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  1. Can anyone advise me off somebody in Sheffield who we can trust to do us some work ??? I need a few jobs doing namely a kitchen extractor hood fitting, a cooker gas supply moving and some tiling,,,, who to call ? Too many rip off merchants I'm afraid of ?!?!?!?! HELP
  2. If you read the article you will see that the problem is unlicensed drivers,however in the UK all the drivers are licensed with the local authorities and stringent proofs have to be shown before any driver can work for uber!!! So I think it may be just a puncture rather than the wheels falling off!!!!!!!
  3. City doing my head in !!!!! A bit late now with all this pizza marketing crap, uber have got em on the ropes big time !!!! City if your reading this just be a good old taxi company !!!!!! ---------- Post added 27-06-2015 at 20:22 ---------- 7.00am I get message from city !!!!!
  4. No not sarcastic just realistic!
  5. Don't just blame buses! Go and tell those people in the so called beauty shops opposite KFC who blatantly park in the bus stop pull in lay-bys all day ! They don't give a s!!t for the buses and City Rd is blocked when the bus can't get in
  6. As if drivers let others use their cabs without license or insurance !!!! So stupid some people
  7. Vegas has a brain I see ! Of course a credit note would have been offered and anyone thinking different ? Why wouldn't a driver offer one? Did the passenger refuse one ? 120 is every five to ten mins in frequency ,if the people watched her to bus stop then surely they could have been around to help ,and come on people at 17 years old that's adult in the eyes of the law (UK) I bet the driver can tell a very different story here.
  8. There are no public service vehicles anymore I have just checked, drivers have p.c.v licenses which are passenger carrying vehicles,seems a lot allegedly was said and I bet the driver might have something to say on this if he knew,we cannot judge this on one sided account only,I don't agree with people using social media as kangaroo court either! Where will this end ? In my opinion it ended as the bus drove away as you/we will never get to the bottom of what really happened
  9. I don't think we've worked out exactly what fare was asked for or why !!!!!! None of this adds up,something isn't right with this ????? Why would a driver not offer a credit voucher ?? Strange! Maybe he did and she didn't want one?? I've experienced people say no when I've been travelling on a bus,after a little digging I found out that stagecoach have £20 float and first have £ 5 float ! What should a driver do when it's all gone and a passenger will not accept a voucher ( credit ) ? Can't see how it's his/her fault,I always have coins when I go for the bus/tram and if I hadn't I would have to accept a credit voucher so what's the big deal ?????
  10. Let's hang him or get IS to chop his head off !!!!! A bit harsh I hear...... Let's just see ? Firstly there's two sides to every story and that's what this is as its second hand and not from the complainant themselves,now are we to read that this girl is all girly and too young to be out alone at this time ? Or is she an adult going about her business and because she hasn't got her own way she went crying to her dad with crocodile tears!!!! I smell a rat here on this one definately
  11. Can't see where it says it's uber????? In the listings ??
  12. I am that indeed ! As I say who wants to listen to the bu::::it you drivers talk and stink too !!! Come on robots
  13. Yes it's all true !!!! We should welcome competition not ridicule it, OH and you did reply ! Lmfao ---------- Post added 16-06-2015 at 16:25 ---------- Oh and as for robots driving us around well the sooner the better !! I've had some really stinky city drivers and I even gave feedback on one occasion as every time he spoke to us we had to restrain from vomiting as the stench from his mouth was like he had eaten something dead !!! On top of the B.O too . But city never replied !!!!!!!!!!!! Come on robots I say
  14. The thing with city taxis is they priorertise the work with all credit/account work first to be covered and cash is always second ! This is because they deduct up to 15percent from drivers account jobs as an admin fee as against cash jobs earn city nothing !!!!! It's the nhs work that's big for city and a real big earner in deductions from drivers so uber don't undertake account work so will easily pick up and cover all the Sheffield folk as priority so give uber your business and support
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