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  1. Went there in the 60s. Remember a lad being told there was a gang waiting for him outside. Never seem fear like that before or since. Also used to go to Norton and Crosspool. Do the kids have such music places now??
  2. Gosh he did. My Dad would have been 105 last week if still around. Harry must be similar age.
  3. II think I am completly in the wrong place but in the 60s my Dad had a radio and TV shop at the top end of Gleadless Road that was taken over by Nat West . Dad moved to White Lane.
  4. Hey Abbeyedges. Jacksons - Jim Jackson was my best man in 1973. They had acouple of other shops. One accross the road from the Abbeydale Cinema and another at Walkley. For a while there was one on London road. Jim played in a band and they used to practice there. My Mom used to shop at Jessingers at Bradway.
  5. Another odd named area of Sheffield which no longer exists was Port Mahon. I believe it was in the Hillsborough area. I have postcards sent to my Dad and his brothers who lived above Grans shop there. Port Mahon is in Mallorca.
  6. Is that Kilner way Wadsley Bridge? It was MFI. I was on the opening team in 1976. Drove there in my Capri GTXLR. Later went back to be manager in around 1979. When it opened MFI had only 12 branches with is 12 more than it has now. Seemed to recall one of the sales people was Miss Yorkshire TV. I went to Abbeydale Grammar. Had the pleasure of serving 'Vince' Cooper PE Teacher and 'Cass' Massey Head.
  7. Can you imagine the outcry these days if children had to travel across Sheffield without a 4 wheeled drive Chelsea Tractor to take them. I lived in Bradway just off the Derbyshire border and went to Oakwood Primary School in Pitsmoore. Aged 8-10. I admit my Dad used to give me a lift in the morning as he had a shop in Firth Park. The home journey was a tram to The Moore (1d) Then the bus from outside Redgates to Twentywell Lane. (2d) A tram journey and a look in Redgates what more could I want....?
  8. my Dad had a couple of shops in the 50s & 60s.BARRONS First one at Firth Park in 1952. Downstairs he had his 'Television Theatre' Loads of big TVs all switched on. Got the idea from the Radio Show in London. He opened a second in the early 60s in Gleadless. He sold up in the late 60s. At the time he was selling a 19" duel standard ( meant by pushing a knob you could change to 625 lines and BBC2) for 100gns. That was about 10 weeks wages.
  9. In the 50s I went to the original Broadway Infant School. Top of Twenty well Lane. There was a box built into the playground wall. We used to chat to the local Copper at playtime. Hard to think he would be about 90 now.
  10. I remember seeing a lady by the name of Judith. I lived in Bradway and so to travel that distace on a Saturday night in the 60s was like going to another town
  11. Good evening. I guess my sister was at Abbeydale around the time you were there. I am 62 she is 6 years older. I actually was at Abbeydale Boys 1960 - 66. A comment later on someone is saying they can't find details of the schools in that area. It seams that the scholls were split into upper lower and got very mixed up. Abbeydale girls is some sort of educatio offices. Very strange.
  12. Gosh ShogunI forgotten the name Snellsons. No my Dad sold out to them. He thought he could reture early. Name Barrons
  13. My Dad had a TV shop at Firth Park from the early 50's so we were always first to get the new stuff. We had ITV from about 1958. Remember the washing powder advert with the frog on a lilly leaf. One day he went to put a tv into The Ladybower Inn. Late 50s. Couldn't get a piture. Threw the ariel down in disgust - Perfect picture. Appears they had it in that position for years. We used to go to London for the Radio & Tv show around October. Saw Colour TV from America in about 1957. In 1967 he used to sell a 'duel standard' Means it could get BBC2 in 625 lines for 100gns. £105. Bearing in mind an average wage was about £15/week they were very expensive.
  14. It is not just Sheffield who has stopped making things other than burgers – the whole country. The main problem I find on returning to Sheffield is the ridiculous and unnecessary one way road systems. Like the housing mixed and unplanned. There is a degree of rose tinted glasses. My father was from Netherthorpe Road area. Look at pictures from before and during the 60s. Not good. The boutiques were always there in Sheffield. Prior to Meadow Hall the City had more department stores than any other outside London. When actually was this Golden Age of Sheffield?
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