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  1. Where and when was that reported? Maybe you should read reports from the press that bear some semblance to reality?
  2. So it's reported that just 25% of the public believe Johnson has done a good job in his two years as PM. Presumably those people don't have relatives who: - work in the NHS - reside in care homes - are of school age - are needlessly having to self-isolate after being pinged. On the latest derisory pay offer for nurses - I would have thought the widely publicised "£320 million per week" generated for the NHS by Brexit would enable more than a 3% pay rise. Or was Johnson lying? 25% of the public think he's honest, I suppose.
  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ...HA HA HA HA HA!!! HAA. HAA HAA HAA!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Maybe he could be sipping tea in the rose garden of No. 10, reflecting on how he defended Dom and how he can write his next faux Churchillian "speech."
  5. Boris and "Freedom Day"... Ha ha ha ha...HA HA HA HA!!!! You couldn't write it! Or maybe...a script for "Yes Minister." What a clown! Or T..t.
  6. Reminds me of a saying from the seventies: "If the bottom's fallen out of your world, have a few pints of Stones, and the world will fall out of your bottom!"
  7. Latest announcement from our "esteemed" PM: Online racists to be banned from football. Does that mean he himself will be banned - on public record jibing at Moslem women looking like "letterboxes" and black people as "watermelons with piccaninny smiles." What a hypocritical joke he is. As are the government sychophants who support him.
  8. ...And then wearing an England shirt with No. 10 on the front. Ms Patel would not have been happy - "gesture politics." Typical Johnson - it's all about him.
  9. Can't disagree. So where does that place our PM who is on record referring to Moslem women wearing burkas as "letterboxes" and people of colour having "picanniny smiles"?
  10. Exclusive: Exclusive: Camera ‘switched to catch Matt Hancock’ Wonder whose hand was on the tiller, here. Bozza?
  11. Surprised? We shouldn't be. Johnson is an habitual cheat and liar.
  12. Whoever it was needs a medal, for exposing the fornicating, fraudulent fool.
  13. You really couldn't write this as satire. Or maybe "Little Britain" did so a decade ago, with their "I was reaching for a Murray Mint sketch." An extra-marital tryst was explained away, with the MP ending the interview with, "I have no further comment to make." Boris considers Hancock's snog "matter closed." I bet millions don't, including his own party.
  14. Hand...**** has apologised. All's ok then. Maybe he could consult his esteemed leader how to squirm out of this one. The good old British public truly are "Lions led by donkeys."
  15. 'Boris Johnson described Matt Hancock as “totally ****ing hopeless” during the early stages of the pandemic, concerned by the health secretary’s promises on testing, text messages published by Dominic Cummings have revealed...' Quotation from The Guardian. Moderators, please do not censor the quotation, or censure me for quoting it. At least Bozza has spoken truthfully, for once. Lying is his default setting.
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