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  1. loony cat

    Old pickle company in kelham island

    Hi David. There was a pickled onion factory on wood lane Stannington. My nan used to work there . I don't think the company exists anymore. But don't know what it was called.
  2. loony cat

    Neighbours who feed your obese cat.

    It's so frustrating. I know what Steve68 said is a solution to them not feeding them the wrong food, but ideally I would rather them not feed my cats at all. I mentioned the vets bills I was paying and all I got was oh dear don't they charge a fortune..
  3. loony cat

    Neighbours who feed your obese cat.

    I have the same problem with my neighbours. I had to ask them to stop feeding my cats as I give mine a special diet to stop them getting water infections . After constant trips to the vet one neighbour has stopped as I've told them it's making the cats ill. But the other one still feeds them . Really frustrating. If your not sure who's feeding them put a paper collar on and explain it's making your cat poorly.
  4. loony cat

    UFO sighted over sheffield

    I remember seeing 8 bright red light's moving slowly round the hill at the side of penrith road in 1991 . They were all following in a line then the back two shot forward and led. A taxi at the side of our car stopped to look as well. Then they all shot off at top speed. When I mentioned it at work. A lady who lives on penrith road said all her house had lit up red so she went out to look and saw the lights . They were definitely not laser's . Weird.
  5. loony cat

    Missing dog Hillsborough area

    Hi Ticker. Yes it was possibly him he was spotted at Stannington near nether gate bus terminus last night. He's very nervous but not dangerous. He's been seen on Penistone road this morning. So think he''s covering a wide area. Thank you for letting me know. ---------- Post added 18-02-2018 at 21:50 ---------- Great news max is home. Just turned up . Clever dog . Thank you for everyone's help in looking for him .
  6. Please could you look out for a tamaskan dog. looks like a malamute (husky) Called max very good with other dogs but very timid with people. My friend lost him this morning at 6.30. She's so worried any information would be very grateful. ---------- Post added 18-02-2018 at 15:49 ---------- Max is more wolf looking than malamute. It has been shared on Facebook with a photo. Thank you.
  7. loony cat

    Campervan stolen in Stannington

    Hi do you have a photo of your campervan.
  8. loony cat

    Carpet stitching

    Hi coachman. I know Tufts carpets in Hillsborough barracks do rus and mats from your cut offs . Worth giving them a ring.
  9. loony cat

    Dog flea question

    I'm not sure what to use on the dog. But just for the house you can shake salt onto the carpets. Leave over night or as long as you can, then hoover it up. Also put a bowl with soapy water in and a lit candle in the midle. Leave over night and any fleas get attracted to the light. But would proberbly be a bit scared of setting fire to the house.
  10. loony cat

    Deer in Sheffield?

    I saw three deer in 2013 at malin bridge. They were on the banking at the side of the river. Were there for ages ,then jumped in the water and ran up the river to loxley. I have never seen them again.
  11. Hi Isabell my cat keeps getting recurring water infections so I have been giving him royal canine uranary tract biscuits. He seems a lot better since having these. Also I notice that the cat treats I was giving him aggrivated the condition. Hope your cat makes a quick recovery.
  12. Great news. What a relief for his owners. Back home at last.
  13. Hi everyone please could you look out for a White Tom cat around Holme Lane Hillsborough. He escaped from his carrier in the Hallam vets car park. He is a very nervous cat. Please could you ring Hallam vets on 0114 2343013 so they can contact the owner if you spot him . Thankyou.
  14. loony cat

    Missing cat, Malin Bridge S6

    So relieved my cat has arrived home very dirty hungry and smelly. Thank you to anyone who looked for him. So grateful. So relieved . He's now grounded . X ---------- Post added 31-03-2017 at 19:56 ----------
  15. loony cat

    Missing cat, Malin Bridge S6

    Thank you Old Roady 66. Been out searching , but no sign of him. It was so warm on Saturday when he went missing just so worried that he's got locked in somewhere and can't get out. There would have been a lot of sheds and garages open. Missing him so much. Heartbroken .

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