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  1. Oh my word! That is adorable and i really hope you get it back
  2. :confused:Gays??? Why will gays in particular have a problem?
  3. Eugh! So we have to make sure the place is safe for our very own imported royals aka Nazi sympathisers. I think ill be out that day.
  4. Dont be offended but ive got a bit of spare cash left over this week. Its only about a tenner but i dont mind buying some bits for him. I will be honest though im a little uncomfortable with your statement saying you know how to play the system. You do mean you just know the system well, right?
  5. I agree with the right to free speech just as long as whats been said is accurate.
  6. That could work but then im no road planner so im speaking from ignorance. Actually that sounds a bit like some of Sheffield road planners judging by the hash they make of things. lol
  7. Synthetic? The process may be artificial but the kids that result are as real as any other. Who gave these idiots the right to say such crap?!
  8. Im sure you arent but then as we all know the only way to achieve anything in this world we live in is to take money from people.
  9. Oh my word. Cant people give it a rest? The guy made a mistake and its cost him a chunk of money but then im sure you never ever make a mistake. Ever:rolleyes:
  10. Painting double yellows means they can be ticketed and fined
  11. Its private land as far as i knew. I cant see how you could have been clamped.
  12. Amazing. I mean really thats just incredible anyone survived that. Thank you for the info
  13. You cant let yourself think like that although i do totally understand. All you can do is go about your business and live your life and try not to think about others too much. Theres always going to be morons on the road but thats life sadly. Today though with tech the way it is you can equip your car with cameras so if the worst comes to the worst and someone does cause an accident at least theres less chance of them getting away with it.
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