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  1. Its simple really. If you book with a bigger firm like RCA or Mercury then law of averages say there will be a car in the area. It doesn't matter if you book a year in advance IF a car isn't in the vicinity then they won't come. So best sticking to RCA/Mercury. Sometimes they might let you down but at least you have a decent chance of getting one on time with so many cars on their books.
  2. And chances are we the british taxpayer as usual will have to pay for these scrotes for their lifetime of crime and unemployment
  3. Well i'll put in my tuppence for what its worth. I drive the snake prob about 12 times a week and know the road blindfolded(joke to the pc brigade). There are quite a few overtaking spots which can be done safely if deemed necessary. And at night its even safer as you can see far far ahead. Occasionally i've had the mad commuter tailgating me even when i've been doing the speed limit and then doing some mad overtaking on a blindish bend which is unnecessary and stupid. BUt i have to say some people drive about 20-30 mph over that road which is too slow IMHO. They might do it for just leisurely reasons but when you see them slow down to 20 mph on a sweeping bend you have to wonder lol. These 'snails' gradually get 20- 30 vehicles behind them which will evitably lead to overtaking etc. Maybe really slow drivers should be taught to pull over now and then to let more confident drivers get pass? Like i said just my tuppence worth
  4. Perosonally going to the mosque will get you nowwhere unless you ask them all to line up for an ID parade. I would have probably called the police straight away if they looked up to no good and then the old bill could have dealt with th matter there and then.
  5. lol even i not that stupid but to detect a hint of sarcasm in that quote. i salute you sir
  6. Can i please point out that this incident happened at 11.05 a.m in the morning. Yes people in broad daylight!!!!!! I could clearly see she was in a state and chances r there wasn't a madman hiding in her car. Even if it was nighttime it wouldn't have changed matters. Leaving someone hysterical at the roadside is a cowardly act in my book. Imagine how she felt thinking all these motorists don't give a dam. If it was your daughter how would you feel? Chances of getting jumped are one in a million compared to it being a REAL incident. TBH i thought this thread would have been a shame on the guys who didn't stop to help but strange how things turn out
  7. so a woman crying in broad daylight with her car on hazard lights waving like mad for someone to stop is a 'can of worms'? God help us all if people think like that. Just shows how paranoid society has become.
  8. about an hour ago. Her car could be clearly seen with hazard lights on so trap doesn't come into it. Its just another 'i can't be bothered to help' syndrome.
  9. Just always makes me wonder what sort of people drive past a hysterical sobbing woman at the summit of snake Pass whose been trying to flag down traffic for half an hour. Prior to this she had narrowly missed a head on accident and punctured her tyre hitting the kerb. She had no phone signal and wasn't able to change the tyre. After 30 mins in the freezing weather she was pretty much hysterical. I saw 2 drivers actually move to other side of the road to avoid her. I don't expect a medal for stopping but just can't help wonder why it takes 30 mins for a motorist to aid someone especially a damsel???
  10. Well i set off from sheffield city centre at half five going to Liverpool. Got to Trafford centre on the M60 at 7 oclock then hit wall to wall gridlock. HGV's had overturned on the M62. Did one mile in two and a half hours. Nothing was moving. :loopy: . There was no way of getting to liverpool and both carriageways were blocked so turned around and dropped my passengers off at Manchester Airport. Got back in Sheffield at half eleven. Personally i think HGV's should be banned from driving in high winds as they cause chaos on our roads. harsh but true
  11. Have to say just been over snake this morning and there was a trail of traffic following a slow van. I was maybe tenth car in the row. Two people infront had their foggies on and it made the journey worse. My eyes were squinting through their glare lol. Weather was abysmal so no chance of overtaking even on the straight bits to get past these blackpool illuminations. Thank God Terry Wogan came to my rescue
  12. She told me she was watching telly, her friend called and she noticed this plastic freezer bag on the floor. Although she hadn't seen it in the house before. She then decided to ask the spirit in her house to try to move it across the room(video it)and thats what happened. A couple previously lived in the house and the husband died. She took the house off the widow. Maybe its him who knows
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