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  1. RB Haulage & Salvage 250 0008 https://www.rbhaulageandsalvage.co.uk/contact/#ca-map They used to be, or maybe still are, on the corner of Saxon Road & Broadfield Rd https://goo.gl/maps/tH6KLpk81naZJwGF8
  2. Not only did a neighbour have his black bin stolen a few months ago, the thief left two bags of her rubbish on his drive!
  3. Freecycle or Freegle. They count as electrical waste WEEE so shouldn't be put in the black bin, if you want to throw them away they should really be taken to a Dumpit site.
  4. My local Asda no longer does Bogofs and they no longer stock own brand tinned soup and cereals, all of which increases my own food bill.
  5. I heard similar a few nights ago at about the same time.
  6. From the Highway Code: "The nearest you can park to a junction is 10 metres (or 32 feet). This is to allow drivers emerging from, or turning into, the junction a clear view of the road they are joining. It also allows them to see hazards such as pedestrians or cyclists at the junction." http://www.highwaycodeuk.co.uk/answers/what-is-the-nearest-you-can-park-to-a-junction
  7. Presumably if the meter isn't running there's no record of their takings.
  8. Certainly since 1968 because I opened my first bank account there at that time. It may have been The National Provincial Bank, but it was around then the NP and Westminster banks merged to form NatWest.
  9. That's sad, this is on their website "Bardwells is now CLOSED "It is with heavy hearts that after more than 70 years in business, serving the good people of Sheffield and the surrounding areas with some of the best electronic components available, we must now close Bardwells. "We are no longer open for business, either on the Web or from our shop on Abbeydale Road. "Thank you for your valued custom over the years, and we wish you all the best. "Chris & Lorraine Bardwell 30/06/17"
  10. They weren't manned ---------- Post added 06-04-2017 at 16:01 ---------- There were none about :loopy:
  11. For the past three or four times at Asda Walkley I've had a problem with the self-service tills. Basically you scan the first item and put it in the bagging area and it says it doesn't recognise it, please re-scan. The item registers on the display OK, and if you do re-scan it registers it again, so you end up paying twice for the first item. If you just lift it off the bagging area and put it back on it's OK. I've emailed Asda, but as yet no reply.
  12. Do they set up separate companies for each council they work for?
  13. Cheap show plates from Ebay are illegal. Number plates must be the correct font, correctly spaced, show the BS number* and the maker's name*. With show plates you're likely to be stopped, fined and made to pay for correct plates, so you might as well do it right in the first place. https://www.gov.uk/displaying-number-plates/overview *EDIT - I can't find any reference to these points, but it certainly used to be the case if it isn't now.
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