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  1. July?? I thought it was announced it was being extended until October?? But, given the footage of all the lemmings flocking to the coast, inevitably the R number will rise dramatically and come autumn the pandemic will probably shift up a gear.....way to go selfish furlougher’s you all have some fun, god knows you’re getting paid enough and when the pandemic comes surging back (as it will no doubt do now) we will all know exactly who to point the finger at. yes, bitter much
  2. Hang on, it’s not just me! I’m turning up for work everyday along with other work colleagues - everyone (not just me) is so angry and bitter it’s getting everybody down. I come home after work tired and stressed then see all the txts and SM alerts of furloughed colleagues doing what they please. Now lock down is lifted I’m getting alerts and selfies from days out!! FFS Ifs all well and good posters saying suck it up - I’d like to see the boot on the other foot.....!!
  3. It’s not the bosses that are gloating!! I earn nothing like £2.5k a month. I work full time. Very few where I work are pulling that each month.
  4. That is not gonna happen most of those furloughed have been there donkeys years - it would cost the company a fortune in redundancies- by comparison I’d hazard a guess half of those called back in have been there less than 3-4 yrs
  5. I mean I’m only 20% better off as colleagues are getting 80% For doing diddly squat. BUT, factor in a months worth of fuel, pack up lunch I’m probably coming away with the same as colleagues. Anger doesn’t even touch it. The atmosphere at work is horrific.
  6. I’m sure I’m not alone judging by the amount of anger at my workplace my employer brought half the staff back in after 4wks. The other half are still furloughed. It is causing a huge amount of animosity as those of us who have been back now 4 weeks are expected to not only do our F/T job, but also tackle the work of colleagues who are furloughed ....and for what?? 20% pay !! As furloughed colleagues are receiving 80% for sitting at home in the sun. The atmosphere is awful, everyone is extremely bitter and resentful and snapping at everyone else Bosses couldn’t care less as they are not having to pay furloughed staff nor find money to cover any redundancies - which incidentally has already been said to those of us working that it doesn’t guarantee our jobs overs colleagues that are furloughed. So sick of the gloating texts and Facebook happy snaps. The level of hatred for furloughed work colleagues is growing by the day. My partner has worked from home throughout the lockdown. She is angry at others strolling around outside. i think it would have been much much fairer if all those who have received furlough payment were given a different tax code until it is paid back - I don’t see why people that are forced to work should also be forced to contribute to the cost of furloughed workers In future tax rises. They got the free cash - they should pay it back. Its sending me insane. I am full of sheer rage that I will be expected to pay towards others as they sit laughing at home. I’m more than happy to pay back the money that I received - that’s fair. It is not fair I’m funding others. We were told today that certain colleagues will not be expected back in until July at the earliest!!
  7. Don’t know about traffic cones, but I read someone can actually park on your drive and there is nothing illegal. You cannot threaten, assault or damage or even block them in!
  8. We use the expensive one (Vax ultra) rather than the Vax AAA. It does actually seem to do a better job cleaning I picked up several bottles a year ago from homebase as they had them on offer. RE- Vax, I'll never loan mine out again. We vowed we wouldn't but how do you say no to friends. Twice mines been returned damaged. It's currently not working. NEVER EVER LOAN YOUR VAX
  9. They would be very last option I've never really ever been satisfied by any tradesmen we've used. We never ever barter the quote as that would give them reason to do less than needed. But it's pretty clear that when your back is turned they will cut every corner...and still charge you. I want a plumber to come in and drain the entire system and fit new top quality isolating valves throughout, rather than the cheap junk they always fit. But I know they will screw me. So I live in hope of winning the lottery and being able to afford British Gas to do it...sigh
  10. OMG I have heard so many stories of underhand practices. I doubt discussing them here would achieve much. I'm sure today it is much much harder. But 2-3 decades ago it was rife....RIFE!! One story involves council property purchase (business premises) after bent council officials took bribes to reveal offers tended and the bidder missed out.....yes, it's true...the ombudsman was brought in and proved it so. This I heard so cannot confirm but sounds possible - Former school house that was for sale 30+yrs ago with a huge list of stipulations that put everyone off buying....council official purchased it and the stipulations were removed - lol Everyone seems to know of something dodgy - otherwise why would the general public be so cynical and suspicious towards them.
  11. As others have posted. They (scc) never ever improve on things. The Parkhill flats multicolour scheme is an absolute eyesore. That could have looked so smart with grey panels. Instead it looks horrific. cheap and dowdy. No doubt fat wedges of the £1,5bn will magically disappear. Their (very) limited imagination was laid bare to see when the filled in the "Hole in the Road" that could have been a amazing centre piece. Typical public town hall mindset - what can "they" get out of it. Anyway. not to worry I never set foot in Sheffield centre these days...despite living in Sheffield my whole life.
  12. Completely agree Personally, I couldn't give a flying F what happens now. I've lost all respect (never had much) for politics. I think the tide has turned, god knows how they will reverse the nations negativity. But they've (politicians) brought it upon themselves. TOUGH!! BTW - No one in our household voted yesterday, asked several work colleagues if they had....reply "What's the point" Sums it up perfectly.
  13. The whole Brexit saga has been a complete travesty and actually does prove that democracy doesn't really exist in the UK. Those in power (and indeed those yet not) don't really give a damn about voters...unless of course we are voting them in!! Then it's all smiles. Clearly, this country is far more corrupt than most of the poorer nations out there that both government and media love to point their dirty fingers at. The UK government has shown the entire world its true colours and pretty much its draconian nostalgia for its Great British Empire heritage it so often likes to brag about. What a pathetic nation I'm ashamed to be british and If I were the EU I'd tell the UK to <removed> Off!!
  14. Not read all the thread. But I remember reading online a comment from someone with authority that stated there was indeed a very clear link between knife crime in the capital and the arrival of European gangs. Don't really need to add to that...I think it says it all.
  15. Hmm, valid points I agree But, lets not be coy- we both know its a way to offset TAX owed
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