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  1. Fleck thuggery. Got away with one there.
  2. Spot on. Most of this lot are not bothered. Close-ups of Westwood and Borner smiling during their atrocious mistakes say it all. Disgusting.
  3. Well so far, if anyone wondered why we're heading for the pub league watching this tripe tells you all you need to know. Can't string two passes together. Awful!
  4. Does that mean the Brexit promises about millions more for the NHS and better trade were lies? Well, well.
  5. Let 'em go. Our domestic football will be more competitive and interesting.
  6. Just listened to Egan's interview after Wolves defeat. Referred to effort and commitment. Either he's lying, or deluded. Utterly abject, abysmal. Four wins all season? Laughable.
  7. Genesis...Foxtrot. David Lynch as director. He'd have a ball with Supper's Ready!!!!
  8. Yesterday's data put Barnsley at 3x the national average for infections...90 per 100k. Not hyperbole, but fact.
  9. No, you're being realistic. Buffoon Boris has already done a U-turn on his "data not dates" mantra. Just look at Barnsley - Covid infections are sky high.
  10. So Bozza was going to follow data, not dates. So given the spikes in some areas (e.g. Barnsley 3x infections) what's the explanation? U turn, or another case of BJ resorting to his default setting... Lying?
  11. Down NOW. Sign the ones who want to stay and start planning for a style of play that will get us out of the pub league at the first attempt.
  12. The Blades headline in on back page of last night's Star was an unfortunate metaphor: "Vultures circle over players." Vultures gather around lifeless carrion. Or maybe James Shield was intentionally referring to Norwood and Lundstram.
  13. Absolutely spot on. Let's hope when Queenie departs we'll get a holiday! And PM slimeball playing the great statesman today ... Oh My God.
  14. Norwood...does he practise giving the ball away? Get rid.
  15. Our government? (No capital "g"). Our NHS? (capitalised). LIONS led by donkeys.
  16. So our esteemed Secretary of State for Health and Social Care opines that all staff in nursing homes have a "duty of care" to ensure they are vaccinated. Where was his "duty of care" in the PPE fiasco last year? Hidden behind the lie, "We've placed a protective ring around care homes." Like hell they did.
  17. Are you his relation? He's one-paced, one-footed, and doesn't score goals. Flatters to deceive personified.
  18. Just heard hilarious faux pas by presenter on RS. Referred to Bramall Lane "****uation.". Meant to say "situation." Slip of the tongue, but so appropriate! Could tell he fought hard to keep his composure.
  19. Team...and Norwood in particular.
  20. Or deliberate plot, using misinformation to spark the team into life!!
  21. However you reckon it, Prince gave CW to spend 20+ million on strikers...nil return. Therefore...? The pub league and Championship promotions count for little in that context.
  22. To sack the Blades "Messiah" is bad enough. If there's any truth in the Heckingbottom rumour, then Prince botty roll doesn't understand football, and certainly doesn't understand big city rivalry.
  23. All three 1/10. And that's generous!
  24. McBurnie...oh dear. Is he putting himself in the frame for Scotland's next Six Nations match. Asinine. And another example of CW's lack of judgement in signings.
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