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  1. He was out of contract so nothing to do with us. Nor will it impact his future direction. We didn't develop him, he joined us at 19. And it's HIRST!
  2. If we bring Semedo back in any capacity then I'd be pretty miffed. Player. No chance. No just no. Coach - no. He's better than that and has a good few years left in him. I find it a bit annoying Carlos even talking about it. I do have a worry he's going to come back as a back up CB. I'd be steaming at that. Regardless the bloke should have had a better send off though. However he should have gone at the end of the season before last after captaining the side at wolves.
  3. Going for it. Wednesday 2nd United 10th Barnsley 15th
  4. The fact he's not being given any time in preseason is an absolute joke. Sticking Nuhiu on for half hour last night - far more beneficial to give Hirst the minutes.
  5. Not going to lie - pretty miffed a Carlos comments as to why he hasn't taken him. I swear if this means we see some minutes for Nuhiu this season I will totally combust
  6. Underwhelmed with a 'very good player'?
  7. Hardcores did seem to have a good and inexpensive range when I was looking. I ended up getting from Myers in penistone who were a little more expensive but had a particular type I was after
  8. hahahahaha thats pretty funny/clever
  9. Well we certainly had it a lot longer than the originators....
  10. I honestly can't believe what I read sometimes. Dear god.
  11. Please tell me you aren't being serious in thinking we could even get anywhere close to Shelvey? My head is shaking in disbelief. Ah - reading the remainder of your post answers my question above.....
  12. Then how can you even compare his build/physique to crouch? Bizarre.
  13. The squad for that game were players who were going to have a chance against Huddersfield. Have you ever actually seen him? He's nowt like the build of Crouch! Very few people are.
  14. The light weight comment is based on seeing the lad play and having an opinion from that. He looked better and stronger against Hull (I said millwall in error earlier post) than when I've seen him before.
  15. Doesn't mean young Hirsty would be able to do that. If you're good enough you're old enough. At the moment he's a talent but not ready. Hirst would be easily brushed aside as it stands in my opinion. A season on loan will do him wonders.
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