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  1. Hi Bikertec What the agency in question have done is what is known as prescreening, you will often find that if an advert has been put out, when candidates call in response to this the agency will take some brief details from you. When they have let the advert run for a sufficient time they will look back at all of their ad response and take it from there. If they initially feel that you are suitable you will then probably be contacted and asked to come in and register where your cv would be required alongside your personal details, ID and your references will be taken. They should at this stage fully explain the vacancy to you and explain what the next stage is with your application ie your cv needs to be forwarded, you need to attend and interview etc - I will say that speaking from personal experience sometimes it is difficult to get back to everybody about vacancies and so I would always recommend that you keep in touch with the agency as well even if its just to let them know you are still around etc Hope this helps & good luck with the job search- thanks Natalie
  2. the best thing you can do is go to http://www.hays.com/salary-survey should help natalie
  3. http://www.sheffieldtoday.net - go to the find a job section they had a huge advert on for apprentices sorry cant for the life of me think which company it is all different fields aswell - try typing in apprentice natalie
  4. i would settle for that at 17 but thats just my opinion prior to recruitment i worked as a sales rep admitedly mainly commision based and the basic salary was 8k a year bearing in mind i was 19/20 at 17 i was working for an engineering company doing all of their admin and i used to get far less than that i would have snapped at that salary at that age! good luck hope you find someone Natalie
  5. definatley recomment estee lauder magna - scopic in black it £16.00 but well well worth it
  6. i would have to say my two are gordon ramsey and simon cowell i'll just get my coat
  7. an old colleague of mine may be able to point you in the right direction i have pm'd you his number he is a qualified trainer
  8. im pretty sure nonna's on eccie road do
  9. i have only ever heard good things about sue ross recruitment i have heard that they are extremely professional to deal with and thats from consultant to consultant hope this helps! - from what i see of their adverts they tend to do work above nmw Natalie
  10. i would try walnut club at hathersage jazz music tho rather than classical but absolutley gorg food and atmosphere
  11. i have a tatoo on my back and i went on http://www.tattoodesign.com and used this for inspiration hope it helps - natalie
  12. hi wonderfulpom i went for an interview a while back now to be honest i booked an interview made it there through terential rain, arranged something for before i started work one day, they forgot theyd booked me in, so they had me sat in an office full of people with no one talking to me - just staring like office people do at a new person and i felt like such an idiot - the actual interview itself felt very disorganised and unprofessional - got offered a second interview but didnt take them up on it - when training providers try to do recruitment it doesnt work out - they were literally just going to try it and see how it worked out with no real thought process behind things stick to either recruitment or training i say - not both
  13. Your CV will usually be responsible for creating the first impression that a potential employer forms of you. The purpose of your CV should be to create enough interest to secure you an interview. Therefore, it should be short and interesting, highlighting your strengths and experience in relation to the role for which you are applying. You may need to put together more than one CV if you intend to apply for different types of job across different industry sectors. You need to emphasise the particular skills and experience that a position requires. And very importantly you should highlight any achievements in previous jobs. The length of your CV will depend on your experience but you should try to keep it as short as possible. The amount of information a reader absorbs decreases with each page, any more than 2 or 3 pages becomes pointless. A CV should never exceed 4 pages. Personal Details Name, address, phone number and e mail address. You may wish to include your date of birth, nationality and status of your driving licence. Education Brief details of relevant qualifications. Professional Qualifications Work Experience List your most recent employment first. Point out general qualities such as the ability to manage staff or work to deadlines. Include dates. Explain any gaps in employment history. Highlight achievements. No more than two or three in bullet point form. Skills IT, Languages etc Hobbies Don’t over do this, it is only intended to give a more rounded picture of your personal qualities. References It is not necessary to provide references with your CV; these can be supplied at a later date if requested. Do • Be positive, aim to emphasise your strengths, experience and ability to adapt to challenging and changing environments in the most positive manner. • Assemble all the facts first and divide them into responsibilities and experience with achievements bulleted under main text. • Edit out the superfluous or negative points. • Make sure your CV is proof read and checked for spelling and grammatical errors. Ask a third party to comment on its overall appeal and message. Dont’s • Leave any gaps in your work experience, if you have had a break say why. • Lie – your qualifications and work history may be checked by an information service • List every one day training courses you have attended • Include a photo unless it has been requested Be tempted to use graphics or stylised fonts in the CV format. It can have the reverse effect to what you set out to achieve.
  14. is it what used to be douglas robson bar?
  15. hi my family breeds english bull terriers and my dad tends to know a lot of breeders that are kennel club registered for bull terriers in general - i will ask him this evening for you natalie
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