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  1. Agreed on Rochdale but have a feeling Luton may nick a goal...although the team news does not look kind for Luton, their main goalscorer maybe out tonight according to the Beeb
  2. As they say in Vegas...the house always wins:) ..but a flutter certainly spices up a cup tie like Rochdale vs Luton Town on a grey cold November evening in downtown Lancashire... no offence intended to grey cold Lancasterians
  3. Touche:hihi: Good luck to you fella:)
  4. ..and you are posting from a netbook while sipping a cocktail on a beach in the Bahamas no doubt:hihi: I've given up handing over my dosh to bookies, I have a few Euros each week down at a bookies near the Vatican of all places and no the place is not full of Nuns and priests...alas I have to stick to points and Fantasy Football Leagues for my larger aspirations:cool:
  5. Points instead of pounds....better to lose points than Euros and sterling You can run a book on how quickly it takes me to lose 500 points:hihi: If I come unstuck it will probably be at Rochdale in the Cup...eckythump:o
  6. Double tonight 60/40 stakes...Southampton win plus Rochdale win 60pts Rochdale win and Southhampton draw 40 pts Monday night I lost 10 points on accum but 5pts bet on Benitez to score for Birmingham against Liverpool 13/1 netted 65pts, minus 10 that means 55pts profit Lets say say Corker I start with a 500 pts bank Current bank 555pts and 100 pts in play tonight...see how fast it takes for me to lose 500 pts!!!
  7. Most of the BNP people who seemed to take over the Forum a couple of years ago, have all been banned to my knowledge...perhaps I am wrong on that. A few have tried to come back under different names but they too seem to have been handed bans. I was surprised that Griffin turned up today when the soldiers killed in action were returned home...I am surprised that the man didnt get a good kicking from the families gathered to mourn their loved ones What a cheap and nasty little corporal Griffin is. One day he will get what he deserves and crawl back under his stone.
  8. I attended Pye Bank from around 1970 to 1975...great memories I heard that the basic fabric of the school would be retained and the building converted into luxury flats...not sure if this is correct Old classmates would include...Michael Hargate, John McGuiness, Simeon Sparks, Harris Hamilton, Wayne Birdip, Paul Greasby, Paula Johnson 8not sure about the first name, Christopher Gott. Lee Williamson..who I believe is Head of Drama at a college in the South. There was a guy who lived across from the school and I cannot remeber his name...he went to Boys Brigade with me...something Laughton I think...my memory!!! Karl Laughton! He was a good mate and I often wondered what Karl went on to do after Pye Bank
  9. Benitez scores...pure symmetry!!!!!!!!!!! 13/1 shot
  10. Usual 10 Euros..with StanleyBet in Rome...although the odds are shocking over here for matches and you cannot get bookies online I was tempted to go for a large flutter on 60/40 stakes...60 Barnsley win and 40 for draw...still a bit of profit either way...if on Betfair you would go big on laying Utd...but you never know with Utd Good luck tonight with your tips
  11. Liverpool win Millwall win Cork win Barnsley Draw Side bet on Benitez to score for Birmingham
  12. Liverpool win Millwall win Cork win Barnsley Draw
  13. So are you saying that it is ok for the BNP to collect for people who fought Nazis and you condone Gary Glitter collecting for Children in Need...how interesting that you attack me not the BNP or Mr Glitter;)
  14. Perhaps we should get Gary Glitter to collect for Children in Need...would that matter? Nazis trying to muscle in on collections for people who fought Nazis...that of course does not matter:rolleyes:
  15. Yeah...no harm. Perhaps the week after we could let Gary Glitter collect for Children in Need:roll:
  16. All the world seems to be on Bristol today...which means Weds will either win 4/0 or lose 4/0. My best today is Boro...who are playing their first game for new manager Strachan...so thats the Kybers put on Boro:hihi:
  17. Ouch...the old girl took a knock there...that is no way to treat a lady As I suspected there are very few songs about Sheffield...surely there are singer sonwriters to correct that...now who knows Richard Hawley, perhaps he should have a go:huh:
  18. For Saturday... Man Utd Arsenal Notts Co Ipswich...they have to win sometime surely Celtic Burnley Bristol City Coventry
  19. Why are there no great songs about Sheffield? I can think of Coles Corner but I cannot think of a song with Sheffield in the title or am I wrong? Perhaps there is a Pulp song that sums up Sheffield? If there is no song, perhaps Richard or Jarvis or Joe could come up with something...any thoughts? I expect people will think of song titles to fit their view of Sheffield but I think the old girl should have her own song
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1rWvGSmOuo&feature=related Random
  21. I bet you had all the badges plaintalker and stop knocking Keith Chegwin in the CFF.s I remember throwing Polo mints at the kids on the front row and walking down from Pitsmoor on a Saturday morning with my sis in tow My favourites were the cartoons...Mighty Mouse My Nan worked in the cafe part of the ABC and I often popped in to see her. When the manager was diverted we would be treated to tea and cake gratis
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