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  1. So Boris reckons that we have a "moral duty" to ensure children return to school by September. When was the last time Boris showed morality or duty in his private life. He is HYPOCRISY personified.
  2. And from today, eat out and get 50% off three days a week if you like, but make sure you lose weight to save pressurising the NHS dealing with obesity related illnesses.
  3. 'Pubs or "other activities" in England may need to close to allow schools to reopen next month, a scientist advising the government has said.' PM Dom and puppet Bozza hiding behind the science as a threat. Virus will spike, pubs will stay open... many schools will stay shut. Just watch.
  4. And if it did, United would only get two more points and still be below Arsenal on GD. Do the maths.
  5. Was this the minister who said he wouldn't be booking a foreign holiday any time soon? Not like a member of this government to do U-turn...
  6. Not thinking things through is this government's modus operandi, in the image of their PM - Prime Mismanager.
  7. Mmmm... According to Keith Edwards Blades have had a "brilliant" season, whereas Leicester are merely "good." Unless signings are made, Blades are rumbled next season - not so brilliant, and relegation scrap ensues.
  8. "Senior minister Michael Gove has said he does not think face coverings should be compulsory in shops in England, saying he trusts people's common sense." More than we can trust Johnson, Cummings and the Govester, I presume.
  9. Pubs opening at 6am. It's not so much the virus that will be a danger, compared to the drink-fuelled violence that will undoubtedly ensue in some areas.
  10. Randy Andy will probably be rediscovering his sweat glands now that Ms Maxwell has been arrested and charged. She has the power to name names, dates, places. Especially if she's offered a "deal" for a lenient sentence.
  11. Yes. The only ridiculous aspect was KEs' comment. Watched second half. Blades reminiscent of Wimbledon in the 80s. Long balls, set pieces, feed off scraps. Trouble is, that's one goal in four games.
  12. Starmer is showing strong leadership...unlike the buffoon Johnson, and his cronyish backing of Cummings and Jenrick.
  13. What a waste of licence fee! Unfunny. Trying to replicate Skinner and Baddiel but omg... how far short in terms of quality and judgement. Utter tripe.
  14. One of the adults has just flown out of the box with pigeon remains towards the red brick towers. The youngsters on the ledge were both flapping wings as if they were going to follow. Fascinating stuff
  15. So is Dad's Army next? Corporal Jones' racist references to the indigenous Africans in the Boer War. Take a lead from the Talking Pictures channel, and announce a disclaimer before films and programmes from a different era, that some references which may offend are ARCHAIC.
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