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  1. After the Sheffield Half Marathon yesterday, even if you had a disappointing run like me you might be thinking of your next one. Anyone thinking of the Great North Run 2012 half marathon in Newcastle (September)? I'm interested because it's live on BBC and the biggest half marathon in the world. Never been up to Newcastle either and I hear it's a nice city. I partly ask too because I am volunteering at St John Ambulance HQ atm (I'm a ex-Sheffielder living in London) and I've ended up getting involved in the events team. We have some places left for the Great North Run and I am thinking of running it myself now for SJA. Don't want this to come as promotion (are the rules looser for charities?) - there are other charities available. SJA link is here - http://www.sja.org.uk/sja/support-us/fundraise/running-events/great-north-run.aspx. So yeah, anyone running it already? Anyone thinking about it? I was kinda disappointed in the organisation yesterday - like no water at the start and then having to queue for water on the actual course which just interrupts your running, seemed a little dangerous considering the heat. Not sure if anyone has experience of the Great North Run? Guessing this run will be super organised!?!? Although to be fair, until last couple of years the Sheffield Half Marathon and 10k seemed better organised. If this does walk the line of plugging and breaks rules, feel free to delete.
  2. I live in London now and I did some volunteering for St John Ambulance for it. For 2012 as part of the St John Ambulance team you had to raise at least £1600. There was about 160 in the team altogether. Afterwards we did a reception for the runners with food, drink (non-alcoholic) and massage. Goody bag and all that too. It was an amazing day and I was tied just helping with the logistics but watching everyone from the elites to fancy dress drifters at the end was amazing. I want to do the run next year now but raising the money will be hard.
  3. Hey all, I'm still looking to sell one of my places. hello@adamgarretty.com for details
  4. Hi, I'm running this year (coming up from London for it even) but my partner who was running has recently gone over on her ankle so we are looking to sell this place. I know there are still places left but it would be very helpful if anyone who is buying to buy a transfer instead so we don't lose money. PM me or email hello@adamgarretty.com to sort out. Thanks!
  5. Half marathon is a much better day than the 10k so yes.
  6. Wow, just wow at this thread. I thought it was a joke reading it at first but it seems the metal prison on wheels dwellers are serious. Us runners wouldn't bother with a race round don valley. It's a road race. Like on the roads. The roads that are public property. There is no god given right to a piece of tarmac for anyone. We share the roads, we elect representatives to decide what they are used for. If you're on the fringe of opinion that doesn't believe in a society of sharing, tough, it's a democracy. Stop using all tools that enable sharing to get around this (be the change you want to see). Including stop using the web. kthxbia.
  7. Suppose we all have our own running style and if sprint and walk gets you your 1 hour time the same as the steady as you go 1 hour time then who are we to argue best method. Must admit after 5k and at the watering spot I decided to walk for nearly 1k and take on some water. Training I would normally run to about 7k and stop without taking on water (I hate carrying water running) but I did move off to the side of the course as I know it's annoying coming to the back of someone at a much faster pace when you may be in the zone. It's all experience too. The half marathon (for those who take that next step) it's never as crowded as the 10k and it always seems a little more professionally organised to me.
  8. ^I was pink wave too and did a 55 minute time. Was hoping for a PB but pleased overall. Shoegazer - slow starts are not to be underestimated and it wasn't so crowed you'd of shaved a couple of minutes off I think. Look at the math. My first 500m was 3min 07 so that was 7 seconds outside my normal but by 750m it was clear to pick your pace and 1km we was spread thinkly. 30 seconds maybe for the loss of momentum in the first 1k but a couple of minutes would be a lot to lose when the bulk of the crowd was moving at a 6 min/km in the pink wave at least for the first few km's. Everyone gets bottlenecked in the fist few corners Rensh so until you find a space you've just got to go with the flow, I caught some greens up before even getting to 4k which means either a lot weren't feeling it on the day and started to slow down early or they over estimated their speed when entering. Grats to all who did it! Saw less injuries this year too which is good news. Bring on the half marathon :-D
  9. Oh, didn't know about the 2012 changes (or 2013 but that doesn't effect me). Anyway, will the changes make the bike test any easier to pass? Or cheaper or have any benefit whatsoever to the rider? I'm thinking of getting my full bike license soon but if the changes in Jan 2012 mean it'll benefit me waiting then I might just wait until the spring of 2012 to avoid all the bad weather between now and then. But on the other hand if it'll be harder or more expensive then I'll get it out of the way asap.
  10. When bands sell rights to their music to be used it is to the venue they sell it and not the Tory Party etc or whoever happens to be there. So generally most conference halls have a blanket right to use most music and although I can see their frustration if their song was used, at some point they were paid to allow the usage.
  11. Was gonna say try http://www.airbnb.com but nothing really listed in centre that'd suit a group of ya.
  12. Yeah, maybe. I was talking to a friend about doing the London Marathon next year earlier today actually. Only ever done half marathon at about 2hour pace and the 10k on Sunday in Sheffield (Great Yorkshire Run) I'm expecting about 50-55mins. I need to do some proper training and thinking about it so when would you need to hear by?
  13. ATB - http://www.atbtraining.co.uk/ have always been excellent for me. Done two CBTs (Compulsory Basic Training) with them which lets you ride up to a 125cc with L plates. Costs about £110 I think now and lasts two years. Full bike license can be anything from £600-£1200 depending on your skill level which is why I just keep renewing CBT (on my 3rd now) and a 125cc bike gets me around town and can hit 70mph (downhill, wind behind you) on A-roads. You can't use a 125cc on motorway tho. First time I sat on a motorbike I passed my CBT the same day, gets a little harder each year I think but motorbikes are dead easy to ride. Hope that helps, but ATB will give you more info.
  14. could you just take a screen print/grab? Or do you mean just linking what you're looking at? Like http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=s1+1dj&hl=en&ll=53.37488,-1.468177&spn=0.010983,0.02753&hnear=Sheffield,+South+Yorkshire+S1+1DJ,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=16&vpsrc=0&layer=c&cbll=53.375676,-1.469632&panoid=walxYRf7BFnGkQLf59LVZg&cbp=12,107.79,,0,0.04 If the latter, look at the top right of your screen and there is a little link logo, click it and copy it.
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