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  1. Correct. Not only was the government complacent, Boris the Clown was actually bragging about shaking the hands of hospital staff and patients just before the inevitable lockdown. And now? How convenient he's away on a jolly just as this damning report is published. Coward.
  2. Today's news: "Britain’s early handling of the coronavirus pandemic was one of the worst public health failures in UK history, with ministers and scientists taking a fatalistic approach that exacerbated the death toll, a landmark inquiry has found." No doubt the Johnson propaganda machine will be hailing their handling of the pandemic as a success, in much the same way as branding the evacuation of Afghanistan as "magnificent." Already a "government spokesman" is intoning "quick and decisive action" was taken. Liars.
  3. "Prince Andrew and I share ‘strong family values’, says Duchess of York." Ha ha ha ha ha! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hope they go another 60+ years without winning a major trophy. And pleased Bruce will be given the heave-ho (albeit with a pay-off).
  5. Boris quote: "The food industry does involve killing a lot of animals," in response to culling thousands of pigs. What an absolute tool.
  6. Sounds awful in the Tory heartlands of the South East... de dums! Hope the penny drops about the fraudster, fornicator foolish pretender who thinks he's a leader. Utter disaster.
  7. Pop Postlethwaite at Waltheof in the 60s/70s. Not sure he was the best, but certainly a legend, with his terrifying commands: "Little boy, get on the right...You boy, off the grass!" I'll be forever grateful to him for suggesting to me that I ought to consider teaching as a career. I did. Attending Waltheof toughened me up to cope with the challenges of teaching kids at Ashleigh and Myrtle Springs. Poacher turned gamekeeper!
  8. Tonight...here she goes again - "Sheffield Hatters are entering a new area... era..." We can all misread stuff, but the nightly errors of this presenter... time for her be moved on.
  9. Poor effort against ten men. No chance of top two. May scrape play-offs.
  10. Ashurdt, Burtenshaw years were truly awful for SWFC. But he was a trier. RIP Len
  11. Different manager, different players, and yet the same two failings that have dogged us in recent seasons: Inability to score second goal at 1-0 Susceptible to late goals. Needs sorting, and quickly.
  12. Good old Boris...just grant visas for more truckers you stupid.....!
  13. And over the past week he naffs off to USA to play at being the world statesman. What a bumbling oaf.
  14. Too true Sibon... fuel shortages kicking in now, owing to shortage of tanker drivers. Still, we got Brexit done. And now we're well and truly done.
  15. Consequences of Brexit. Exodus of foreign HGV drivers...crisis in supply chain...relax rules to entice them back? Seems sensible. Boris and his sycophants? Won't allow it. Utter clowns.
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