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  1. Hello Hillsbro Thank, you very much, you really have a wealth of information, and I certainly do appreciate your help. Bethany1- more snow on the way to add to the three feet from last week. ---------- Post added 12-02-2016 at 15:13 ---------- DearJmdee, Many thanks for your help. These old maps are priceless aren't they.? I was in Sheffield last month , wish I had thought to pick up a few from Family History center. Bethany1 from Snowy Pennsylvania
  2. Hello All Can anyone remember where Sheaf Avenue was? I am tracing my roots and discovered my aunt was living on Sheaf Avenue when she died. We cannot find Sheaf Avenue on any current map. Would appreciate any help. Bethany 1 from cold and snowy Pennsylvania.
  3. It would be interesting to hear from you. Bethany1
  4. Dear Susiewusie I went o Darnall Church school in the 40's. It was a terrible experience. The teacher wore mens ties and boots and was nasty to me. I refused to go to school and the truant man came to call. He threatened to put me up a telegraph pole and feed me bread and water if I did not go back to school. I can see him now leaning over the counter of our shop telling me this ( I was five years old at the time) My mother told him where to get off and transferred me to another school. where I did very well. Could hardly believe you were talking of the same school.
  5. That should keep me busy for a while. Thank you again Hillsboro
  6. Hillsboro- you are a fountain of kindness and information. Many thanks for Myras information Sad isn't it? cousins I never knew, Bethany1
  7. Hello Hillsboro Thank you so much for the information. You also presented me with another cousin Myra. Am very sad to hear of George,s passing, and so long ago. Many thanks Bethany1
  8. Does anyone know of a George Froggatt? born 1930 in Sheffield to a George and Mary Froggatt. His mother was my fathers sister. I know little more of them except that they lived in Franklin Street and then moved to the Woodthorpe area. Would appreciate any help,. Bethany1
  9. Hello Tinkys I worked at The Grove as a housemother during the time you mention. I do believe that I remember your mother and sister and brother. They were a very close loving little family. The older girls really looked out for their little brother- particularly the older one- she was a little mother. When I tucked Carl in bed at night he was in a room by himself . The bigger boys were in a different room. I was well aware that after I turned the corner of the landing his big sister would creep into his room and stay with him until he was asleep. I left The Grove for further education and they were still there at that time. Over the years I often wondered what happened to them. The Grove was a reception center and a first class one. Mr Siddall saw to that. He took very good care of the children placed in his care. On breakfast duty one morning I got a scolding from Mr Siddall because a slice of toast was, in his opinion burned and, no child at the Grove ate burnt toast. I sure learned the workings of that toaster in a hurry! Tinkys they were lovely children, and, after all these years I remember them with fondness. Bthany1
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