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  1. Boris Johnson wanted £150,000 treehouse at Chequers, say reports Good to see our PM has empathy with the plight of millions of the "Briddish peepoo." Wonder who he planned to tap up for that? Aaah...I should have read the article first!!! "It is understood there were discussions about the project being funded by David Brownlow, a Tory donor, and that designs had been prepared."
  2. The lawbreaker in Downing St says he'd be "crazy" to quit if Tories lose seats in the two by-elections. Wonder who the new PM will be, then.
  3. So the lying PM is considering dispensing with the lost of ethics adviser. For once I agree with him, as his complete lack of ethics means there is nothing to advise him on.
  4. Don't hold your breath. It's down to "the Briddish peepoo to a draw a line under this." And they will, especially if Labour, Lib Dems et al coalesce!
  5. The bumbling buffoon... He's either posing in a high-viz jacket and hard hat, or playing at being a world statesman. Does he realise that internationally he's viewed as a total numpty?
  6. Helen Hurford, Tory candidate in Tiverton and Honiton, had said that Johnson "thinks he's honest." Erm...another lie he's come up with.
  7. Just seen the ad for the post of PM's special adviser: "Must be able to mislead, lie and wear a high-viz jacket at every opportunity." He'll soon have had more advisers than he's had wives and girlfriends. What a stupid oaf!
  8. Love the irony in 1922 Committee saying they could change rules to trigger another "confidence" vote in (not so) Big Dog. Just what the arrogant, self-entitled egoist tries to do to protect his sycophants. Ha! Back-fired on him when he supported Cummings. To quote a Tory MP..."He's toast." Burned by autumn, I reckon. Matter of time...
  9. ...which means the majority of the government endorse an unprincipled liar. Say no more.
  10. Spot on! Maybe they're boy scout and D of E awards. Or one for the single O Level he gained.
  11. Top one for me. Liotta, Pesci, Di Niro...et al. Epic, cubed.
  12. Maggie statue already "egged" within hours of being unveiled. Hope the pigeons add to the slurry...reprehensible person.
  13. Just when we were wondering where Gove the Gnome had gone, it's apparent that the Minister for Levelling Up has been locked away assessing the current cost of living crisis. He's decided that "it's tough for everyone." No it isn't. It's tougher for some, not as tough for others. Another Tory lie, reminiscent of "We all need to follow lockdown rules."
  14. Me too! Spot on. Got to go for it from minute one on Monday.
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