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  1. Or tell players what coaches of under12s tell the kids... play to the whistle (not the assistant's flag.)
  2. So this is not a Brexit election, moderator? Post a point without referring to Brexit? Delusional.
  3. How many candidates would you trust to tell the truth? Which party? I'd hope that voters would consider the merits of their local MP and what s/he represents... and the potentially dire consequences of leaving the EU.
  4. I completely agree. The beeb have still not apologised for Fiona Bruce's misrepresentation of the truth about the legality of Vote Leave's campaign on Question Time.
  5. Meadowhall brashly symbolises all that is rotten about our materialistic society. It hung on planning to go ahead with the light show for one reason only.... ££££££. Awful place.
  6. Vote for Boris? Would you vote for Barney Rubble, which is BJ and his Stone Age instincts?
  7. Keith Stroud... oh dear. Totally incompetent, indecisive and inept. How does he keep his job?
  8. Nice one JH. Blades just don't do stats otherwise they'd realise where they're heading in April if they looked at the table (especially the Goals For column).
  9. The racist chanting and Nazi salutes by Bulgarian fans were appalling and sinister. Some of the self-righteous moralising in the media though seems to suggest that the British game is free of the scourge of racism. It'not that long ago that Chelsea "fans" were filmed abusing and pushing a black commuter attempting to board a train in Paris. And, racist chants are still evident at some grounds.
  10. Stats...fourth lowest scorers in the Prem. 9 points from 24... it'll be close. Hope you do survive and we can join you in the Premiership. Sheffield needs it after quarter of a century!
  11. I'm aware that there are extensive posts on SF regarding Waltheof School, but I thought it appropriate to refresh the topic, especially as alumni of that esteemed (or not so esteemed) institution have passed on to the great gig in the sky. I entered the shiny plastic corridors of Pop Postlethwaite's empire in 1967. The "Sirs"... DW Smith, H Smith, Ray Ranson, Batman Battersby, Len Shipley, Mr Battye, Dale. Misses? They must have been brave...Sarson (acidic as vinegar), Semmens (unfortunate and much lampooned name), and the very short-skirted Miss Clegg. Happy days...
  12. If it's true, and they persist in signing Championship players... relegation beckons.
  13. Thank you for the supportive posts. Not holding out any great hopes. Police response has been very supportive. Peaks security officer (Dave) was absolutely brilliant, and thanks to Sainsburys security (I think it was Claire).
  14. On Tuesday October 1st my 85 year-old mum was outside Sainsbury's with her trolley full of shopping. Dad had gone back into the store for some milk. She became upset and confused, whereupon a scumbag chancer offered to "take" her shopping to the car. When dad returned he realised what had happened. Oh yes... I hope you smiled Mr Lowlife... you're caught on camera.
  15. Liverpool lucky? Hit post, should have had a penalty, Salah missed a sitter... should have been 1- 4... and Liverpool were poor.
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