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  1. On 05/09/2021 at 17:48, Jezbob said:

    Hi all,


    I currently rent in Hillsborough by the park and I am looking to purchase a house. We have found one we like in Waterthorpe but I have no idea about the area. My partner has a new job in Halfway so we are looking at ideally moving to the other side of Sheffield in order to save time on her commute. 

    Unfortunately all the posts about Waterthorpe are over 10 years old so hoping for some more up to date opinions.

    Thanks in advance!

    Positives -

    Crystal peaks nearby, so shopping and transport pretty good. 

    Lots of open space, but also a lot has been gobbled up for housing over time so cannot be taken for granted.

    Most of the houses are pretty new built (within 40 years) so don't have the issues associated with older properties.


    Negatives -

    As someone said not so nice within a 1/4 mile of Hawk and Dove. Also Westfield close which also has it's issues.

    Not great for pubs. Milestone or Hawk and Dove nearest, neither up to much. There is a Wetherspoons coming to ex Damons though.

     Can get very busy around Drakehouse at rush hour.

    Getting into town and back at rush hours very poor.

    Schools choice is Eckington or Westfield.



    I have lived there on Roydfield close but many moons ago. We did get burgled (before we actually moved in) and also had the car broken into more than once, but as I say that was 30 years ago.


  2. On 08/01/2020 at 21:51, Delphene said:

    Well the balloon has finally gone up ! Meghan Markle has finally devided and conquered the royal family. Her selfish actions and desires has been just like a wrecking ball, since she married Prince Harry. He's really under the thumb, and probably terrified she will leave him ! I think  behind all her sincerity and smiles, she is self speaking and manipulative. I feel so sorry for Harry, when he comes out of his dream state, he will curse the day he met her. No doubt another baby will come into the picture, and complete her final leverage. They say love is blind, so true, but one day Harry will come to the realisation what a prize mess he's landed himself in. I feel sorry for our beautiful Queen, she doesn't need anymore heartache after the Prince Andrew shame. Well Meghan will have a long term meal ticket, that's for sure. My terminology for her would be the destroyer, Piers Morgan was correct about Meghan all along. Wallis Simpson, American sound familiar? It will not end well, and Harry will end up devastated and heartbroken.

    Doing a good job agent Meghan. Keep it up.

  3. On 01/06/2021 at 10:40, SkyeEdge said:

    I have lived on Skye Edge for eight years, apart from the odd idiot (a few teenagers on motorbikes) I haven't experienced any issues, I find it quiet (although it depends which end you are looking at as the playing field end and Wybourn directly behind Skye Edge Ave does see a lot of fireworks!).  The building site has caused quite a bit of disruption and can be very noisy but there will hopefully be an end to that reasonably soon.   It is very convenient for buses (10, 56 and only a few mins down to City Road for the other buses and shops) and there is a doctors surgery, chemist, small food shop and a takeaway fairly close.  Not sure about parking but from the plans I recall some provision was made.


    The properties seem nice inside from the details published on the internet but I would go and see one in person to see if they are full sized or just cleverly dressed with smaller furniture.  On the downside they are very ugly looking externally and seem ridiculously expensive but then I am not familiar with the rental market in Yorkshire and perhaps almost £1K per month is the norm these days??  🙂

    Wow, I would be looking for better than Skye Edge for these prices.

    Skye Edge rental prices

    3 Bedrooms    from £929pcm
    4 Bedrooms    from £1030pcm

  4. I had a couple of pet rats, they are really good to keep and very friendly. This might not be to everyone's taste but if I was having something to eat they would come and investigate and even sit on my shoulder waiting for a nibble.

    Would happily sit on you whilst you were watching telly etc.

    Drawback is they don't live long, suffering from respiratory diseases and when you let them out of the cage, they do what rodents do - chew everything.

    Letting them out in a rented property will seriously put your bond at risk. 😢

  5. On 16/07/2021 at 18:12, MilanKirkland said:

    Sorry know this post is quite old now but still relevant Stuart my grandad passed away a couple of weeks ago, what a character he was. Left us with loads of memories. He was originally from Neepsend area love you grandad pops 👍🏻

    Hi Milan.

    Is Shirley your grandmother then? I remember Stuart seeing  a lady, possibly on Manor Park. I seem to recall they had a least one child but the name Christopher is in my head. It was 40 years ago.  

  6. 1 hour ago, bassett one said:

    please note mr chansiri is a top business man,from a reputable top family business and if it was not for the stupid rules that states you cannot spend your hard earned cash on players ect as you wish,we would be in the premier league,in fact he nearly got us there twice,but needed to spend more,in any other business he would of achieved success,but i believe he will sort us out ,in the end,remember man utd,man city they went through bad times but came back stronger and i am sure he will sort it,sooner rather than later,because his family reputation is at stake.

    Sorry mate, but if you believe that you're part of the problem.  His family have a very profitable although questionable business. He is a in-heritant of that. He has been ill advised for most of the way, and that's when he has bothered to seek advice.   

    I think as a club swfc need to have a serious rethink of who they are, and where they want to be.  You are not Man City and like us blades probably never will be. 

    His recklessness has brought you to the brink and you still don't see it.


  7. 6 hours ago, Sheridan1-0 said:

    If we manage to stay in League 1 it will be a successful season......


    The consistent flouting of the EFL rules by our beloved owner,(delayed submission of "accounts" and no/late payment of salaries),may well result in a further points reduction  or a long term transfer embargo...



    That's a reasonable expectation given the current issues. That's of course if agent Chansiri doesn't spring any more surprises. he shouldn't be allowed near a football club.

    Yeah, I'm a blade but you have to have sympathy for genuine paying supporters, who have to put up with this level of incompetence. 

  8. 2 hours ago, bassett one said:

    agree with that,i think he will do a good job,but he needs 2 years

    Not really the manager that's the problem at wednesday though is it? How many have there been in 4 years, is it 6 now?

    Carlos (who I  thought quite a lot of) Jos Lucky, Pulis, Monk, Cabbage head and now DM. Not counting caretakers.

  9. 15 hours ago, Thirsty Relic said:

    looking on the listings, including red button, couldn't find it.


    I'd much rather put juniors or players needing game time - we can't afford any injuries as we try to stay in the PL.  What if Bash, Ampadu or a couple of the other regulars you mention pick up injuries?

    We won't be staying in the PL. 45 points left to play for and 12 well 13 really behind 17th (who also have a game in hand). let it go 😉

  10. On 25/01/2021 at 16:51, Hotmale 1954 said:

    Good player. Great on field motivater and driver. We know his failings, but just have to hope and pray. 45 minutes Luongo, 45 Hutch. Reduce the chance of injury for both, and conserve energy.  I like the signing, but like a lot of others, I'm concerned.

    Hope my suspicions are way off the mark


    45 minutes? Will he last that long before getting sent off again...

  11. 12 minutes ago, ECCOnoob said:

    Probably about the same as being thrown at Priti Patel.


    There's hardly been a lack of social media interest about it. We are talking about the subject on this very thread. A quick look at Facebook and Twitter shows plenty of people playing armchair detective, second guessing what has happened, throwing in their ill-informed opinions about how it has happened and what they would do to fix it... plenty of wind bags on TV spouting their unwarranted opinions....plenty of so-called journalists making grandeous statements and demanding the ministers head on a plate....


    Let's not turn this into some preferential treatment nonsense debate.


    I'm sure plenty would have seen Shouty and Pouty on ITV this morning doing their usual performance of berating, harrassing, talking over and general ranting during what they laughing deem a political interview. If you haven't, don't worry, the ego filled anchors and the viewer hungry network will be milking it, promoting it and retweeting it for all it's worth.


    The sad fact is, in all of this hysteria whenever anything like this happens, the people who actually do know what the problem is, do you know who was responsible and do know how to rectify it are never asked. We never actually become proplerly informed of these situations it just descends into one big pot of rumours, second guessing, one upmanship,  tit-for-tat finger pointing and unreasonable demands until eventually some scapegoat gets thrown on the block.

    ?????? Some of us are discussing how the deleted data could have been recovered. Ok I replied to the Diane Abbot post but that was tongue in cheek, wish I hadn't now .  

  12. 1 hour ago, the_bloke said:

    No, the police DB is obviously a mammoth thing compared to a typical 'office' sized DB. It probably has multiple read/write instances and likely is actually multiple databases that link to one another rather than it all being in one. However, the point still stands; the Police should have both a backup and a disaster recovery routine, not to mention multiple environments for development and testing. An environment should be budgeted to create or already exist if needed for disaster recovery. In simplistic terms, you restore from your last known good backup and you compare the two systems to identify what data is missing. Then you develop and test and implement a data migration to restore the missing data to live.


    I'm also not suggesting running the diff command; by 'diff' I literally mean you run whatever script or tool you use to identify the differences between your restored data and your dataset that you know to be missing data from.


    However this is public service IT; I wouldn't be surprised if any of the above simply isn't possible, not through a system architecture problem but a human one; a lack of planning, foresight, ability, whatever. Anyone who signs off on an IT project of national importance that seemingly can't be recovered in the event of a data loss should give up the day job.

    I would imagine it is a relational database with many parent and child tables. This shouldn't be a problem restoring and recovering as normally you would be doing it with datafiles and archivelogs to replace and update missing files.

    The problem here is that it looks like someone has run a delete on a table and linked tables intentionally, albeit with hindsight incorrectly.  Even the best backup and restore strategy is going to struggle with that, especially in an OLTP database with data being changed regularly.   

    Putting myself on the spot. If I was the DBA administering the database(s) I would have shut it down as soon as I found out to limit the damage, then run a flashback (providing flashback is enabled).  Of course that could have been next day and the horse is long gone, so debatable. 

    As I said previously, the answer could have been replaying transactions from the application to a flashed back table (if it was only the one table maybe). 

    Also just crossed my mind is data mining but you would need the relevant archivelogs IIRC, and again glad it's not me. 


  13. 2 hours ago, the_bloke said:

    Not really, you just restore the backup to a different DB instance. Then run a diff against the two to identify the missing records.

    Sorry, are you suggesting running a diff Linux command against the existing datafiles and the restored ones at O/S level? Remembering the datafiles will be binary and they will likely contain data from more than one table.   

    I'm interested in your restore / recovery method if it is indeed viable.

  14. On 17/01/2021 at 18:37, andyofborg said:

    not necessarily. It depends how things are backed up.  The lost files in the backups are likely mixed up with thousands of other files which aren't lost, separating and restoring these is not likely to be a trivial task.


    Restoring the whole lot, even stuff not deleted, is not likely to be easy either since that would take everything back to say last wednesday, and you would then need to try and merge back in anything added since.  


    it may also be possible that the backups just didn't work for some reason, it happens. anyone in the data storage business will have encountered the backup that didn't. 



    now you are just being paranoid 

    I think this is the problem. If the data was deliberately deleted ( I don't mean maliciously) then restoring the deleted records from backups whilst keeping the ones entered post delete will be tricky. A flashback to before delete will remove anything entered since the delete. That's if flashback records / undo still exist, less likely as time goes by. 

    If the applications that populate the database keep records, it may then be possible to replay them from a timestamp following a flashback. Wouldn't want to be the DBA trying to fix this one. 

    If any of the backups failed and they don't have alerts to warn them, then they are asking for trouble.

    I remember a quote in a study guide I used.

    User - I just deleted 300 records in the database.

    DBA  - Did you commit?

    User ...


  15. On 18/12/2020 at 19:47, steved32 said:

    All will be fine.  Boris will ensure the interests of the "Briddish peepoo" and sovereignty will prevail.  Yeah...just like his "oven-ready" Brexit deal.


    Clown.  He'll be super-rich when he charges thousands to speak at "dinners"...although his autobiography will be on the reduced pile in "The Works" within weeks of publication.



    If's a competition to see who can be the biggest Tory "B" ever.

    Thatcher took milk from kids.

    Duncan Smith took benefits from disabled people

    Boris has taken Christmas from millions.

  16. 31 minutes ago, Magilla said:

    My "Tracked24" package is now 11 days overdue, no sign of any movement at RM :(


    I know from very close hand experience they are overwhelmed and weren't prepared for the home shopping explosion. Even so special delivery 2 days late and counting.

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