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  1. We have our Allotment viewing tomorrow at Meersbrook at 5:30pm, and are just wondering whether we will need to take anything with us, like the fee, or whether the contract and the fee will be sorted out later on. I'd hate to travel out there, only to find that we need something that we haven't taken with us. Any advice folks?
  2. We applied for an Allotment at Meersbrook last weekend. Today we got a letter through offering us plot 312!! It's a 301W plot type and I am so so soooo happy!! Now though, I have to find out about the concessions that the council talked about .... I know I put that list somewhere .... Woohoo! We'll be down sometime on Tuesday to have a look round. Can't WAIT!!
  3. Yeah, like I said, I was just confused, because the ones we looked at closer to us all basically said like 0 plot vacant, and then a waiting list of so many people. I do have a reference number from when we applied, so I may call and quote that reference number and see if they can clear that up a little bit fr me. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I'm new here, and just have a quick question or two. Myself and my fiance decided to put our name down for an allotment at Meersbrook, but we're a tad confused. Simply put, it says that there are 32 available allotments vacant, but there's a waiting list of 9 people. How can there be a waiting list if so many are vacant? Does this mean that we are likely to be waiting less time to be offered an allotment, or more? Any advice that can be offered about Meersbrook as a site would also be much appreciated, though I've done some research already Thanks.
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