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  1. What's there to understand? Parents imposing personality disorders on their kids?
  2. One of many: People convinced under Terrorism Acts since 2000: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_convicted_under_Terrorism_Acts_in_the_United_Kingdom 42 people, 100 % muslims.
  3. Except that number is not tiny at all - both absolutely and relatively speaking.
  4. Now THIS TIME, they GOT HIM! Right? RIGHT? No? Ok, wake me up when something actually happens. BTW, we forgot to give Trump credit here when he signed Hong Kong Democracy legislation. And approved Uighur Act.
  5. First step should be getting working habit. Instead, you know, other habits.
  6. How is that relevant? For peace of your mind - I work in academia and referring to PhD student as academic is a bit unusual here.
  7. For start, I'm not even sure if the term academic is appropriate for a PhD student with no research outcome.
  8. - I used that as a reply to the very same words - joke - "politically correct" was the exact quote and context is important, of course I' m not offended. Bothered? Yeah, bothered to discuss it at online forum. Bothered to take any action to battle that girl? Nah...
  9. I think you have it wrong. It's the girl who got offended first... and last! And I wouldn't even call it minimal offence based on her reactions 😀 I don't think MSN news are offended by her. Nor OP is. I am definitely not offended by her, I'm not angry at her. We write about it here because we find her ridiculous, foolish and a bit comical. At least I am.
  10. Is then taking money from rich a solution? 😀
  11. I think the only moaning snowflake is the mentioned "academic" 😀
  12. Here you go: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-50618744 "The prime minister claimed scrapping early release would have stopped him. But Labour is blaming budget cuts for "missed chances to intervene". "
  13. Oh, if I only knew! I don't. And I'm not ashamed of admitting it. But I guess I have an advantage of not looking at political issues in "superhero vs villain" perspective.
  14. Yep, and the only solution to all problems is our Lord and Saviour Jeremy Bernard Corbyn 😁
  15. Such an information is not an evidence of successful rehabilitation. I'd like to see some relevant statistics on recidivists.
  16. There isn't a shred of evidence that rehabilitation is successful. Who's assessing the results of rehabilitation process? Who concludes that rehabilitation is successful? Same experts that "rehabilitated" Khan? To the second part - we have (sort of) efficient lifetime driving bans.
  17. I'll repeat my answer - because it's not technically possible.
  18. Do you think Hitler needed just some rehabilitation and monitoring (if he had survived the end of WW2)? Also, I don't think it's about the amount of services needed. Someone had assessed Khan and approved his release. He had access to rehabilitation. He participated on that, he attended that conference. He was monitored. Services were there for him. They failed.
  19. That might sound very noble. But we'd hit certain "technical" difficulties - how long could rehabilitation take? Years? Lifetime? How do you assess full and successful rehabilitation? Who would assess that? Who's going to take responsibility for false assessment and consequences?
  20. It is absolutely pointless to artificially create two groups with no clear definition and trying to sort your friends and enemies into those two. I believe we all should be capable of discussing the motivation without putting people into just two boxes. "Locking up forever" by means of actual life sentence is not really prolonging a problem, it's a valid solution (pros and cons can be discussed).
  21. Sure, and you have various sentences for various crimes. What's your point?
  22. Not in UK. Or Europe. Anyway, this all points to the fact that all of this left/right labeling is pointless.
  23. As I've shown in my previous post, locking up terrorists for life is not unrealistic, it's financially affordable and certainly doesn't violate human rights.
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