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  1. Hmm... have you read any books you can advise regarding this matter? My main reasons were to do with tax and that the issue of share dividends is attractive.
  2. Hi. I've started a new business but need to register it to get a Companies House company number. I think it is a LTD company I need to go for with 3 shareholders but need to find the cheapest place to do this. Can anyone advise a website? thanks
  3. Can you suggest a company to use that will register the business for me.
  4. I've spoken with my landlor and he is happy to let me use the address as a registered office and said i can ignore the clause in he contract. Does this make it OK or not? Otherwise i'll register the office at my parents house.
  5. Hi, I need to register a Private Limited Company and tto do so require forms that much be purchased from a Legal Store of some kind. I was told I need a Memorandum of Association and Article of Association, both to be signed by a soliciter or lawyer. Has anyone done this before and can you suggest any lawyers/soliciters (what is the difference?) that won't fleece me for such a basic service. cheers, Mark
  6. Aww, he's beautiful. Such an expressive, smiley face for a newborn. I've only ever seen babies grimace at a day old! Congratulations and a happy birthday!
  7. A bit of along shot this but does anybody know of a good (read: reasonably priced and knowledgable) accountant who I can see for advice on VAT regtistration and e-trading. Thanks. P.S. I realise this is probably the wrong board but wasn't sure if this post classes as 'Job and Employment'
  8. Anyone got any idea what caused it? The road is backed up a fair old way.
  9. Is Thorsby market open every Sunday and if so how do I get there?
  10. In an emergency situation I don't have a problem but while just driving around I think they should obey the rules like everyone else. I know the law says otherwise now but what is to stop a copper using a bus lane just to get to the cafe for his breakfast?
  11. It wasn't valuable time, I was walking to work. Did you fully read this thread?
  12. Can you please provide a link to the actual law stating they can use bus lanes? Wasting police time? They do enough of this themselves by stopping to ask if people are "alright son?" while apparantly on the way to an emergency situation.
  13. Excellent. Let the debate continue. That is until anyone can provide a valid reference to an actual law allowing them to use bus lanes.
  14. No I don't have a law degree. Same incident on the previous occasions.
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