their boots after scoring a goal away in Brazil with a 40 yard run and beating 5 to 6 players along the way:) How many full games did Barnes start? Dont think he was ever given the role he had for Liverpool the way he was asked to play for England. There were too many people sat on the sidelines waiting for him to fail and he was a footballer who was under enormous pressure due to the expectations raised by that wonder goal I remmber that he came on late in the quarters in Mexico and turned the game our way second half. He put the ball on a plate for an equalizer for Linekar and he failed to convert due to some world class defending Management is tough and getting the sack goes with the territory If I could criticise anything about Barnes it would have to be his dress sense not his record for club or country The history books will tell us in years to come, what an important player he was in the Britsh game
  11. Getting back to the question Think Tony is wrong on this question and I have a lot of admiration for Tony on many points The problem is that GB has probably missed the boat on the Euro. We should have gone in when the other countries changed. Last year I went over to Ireland and the changes there have been terrific and most of the positive changes are due to EU money and the Euro has not ended democracy or any other bogeyman scares that surround any national change. The Euro has and will always be a political decision not an economic one. Economically we are stuck with sterling, mostly because of the prevailing attitudes at the top very much like the attitudes of the people who have posted on this thread...posters to the left and right of the political spectrum. Once again we are stuck in the past and because of the recession and the looming prospect of a Tory Govt...the question will not be raised for another 4 to 5 years. Great shame
  12. I thought he was more famous for his wife being murdered by Charlie Mansons gang He was guilty of the crime but the teenager and family involved wants the case dropped. Perhaps the best thing would be to ban him from the US and leave it there?
  13. one battle does not make a war The Afghans have eventually kicked the arses of every colonial power in the last 200 years There was a report in the Times last year. It was a report from a young army captain who detailed how the Afghans were fighting a successful guerilla war. Hitting the British and then blending into the civilian population. The war was 360 degrees and they were struggling and complaining of lack of equipment etc The report was written in the 1890s There are plenty of recent Soviet memoirs that tell the same story The place is a hole and we should seriously get out of the place. If training camps start back up ....send some Tomahawk missiles in
  14. You fail to grasp that this is now a legal case. It is a case of criminal law. I have nver heard the CPS being referred to as -do gooders- before:hihi: No one is above the law. No one. The police are public servants, there to uphold the law on our behalf. Not the police-s behalf. This was a peaceful protest. The policeman in question was not severely provoked or more importantly defending himself from attack. You have the right to protest. It is one of our democratic rights. No one has the right to baton you in the face, even if you have been asked to move back. This is assault. Please think through the logic of your argument Next time your in the supermarket and the assistant asks you to step back and then battons you in the face....I may guess that you would expect that assistant to be prosecuted for assault. Treat others as you would want to be treated. This is now a matter for the courts and a jury will decide the policemans fate based upon the rule of law
  15. Better still...post the tenner to Alison and her campaign for justice
  16. With the quality of these arguments, the copper could be looking at life:hihi:
  17. Police, fire, civil servants, politicians, teachers, nurses, doctors, council employees, all govt posts...the list could take me all night. Are all these net drains on the economy? They are paid for by national or local taxation What do all these people do with their wages? What do they do with their taxes? What happens to their pension contributions? Do any of these people buy food, pay rent, pay mortgages, pay utility bills, purchase electrical goods, pay for sporting and leisure service? Do they save money in banks? Do they buy shares? Sorry the list again is endless Read a basic economics textbook
  18. The policeman charged can of course try use this as part of his defence statement in court... "M-lord, she didnt move out of the way and therefore I slapped her, common sense init" BromideBill you would make an excellent witness for the prosecution
  19. So that is one million on to the unemployment register overnight. One million not contributing tax to the economy overnight One million claiming housing and unemployment benefits overnight One million, plus partners and siblings, equates to 2 to 3 million who have limited purchasing power to buy goods and services which our economy relies upon Then add on mortgage repossessions, marriage break ups, various social breakdowns, less contributions in other indirect taxation and you have the recipe for more economic misfortune....tell you what...the last person out, switch the light off:hihi:
  20. They will bring us massive cuts in public spending, tax breaks for the rich...top rate of tax, inheritance tax, corporation tax ......a fiscal policy that will make the pips squeak for the poor. Unemployment already rising will get higher but the chances of claiming benefit will of course be curtailed. At the same time, they will personally blame you for being unemployed and up that stigma level to the max They will cut back at all times social benefits and make it harder to claim disability. You nasty wheelchair people etc will just have to try harder and suffer more They will cut back on the civil service but create more private quangos with no local or national accountability. They will accelerate privatisation of health care and tell us we cannot keep throwing money at the problem. Parts of the service, free of charge will go and be replaced by insurance schemes or bled dry of funds that will force people to go private. They will give big tax breaks to people who take up private insurance. I predict a free fall economy within a year of them taking office...but we will be told it is harsh but necessary medicine If you have a mortgage...better protect now, if you have the chance of getting a fixed rate mortgage:hihi:. Interest rates will double within a year and with the credit crunch, repossessions will hit an all time high. They will of course blame you for living beyond your means, although they were the party that originally promoted house ownership in the eighties. They will be vague on Europe...booing and hissing on the sidelines...signing up to economic packages and backsliding on the social contract side. We will stagnate in relation to Europe ...they still cannot get their heads round Europe. We will not join the Euro under a Tory Govt. Save the pound anyone? They will of course, like Labour follow the Americans blindly in Afghanistan, where of course we will continue to get our arses kicked. They will give more economic freedom to individual schools in order to discriminate and create further social barriers in education. They will periodically bash teachers and blame them for all societies ills. They will of course change massive amounts of the curriculum unecessarily and chicken out from changing A levels. They will starve higher ed of funds and there will be massive rises in student fees. Periodically, they will target minority groups and doubt their loyalty to the country. They will attack single parents and teenage mothers and of course blame them for all socities ills. They will persists with the idea that society began to disintegrate due to the 1960-s. They will detain more asylum seekers but pursue the same previous policy because they realise that a non unionised and cheap workforce is good for their economy. They will increase the pay of the police and pay nurses, teachers and the fireservice less. Funny...the Tories hate the fireservice. They will give more draconian powers to the police as have labour and there will be riots but it will be the fault of the -enemy within- ..but inflation will fall I wish Labour had a different policy but alas no
  21. Luckily, the CPS take a different point of view:) Pleased Alison will have her day in court unlike Ian Tomlinson
  22. Tripe and dripping. Tea time at our house could resemble a scene from ...I didnt know you cared I heard that...pardon
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