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  1. Rees-Mogg has just opined that Bluffer Boris was "rigorous about the COVID rules." Ha, ha, ha, ha...HA HA HA HA HA....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a nipple!
  2. I greeted my Tory voting neighbour with, "Good morning, what a lovely day." His response: "I'm waiting for Sue Gray's report."
  3. The Clown Prince: "I believed implicitly this was a work event." Was the email invite not sent to him? Maybe he'd just changed his computer/iPad/mobile, and missed the invite. Or maybe he thought the trestle tables laden with picnic food and "booze" were number 10 branching out into the hospitality business. What a lying, oily toad.
  4. One of Johnson's puppets, Zahawi, claims that the bungling idiot is not in danger of losing his job: "...he's human and we make mistakes". Johnson is certainly good at that!
  5. Precisely! Arrogant sense of entitlement...hypocrisy personified.
  6. So what do you think about the oafish liar sniggering when he was asked about it? He's an absolute disgrace.
  7. Oh my God... spare us the schmaltzy, scruffy details. Wonder whether paedo Uncle Andy has sent a pressie. When Lizzie dies, let's have a referendum for a Republic, then we can ensure our nation does not fund privilege, preference and perversion.
  8. Rayner ran rings round Johnson at yesterday's PMQs, prompting him to resort to his default position of telling porkie-pies, i.e. that he never said inflation would not be a problem...until Sky posted last October's interview with Pinocchio, saying..."Inflation would not be a problem." What an utter twit!
  9. 1-0 defeats at Shrewsbury were always standard in the seventies..."the wheel has come full circle!" Iago's defeatist words from "Othello", I think. The tragedy and fall of a former power is happening again. Relegation battle?
  10. Sports psychologist required...one who can sort out SWFC and England test team!!!
  11. Moore, do NOT mention COVID, pandemic, etc. as an excuse for this abject performance. Though I bet you will. Disgraceful...heading for League One mid table mediocrity.
  12. Too true. Bet the cheese and wine for the Downing St "gathering" was delivered by Fortnam and Masons, not Aldi! Can imagine Carrie Antoinette saying, "Briddish plebs, let them eat brioche!"
  13. "The UK's top civil servant has stepped aside from his role leading an inquiry into Downing Street lockdown parties, after it emerged an event was held in his own office." Who appointed him? Tells us all we need to know. Bumbler Boris will try anything, but he doesn't understand... ... anything.
  14. Johnson's comments in response to this crushing defeat are priceless. Apparently he accepts that the voters are disillusioned after "the litany of stories about politicians..." His relationship with reality continues to be ga-ga. People are fed up, specifically with him and his cronies...their sense of privilege, entitlement and self-interest. He has no sense of accountability. Basically, he's cowardly. Tory leadership contest by April, without doubt.
  15. Just listening to clown prince Bozza intoning his "plans for Christmas are pretty MODEST." Now there's a word you'd never have associated with our not so great leader. Utter bonehead.
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