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  1. Sorry, my reply was removed for some reason. I don't think there's anything wrong with using that statistic... Here's more details and numbers: - US population is about 328 millions - 76% (249 mil) is white population, 13% (42.6 mil) black - total annual number of violent crimes (arrests for murders and robberies in 2017) was around 83000, of which 44% (around 33000) committed by white population, 54% (around 41000) by black. Here I'm making a simplification and don't consider recidivism, I assume one crime is committed by one person. - number of white people shot to death by police in 2017 was 457, black 223 (data from Statista Research Department, 2020) - if we assume that these shootings happens during of after arrest, this concludes the probability of white violent criminal shot by police - 1.38%, probability of black violent criminal shot by police 0.54%.
  2. I don't know about current protests, I just remembered that it was something talked about in the past. I've found this: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/antifa-domestic-terrorists-us-security-agencies-homeland-security-fbi-a7927881.html
  3. I think the main problem of this discussion is that in your first post you incorrectly assigned the term "Antifa" to "a number of groups who oppose fascism". However, there is more to that, including negative aspects of Antifa (violence, extremism, links to terrorism, etc). Condemning these characteristics (and being anti-Antifa) doesn't make one a fascist.
  4. Wait, is "use" in the sentence "you agree to our use of cookies" really a verb? I'd say that you need a noun there, especially after "our". (Sorry, not a native speaker either ).
  5. Numbers are very clear - black or african-americans are over-represented in the relative numbers of killed by police and also are (largely) over-represented in relative numbers of committed violent crimes. It is expected that probability of being killed by police increases with probability of committing violent crimes. These numbers also don't conclude any racial targeting of victims of police killings.
  6. Thanks, let me rephrase that. Extremists identifying themselves as Antifa has been linked to terrorist actions.
  7. As I've said in another topic, Antifa (as an organisation in US) has been previously linked to terrorist actions in 2016, prior to recent protests.
  8. Someone mentioned statistics, so let's have a look at that. According to study of risks of being killed by police, the lifetime risk per 100000 by race is as follows: black 96, latino 53, white 39, asian 15 (source https://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=dcdetail&iid=245 ) Constitution of violent crimes by race: black commit 54% of all robberies and 53% of murders; white 43% robberies and 44% murders (source: FBI, Crime in the US, 2017). White population represents 76% of total, black 16%.
  9. Let me ask you - have you actually seen videos from these riots? Do you think that looting, destroying property and violently attacking others is normal? I don't think I have more fitting word for those people than "savages" and I don't care what race they are (and I'm actually aware that they're not exclusively black). If you think such behaviour is normal... well, I'm sorry that you live in an environment where this is considered normal. But please, don't project this as normal to others. Being angry and committing violent crimes is a bit different don't you think. Regarding Lee Rigby's murder (although you should discuss it in appropriate topic, this one is about Floyd) - have you supported EDL protests and considered them as normal?
  10. I'm well aware of peaceful protests happening and I respect that. You can't deny that there are nasty riots happening too. Which seem to be a major problem now. My words were addressed to those. I supposed that was very clear.
  11. It would have, to normal people. To those savages looting burning cars, buildings, throwing rocks and molotovs? Not at all.
  12. I wouldn't say those rioters in the streets are looking for something positive. Or anything positive...
  13. I have no idea where you get your information from but there certainly are (classed) far right terrorist groups. Regarding anti fascists, just calling yourself "anti fascists" doesn't really make you anti fascists. (Or am I also anti democrat if I have objections against DPRK? )
  14. I'm pretty sure there are some far right groups linked to terrorist activities. However, we're now discussing Antifa specifically.
  15. And I gave you the article where you could find that "A confidential intelligence report by the DHS and the FBI described some of their activities as "domestic terrorist violence" ". Do I really have to do the reading for you?
  16. Here you go: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/antifa-domestic-terrorists-us-security-agencies-homeland-security-fbi-a7927881.html
  17. Well, they do have links to terrorist actions. I believe that has been investigated years ago, even before Trump.
  18. I'm pretty sure you can. For start, one just have to be less ignorant of the problem.
  19. You haven't realised that I'm not defending Trump. To be honest, I don't really like him. I definitely wouldn't vote for him (if I could have a vote). I just despise silly, irrational arguments and claims that are spread around him just because you don't like him and he hurts your feelings. Fight him with facts and brain. Should be easy, right? So why are you not capable of doing so?
  20. How do you analyse the number of deaths due to presidency?
  21. Umm, is this considered racist just because the reporter was Chinese (or looked Chinese)?
  22. Yes, exactly. My interpretation might be incorrect. However, I'm not pushing my interpretation to anyone! And I'm certainly not making up some words and inserting them into original statements just to support my interpretation! The conclusion is - he didn't explicitly say that. You may THINK he meant it, but you CAN'T KNOW. Therefore, saying that he meant it for sure, is FALSE. Unless you bring some evidence.
  23. In recent times, yes. Historically, I don't know, I haven't heard all of them.
  24. No, probably not. But I've heard worse 🙂 (from him or even other presidents)
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