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  1. Completely agree Personally, I couldn't give a flying F what happens now. I've lost all respect (never had much) for politics. I think the tide has turned, god knows how they will reverse the nations negativity. But they've (politicians) brought it upon themselves. TOUGH!! BTW - No one in our household voted yesterday, asked several work colleagues if they had....reply "What's the point" Sums it up perfectly.
  2. The whole Brexit saga has been a complete travesty and actually does prove that democracy doesn't really exist in the UK. Those in power (and indeed those yet not) don't really give a damn about voters...unless of course we are voting them in!! Then it's all smiles. Clearly, this country is far more corrupt than most of the poorer nations out there that both government and media love to point their dirty fingers at. The UK government has shown the entire world its true colours and pretty much its draconian nostalgia for its Great British Empire heritage it so often likes to brag about. What a pathetic nation I'm ashamed to be british and If I were the EU I'd tell the UK to <removed> Off!!
  3. Not read all the thread. But I remember reading online a comment from someone with authority that stated there was indeed a very clear link between knife crime in the capital and the arrival of European gangs. Don't really need to add to that...I think it says it all.
  4. Hmm, valid points I agree But, lets not be coy- we both know its a way to offset TAX owed
  5. Just that really, I don't buy newspapers anymore as I have the BBC News app on my phone Never pay any attention to TV ads, usually use the break to either make a cuppa, toilet, chat or whatever Online ads are now invisible, I seem to not see them anymore, just whatever it is I happen to be reading Flyers are universally binned instantly. Even going to the shops, I never see or think "25% off banner" or "closing down " banner must check it out. I just ignore everything completely I've become AdBlind So what's the point ?
  6. The only charity I donate to is BlueBell Wood As for animal charities...I wouldn't waste spit in their collecting tins. They are just a moneymaking smokescreen. Despise them with a passion
  7. I really don't understand why people are religious. All religion is based on fables and tales scribbled 1000's of years ago. None of it stands up to 21st century scrutiny. I think its time mankind moved on.
  8. Regardless of whether you voted leave or remain It was a vote. If the government decides to act against the result, I will never vote again. It makes a mockery of democracy.
  9. I'm pretty certain Rotherham college do evening courses in Welding. As for the comments above. I work for a Engineering firm and a young lad started recently (less than 20) and his TiG welds need to be seen to be believed...a work of art. Not a single job he's done has failed testing. TiG welding is fantastic.
  10. Until they scrap car parking charges and put bobbies on the beat, I've no intention of ever setting foot in the town centre ever again. Nothing else to add, took another delivery today off amazon, which I ordered yesterday, the item in question was 25% cheaper than local shops.
  11. Well, with Brexit round the corner and the <removed> likely to hit the fan, I decided last autumn to clear all debt. as to date £15K of date has now gone...I am 100% debt free. This would never have been achievable without ebays selling platform. So for me personally ebay has solved my Brexit fears. I really wouldn't want to be in debt come next march...no ta!!
  12. Not intentional, the thread just reminded me of moronic senseless killings.
  13. Even more reason to shop from home! Cheaper, easier, no driving, no car park fees and no beggers. Win Win
  14. Probably related to the idiot who once mounted the pavement and deliberately ran over my sleeping/sunbathing cat, killed him out right!, the neighbour saw the whole thing and said it was a deliberate manoeuvre as the car brushed the garden hedge!!
  15. Surprised no one has brought this up, maybe it's now becoming normalised!! In the space of a week I read both a 19yr old and a 15yr old boy have died from knife attacks here in Sheffield. It makes me wonder just how safe it is walking the streets. Last week in the garden I found a steel knuckle duster that someone had thrown over our wall, last year I also found 2 kitchen knives in the garden too. All the damn taxes we pay in the this god forsaken drug infested country, we need more bobbies on the beat!!
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