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  1. Trust Vardy to spoil it. Ha ha ha ha ha!
  2. Try listening to the "Gardening Phone-in" on Sunday morning... inane music played interspersed with the odd caller on gardening topics. If callers/emails are not forthcoming, surely it's not beyond the wit of producers/presenters to plan advice tips, jobs for the week, etc., rather than broadcasting some of the drivel that masquerades as music.
  3. Very poor 1st half performance. Showed more urgency and intent in 2nd half. Overall, need to improve. But, three points from an under-par performance is a must throughout a long season if we're to challenge for top six.
  4. Her (in)sincerity is astonishing..."darling...sweetie...my lovely..." Ugh!
  5. Notwithstanding the lad's mental health issues, he's an MP... lies, inappropriate behaviour, hypocrisy, self-aggrandisement... Essential characteristics of our "elected" representatives. ..paging Boris...
  6. I watched The Third Man, too. Superb cinematography, acting...and that theme tune...atmospheric or what. Also watched Whistle Down the Wind. Beautiful.
  7. Baker and Brand have always been edgy. Baker's jibe was at the media portrayal of the royals, and was interpreted as being racist. Brand's attack was on the majority of pathetic selfish, self serving politicians. Humour should be a tool to provoke comment and debate. Perhaps those who are "offended" should stick to the puerile "comedy" of "Mrs Brown's Boys." Now there IS an offence...to viewers' intelligence and the formerly great tradition of BBC comedy.
  8. Always wondered about the "logic" of rebranding GCSE grades 1 - 9, with 1 being the bottom grade, and 9 being top. Now we know why Gove's thinking was addled.
  9. Increased poverty is the direct result of a decade of Cameron/Osborne austerity (economic stagnation) policy, which May boasted about continuing over the past three years of her premiership. Crises in our schools, NHS, increased use of food banks and more street sleepers in every town and city... 2019? Some of this society is remininscent of the Thatcher/Howe years a generation ago. Or even, Orwell's social commentary in the 1930s. Labour, I fear, have missed the boat of golden opportunity with their dithering over the big issue, opening the door for chancers from other political groups to divide the nation even more...
  10. Mosborough Health Centre. Great staff - medics and reception.
  11. Tory philosophy ... market forces... nowt to do wi'us. Thatcherism was overtly spiteful to the North. This lot are far more devious ... we shall do this, we shall do that, we shall give ... after years of cuts. Almost a year since May and Hammond announced Austerity was over! Liars. .
  12. Mm... not according to Will Gompertz (BBC)..."disappointing...a bit of a bore."
  13. 21st century bear-baiting. Already wounded people being humiliated and taunted. Just because they agree to appear on the "show" doesn't make it right. Shameful.
  14. PF ... Wish You Were Here... My funeral song... lol
  15. Checked out local travel today on RS on M1. There was a "quiz" between Toby and another presenter. Now, I'm assuming this was genuine: Which year was the first motorised bus service introduced? (10-year latitude allowed): Other presenter - 1991. Motorised buses, 1991. I kid you not, gentle listener, as TF might say. Oh dear. Subterranean depths going further at RS.
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