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    British steel facing administration

    Tory philosophy ... market forces... nowt to do wi'us. Thatcherism was overtly spiteful to the North. This lot are far more devious ... we shall do this, we shall do that, we shall give ... after years of cuts. Almost a year since May and Hammond announced Austerity was over! Liars. .
  2. steved32

    Rocket Man

    Mm... not according to Will Gompertz (BBC)..."disappointing...a bit of a bore."
  3. steved32

    Jeremy Kyle Show, suspended after guest dies.

    21st century bear-baiting. Already wounded people being humiliated and taunted. Just because they agree to appear on the "show" doesn't make it right. Shameful.
  4. steved32

    Best intro ever?

    PF ... Wish You Were Here... My funeral song... lol
  5. steved32

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Checked out local travel today on RS on M1. There was a "quiz" between Toby and another presenter. Now, I'm assuming this was genuine: Which year was the first motorised bus service introduced? (10-year latitude allowed): Other presenter - 1991. Motorised buses, 1991. I kid you not, gentle listener, as TF might say. Oh dear. Subterranean depths going further at RS.
  6. steved32

    Danny Baker? Racist or Misguided Fool?

    Right - I can see the point in the humour of the media portrayal of royals as being expected to perform, being controlled. And, I did not know the mother was dual heritage. Does that make me a racist if I snigger at the media/royal satire? Confused.
  7. steved32

    Look North

    Just watching the abysmal Amy Garcia reporting on Tour de Yorkshire on "Look North." She cannot cope with polysyllabic words. Tonight was almost as bad as the time she pronounced "debilitating" as "debilitititating." Also pauses irrationally, stumbling over words. Retraining I think.
  8. steved32

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Gormless, witless, pointless. Apparently Clueless is about to pollute the airwaves later today.
  9. steved32

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Don't hold yer hopes up.
  10. steved32

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    And do you know what? RS think it's good radio. Just like the Saturday cooking spot ... oops ... discarded. Tripe.
  11. steved32

    The derby!

    Just listened to Wilder's interview when he was asked about the next match against Rotherham. Apparently Wednesday equalised in the "115TH" minute. 90 + 10 minutes of injury time = 100 minutes Chris. Getting nervous?
  12. steved32

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Listen to Pressman. Steve Coogan will never need a new script for Alan Partridge. Pressman is the sort of "DJ" Coogan lampoons. Only trouble is, Pressman, his twenty listeners and RS production team are delusional. Seriously.
  13. steved32

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    I realise that. My point is that TF is also self, self, self.
  14. steved32

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Mrs Foster has two daughters, unless perchance you hadn't heard.
  15. steved32

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Nope. Just turned 7.00 am - "Good morning it's To..." Click.
  16. steved32

    Looking for England

    Documentary about photographer Don McCullin. Compelling TV. Hilarious, moving, inspiring. And, his war photography was hardly mentioned.
  17. steved32

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Let us hope and pray she raises the standard above the dross provided by Foster, Pressman, Cowan, et al.
  18. steved32

    Blades v Villa

    Hahahaha.. sorry, puerile I know. But that defending was hilarious.
  19. steved32

    Sir michael palin

    I think if you look at the quality and integrity of really worthy people who have batted back gongs, then that tells you all you need to know ... Zephenia Weller Broadbent Loach. Shame on you, Palin.
  20. steved32

    Swansea v sheffield wednesday

    Two options now. Both, I believe, are currently unemployed. Carlos. Bruce.
  21. steved32

    Blades v west brom

    We in S6 have absolutely nothing to crow about. But that was dross.
  22. steved32

    The scariest scenes from films or tv

    1979 TV movie of Salem's Lot, starring James Mason and David Soul. Terrifying vampirism.
  23. steved32

    The fountain outside the midland station

    Not sure about the source of the metal, but Richard Hawley had a point when he likened it to a gigantic gents' urinal.
  24. What a disgraceful "rag." Not only does it blame our Labour council for the impact of the swingeing cuts from Westminster, it is deeply ironic that they profess to support educational standards, whilst announcing on the front page: "Labour's TRIPPLE Whammy of Failure." Had the author had a "tiple" (sorry, tipple). Risible rag!
  25. steved32

    Lib dems sheffield news pamphlet

    Too true TCH. Cleggy politically prostituting himself and his "values" for power, to join Cameron. And don't get me started on Lordy Lord Scriven...

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