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  1. Bad news for Blades coming in from Hawthorns at half-time... Second Half's about to start.
  2. I notice Gove has crawled out from under his stone after being silent post-Cummings. What a reprehensible creature. Education wrecking ball and architect of Brexit untruths.
  3. Wilder has said Sharp is more important as captain now he's not in match day squad. Has he lost the plot?
  4. As usual...1-0 loss at poxy PNE! Different teams, managers over six decades. Always same result. FFS!
  5. What about the old adage, then? The table doesn't lie. Blades are currently the worst team in the Premier League. Fact.
  6. Garry Monk has said he's disappointed to be sacked, having met the target of overturning the negative points tally by the November international break. Erm ... think you said that before the 6 point reduction of the punishment, Garry. Have you thought of being a politician? Maybe in Bozza's Ministry of my Truth? World beaters, etc?
  7. Defensive third wasn't up to much at Chelsea.
  8. Usual result at PNE... Owls 0. PNE 1... or 2. Been going there since the 70s. Get sweet FA. But have a chance if Monkster swallows his pride and gives Rhodes a start. Who are our international players? Palmer... Luongo This is a genuine question, so apologies if the crap we've signed has passed me by...
  9. Bring in Billy? Or...? That the best? Blades are down.
  10. Agreed. CW cuts it with journeymen players. Are they his signings? If so... oh dear.
  11. No. Doomed. Not scoring enough. Goalkeeper a BIG problem.
  12. FFS... Pick Rhodes for the next five games, Garry. Forget the premise..."He's not my signing so he ain't starting." Hours now without a goal from open play. It's staring you in the face old sport... the problem, and solution.
  13. So Prince William's Covid was hushed up to avoid "alarming the nation." Thank goodness for that. I don't know how we would have coped back in the dark days of April, and in the darker days of the next few weeks.
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