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  1. Full video here... Looks like the Owls will be known as the TUF club
  2. Why does everyone assume I'm Bedrock?
  3. I am looking at buying a new laptop soon but have had previous issues with downgrading a Windows 8 HP laptop to Windows 7 due to BIOS boot settings and finding drivers that work with older software I have been told that HP are difficult for downgrades as they only offer drivers for current Windows versions but it seems looking at their website that they now offer some Windows 7 drivers for new hardware I have been looking at laptops around £500 and have been wanting something of premium quality and performance without forking out Apple prices, I require backlit keyboard for night use, comprehensive connections / optical drive / card reader / 15" screen preferably and well stocked with RAM and dedicated graphics, here's what I've narrowed down... http://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=ECC_BUNDLE_4900511&opt=&sel=PCNB I had looked at all brands from Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Acer and Asus but this HP looks amazing for the price, I suppose getting Windows 7 on this won't be too hard thanks to utilities like Slim Drivers and so long as I have the network / wireless drivers first then it should be a breeze!
  4. I have very short dark brown hair and was thinking about having it coloured / dyed but am sceptical I had it done in my younger days bleach blond and looked like a Romanian football team Apart from being bright enough to illuminate Batman's bat cave at midnight, it was hard to maintain I bought all sorts of serums and concoctions so maintain the colour but just stuck with shampoo / conditioner But the whole point of the thread is, what's the most popular colours for men nowadays and what's the best method of doing it meaning dying / bleaching / highlighting / chucking paint on it?
  5. Yes it seems the whole premiss of speed dating is doing things fast, it must be full of quick women
  6. So ladies and gentlemen, what's the score on finding love in't these parts? I have lived in Sheffield all my life and had a rocky road in terms of relationships I have seen Yates do a speed dating event and wonder whose been and what's the success rates? I have only met people through work / social situations but have been single 7 years and luck is dead now What on earth do you do at a speed dating event, what do you say, how does it work, it all seems rather odd I do not mind meeting someone for fun and doing the huffle shuffle / hanky panky but at lightning speed, mmm...
  7. Agree but I feel sorry for the actress who does her best but the writing has been awful
  8. So people, what's to be done about the ever growing empty buildings, dilapidated shells and boarded up units in't Sheffield? This aint just Sheffield though, the entire world but surely something creative can be done I think neighbouring stores are missing a trick by not expanding their premises to the units next door Maybe if units have been empty for 12 months then rents should automatically be subsidised There should be incentives for companies to take long standing units and be given reductions in amounts it takes to bring buildings up to standards, things like this can only make investing more appealing
  9. What's your favourite grub at stadiums and who does the best food in football? I once tried the Chicken Balti Pukka Pie and it was absolutely beautiful
  10. RIP Spock, his best film was 3 Men and a Baby
  11. Maybe they could sell them at the local pub, free pint with every purchase
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