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  1. Hi, does anybody have the same problem? we live in S8 just near the water tower and our internet is terrible, we are with sky but everybody has said if we change it wont make a difference due to the exchange being so far away, is there any solution?
  2. I spoke to Bmv, nice chap but he's busy for 4 weeks, I need somebody who is mobile and can turn a repair round quickly, I've got loads of work and don't mind if someone can just come in on weekends as a bit of a side job, thanks for your replies, David
  3. We are located in Eckington our business name is lovely cars Eckington, thanks
  4. Hi I have recently took on a local used car pitch in South sheffield and I am desperately in need of a smart repairer to fix bumper scuffs, scratches etc. Can anyone recommend a good one but reasonably priced? Thanks David
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