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  1. Sorry if I'm missing some obtuse humour here... Duvall is 89, De Niro in his mid-70s ...
  2. Er .. never heard of her, but it seems to me that media fame leads to media pain. Suicide... What a waste.
  3. Look... we're heading for the pub league we Owls so derided when we left the Blades behind. It's come around, and it'll go around... stick with Monk, and let us see ... Rebuild, move on.
  4. Just read latest report in The Star, which obviously misquotes Monk: "I make the decisions..." Think they've missed out an adjective there, but I'll not speculate about what it is in case the moderation thought police suspend my account.
  5. Ah...the Cummings and goings of the Tory party. Entertaining, you must admit.
  6. Monk's tactics last night were disastrous from the first minute to last... compounded by taking off the one player who performed, Palmer, just after he'd saved us from going 2-0 down. I fear we're heading for the pub league.
  7. Defeatist talk from Monk before the match - "play-offs unrealistic" - he needs to go.
  8. He used to interact with a fluffy puppet. How can he be regarded as a serious journo?
  9. "Ace in the Hole"... epic!
  10. Always found his simpering smile odious. Nothing to do with his sexuality. And those ads...do me a favour. Thought his "assault" on Corbyn was a pathetic attempt to present as a serious journalist. A Schofield publicity machine strategy? Am I being cynical?
  11. "On the nest." Now there's a 1975 phrase I used to hear for coitus whilst working at Bass Carrington on Claywheels Lane back in the day! BJ deselected by 2024/5.
  12. The xenophobic celebrations about Brexit are sickening. What about the 48 % of those who voted to remain? Bung Boris's Big Ben's bong up where the sun don't shine.
  13. Not only me. Look at the other posts. He's about as funny as "Mrs Brown's Boys." That wins awards, too... No guarantee of quality.
  14. Had the misfortune to overhear some of the breakfast show today. Toby F. and his sycophantic co-presenters, the jingles, TF's supposedly comedic voices, impersonating nobody in particular. Utter tripe.
  15. Mrs BB - utter bilge. Based on one "joke". A profane Irishman in drag.
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