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  1. Ey up , trying to find good dog walking routes around stocksbridge
  2. Im just seeing if anybody knows of any spaces/workshops available to rent over a weekend to finish my woodworking projects for college?
  3. Anygood recommendations for dog walk around peak? Looking for places to take mine over next week as im off work and hoping that the weathersnot too hot, ive been around padley gorge a few times lately
  4. Im looking for a 2/3 room house to let in walkley,crooks , Hillsborough areas, i look after a dog 3 days a week thats the only issue im finding
  5. Any good places or people to contact? Struggling at the minute
  6. After finding a cigar shopin sheffield, after a couple for Christmas
  7. Ey up, got out of crap shifts so got my saturdays back for football, 30yr old 5'11 keeper played all my life, last few team were noahs ark on sat mornings and Caribbean club in county
  8. Ey up, looking for alead climbing parter at aw sheff, anytime after 3pm on one week or before 2pm on other weeks due to shifts...leading to 6b/c
  9. Ey up, just seeing if anybodys got good recommendations for a VAG garage? After some electric diag on an audi tt
  10. Ey up, just trying to claim tax on my tools and cleaning etc, anybody know any people/ sites to help?
  11. Ey up, after getting in touch with a good dog trainer, got a staffy from a rescue center and want to build his confidence up and get relaxed around other dogs
  12. Ey up, im pretty heavily tattooed but started one across my belly/inbetween my chest and it tops the ones ive got on my ribs and back, got 5 hours booked in next session...just wondering if theres any tips/cheats anybody knows? It shocked me with how much it nips and ive had around 40 hours of work so far
  13. Ey up, trying to find some people to climb indoors at the foundry wi5h, leading to around a 6a/b at the minute, been down at aw but my current partners have had to work away Free after 3pm all next week
  14. Found out how to re sync it so trying that later, if no joy ill get someone out
  15. Moved in to a house other day and no matter what temp i set the salus thermostat to the boiler stays on?! Replaced batteries in it and turned all the settings to 10°c and still the boiler keeps kicking up...any ideas?
  16. Was just unsure with them being underground and if it chucks it down...they might be flooded
  17. Ey up, just trying to find out some information about which caves are open if its raining?
  18. Awesome walls sheffield is pretty good, long routes
  19. If its still live im after some more parters at aw sheff, lead up to 6a and pushing 6b at minute
  20. ? If i could understand id post a proper reply
  21. Ey up, just trying to find out if theres any courses run in sheffield to learn danish?
  22. Is there any clubs/groups to contact on here? Im struggling to find people when i work the late shift
  23. Ey up, I've been climbing for around 5 months safe on 5 at a push high 5's normally climb at aw but can't find a regular partner, I'm only top rope climbing at the minute ---------- Post added 07-04-2015 at 19:25 ---------- It won't let me send the pm but this week I'm on lates so anytime before 1pm normally, them next week on early so after 3pm,shifts rotate like this every week. Free most Sundays too..just after climbing more and by end of summer want to try and lead
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