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  1. Two generations ago, John Profumo resigned from the government after admitting he lied to the House of Commons. We now have a serial liar as a Prime Minister, and a team of yes men and women who perpetuate lies and obfuscation. Britain IS Manor Farm, and the pigs are in charge, being "more equal" than the rest of us.
  2. I'm heartily fed up of Tory backers of Cummings parroting that the media are to blame for stoking up anger about his 500+ miles road trip. Maybe they are thinking of his wife's and his article in The Spectator?
  3. Like joker Johnson last night, when probed about Cummings' comment about mistakes made by government. He responded by celebrating the "success" of over 40, 000 Covid deaths.
  4. So Matt Halfcock is to "look at" family fines issued during lockdown. I bet he is. Those fined could retrieve their latest eye test prescriptions, to evidence that they drove to nearby family to "check" their eyesight. What a shower of proverbial we have as a government.
  5. Leave Dom alone, seeing as he was not sightseeing at Barnard Castle, merely seeing that his sight was ok, if you see what I mean.
  6. What little credibility that Johnson had disappeared in the first five minutes of last night's briefing.
  7. Yes, they are voracious feeders. Just watching one adult tucking into a pigeon on the ledge so chicks can't share the kill!
  8. No doubt the slogan will now change from "Stay alert" to "Follow your instincts" aka do the hell what you like. This lot are an absolute shambolic disgrace.
  9. Just wait... there'll be some CCTV footage emerging - road cameras, Durham cameras, Barnard Castle. Lots of "Cummings" and goings potentially revealed.
  10. This whole farce is like the porcine government in Animal Farm - we're all "equal" but some "are more equal than others." So, when we were told to stay home, if you were Dominic Cummings you were exempt. The defence of Tory ministers is disgraceful - it mirrors the unprincipled "leadership" of bumbling Boris. The only saving grace is that he doesn't have a great record when it comes to loyalty; the nearest he gets to a principle is look after number one. Cummings will eventually go.
  11. Just TRYING to listen to daily briefing, led by Ms Patel... had to turn it off. "Weddins, bookins, puttin ...". Ugh Communication matters. Her skills in this area are as abysmal as her decision-making.
  12. The news footage from NY said it all... Queues of vehicles for food parcels; Merc's, SUVs, Audi gas-guzzlers. The American Dream turned sour.
  13. I know where he isn't... anywhere near the daily briefings.
  14. Chicks seem to be moulting first downy feathers, judging by amount of fluff lying around.
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