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  1. My fave has to be the zebra crossing on the roundabout junction; think it's on/near/or off Barnsley Road. ---------- Post added 20-03-2015 at 21:21 ---------- I wouldn't say that - I've met some fantastic people too and sure that I'll meet a few more . . .
  2. Evening Correct me if I'm wrong but as someone who has just relocated to Sheffield, I have noticed the following: A zebra crossing does not provide a safe crossing for pedestrians Letting a vehicle out will secure a gestured thank you (less than one in ten) Am I just being old-fashioned but has anyone else noticed this? As always, your thoughts are appreciated. Cheers
  3. Just finished looking now; found quite a few properties, which I will start visiting from Tuesday. Hope to be a regular on this forum Cheers
  4. Again, thank you for all your advice, which I am looking into as I write.
  5. Many thanks for your suggestions!
  6. Pitsmoor looks to be an apt name then. Up to £600 but I'm not conversant with the Sheffield rental market Cheers
  7. Hello All First post on this forum I am planning to move to Sheffield in the near future. I am looking to rent a two bedroom house within walking distance to the city centre; parking outside the property is important to me. What areas should I be looking at/seeking to avoid? Any help would be much appreciated!
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