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  1. Chavs screaming and shouting. Chavs smashing the bus stop windows or phone box. Worrying about when my student loan will be in my bank account as I wont have any money at the start of term.
  2. I've never had a problem with a film at the cinema but I have had a problem with the seat reservation system at UGC. When you get your ticket they ask where you want to sit but when you get into the cinema people sit wherever they want. There is not usher to sort the seating arrangement out. Myself and my boyfriend went to UGC last week and as someone was sat in our seats we just sat down somewhere else as we weren't that fussed. However just as the film is about to start we are asked to move because we are in someone elses seat. We try to explain that as she is already seated and has been for the past 10 minutes what is the problem with us all staying where we are? Anyway she is driving us crazy so we move. I would have been happy to move had she not had a seat but her and her brats, sorry children, had already been seated for at least 10 minutes. They obviously decided they didn't like the seats they had and went to reclaim the ones they booked. Fair enough I suppose but they really should have ushers to sort the seating out because it's just chaos. We didn't ask the people in our seats to move because we couldn't be bothered with all the fuss. All the seats in UGC allow a good view anyway so I don't see a reason to choose specific seats.
  3. I can remember Kiki's, it was a great night. Although I have no idea how I used to dance to hardcore but I loved it. I couldn't stand to listen to it now though. Capitol was a great night aswell. Used to go there then onto Niche and then onto Tin Pan Alley all day sunday. Happy days. Hard to believe it was 8-9 years ago.
  4. I don't have a pension or any investments and I'm 24. I'm a bit worried about but I'm going to be a student soon so I wont be able to afford to invest in anything. Also I have no idea about pensions or anything to do with finance.
  5. It's expensive from what I can remember. I think when I called them it was around £40 per month and no discount for poor students! I'm cancelling my SIV membership in favour of the college gym. It will only cost me £11 per month. It will be a shame that there isn't a swimming pool but I can't afford not to join it.
  6. Thanks for the replies. However after giving it some thought I have decided that William Hill is not for me. I don't really want to work every saturday and bank holiday. I am instead looking for hours such as 4pm-8pm Monday - Thursday. I have registered with Hays Personel and am waiting to see what they can offer. I have also applied for a job at Sheffield Futures which I really want as it's 4pm-7pm mon-thurs and its really good money. I've also applied to a company to do data inputting this is 5pm-8.30pm mon - thurs. Fingers crossed I get one of them.
  7. There is a definate difference between working class and chavs. The difference being the word WORK.
  8. Myself and two friends usually go to Yates on a thursday night because they do a curry and a drink for £4. Even thought it's really nice, we fanct something different tonight. We are looking for something that is the same good value. Any ideas anyone?
  9. Lickzz I don't know what I will do without Internet access. It's going to be so strange. I may be able to log on from college. I'll have to see. With regards to looking for work. I called Dixons call centre yesterday and they are going to call me back to do a telephone interview. I have also requested an application form for a job down at the careers service. It involves calling people asking what they thought of the service they were given. It's 4pm-7pm Mon-Thurs which is ideal. It's only 12 hours but thats ok because I could keep my hours at the minimarket.
  10. What kind of work do they offer? I don't think I'd make a good security guard if that's what it is. I'm a 5'5 girly.
  11. I don't think I'd mind working in a call centre aslong as I don't have to sell anything. I'm only looking for 16-20hrs per week (depending on pay) My timetable means that I'd have 1 full day free which I'd like to use to work and then do the other hours over the rest of the week, morning and afternoon if possible. At the minute I work 9-5pm mon-fri and then in my local minimarket sat and sunday mornings. I could possibly get more hours in the minimarket but I'd like to try something else and meet new people. I also really want to get my weekends back.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'm not at uni I'm doing a HND at Castle college. I have heard about ANT but I was told that it is telesales work which I have done before and don't want to do again. Bar work would be fine if the hours were in the day, I wouldn't want to do it at night. I might have a look in local shops to see if they have a some hours going. Thanks again.
  13. I need to find a job to start in September. I will be a full time student so I will need something to fit around my studies. I have thought about a call centre like Freemans or William Hill etc.. Does anyone work for these or know anybody who does? I want to know if they are flexible with hours and how i go about getting an interview with them. I have been told that agencies deal with call centre recruitment, can anyone tell me if this is so and if it is what agencies I need to contact. Alternatively if anyone knows of any other work which would be suitable please let me know. I'm starting to get a bit stressed with it all!
  14. Does anyone use the gym at Castle Centre? Thinking of quitting my fitness unlimited membership and joining the college gym seeing as it's only £11 per month. I just want some ideas on how good the gym is.
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