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  1. Your welcome to price the job not really in any rush let me know and i will call you
  2. Hi Looking for a recommendation's to fit a new Toilet waste pipe outside and take the old one away Thanks All
  3. All ways feel like i am in a foreign country when i go to the darnell one
  4. Id have a pound a week took from my wagers and put into a pot for nhs /police and other emergency service
  5. Wow next you will be going back to the sixty's to find when you got one over us This is here and now you need to stop living on passed glory's .Mind you that's all you have carry on
  6. bouncing day was better in your own back yard :hihi::hihi:
  7. its a derby game I am sure both teams will be up for it. Even after the last few games Wednesday haven't turn up can see this being a cracker, Common blades let beat em 5.0 put boxing day to bed
  8. my nan and granddad where from Parkwood springs 62 pickering road Lawrence and may taylor dad was frank also had sisters Nancy joan and Barbara
  9. better to lose trying to win than playing for a draw and stop in midd table
  10. we had to be moved from whinacre close on the batemoor when a was a lad had a priest from Norton church to bless the house and it came back worse. It opened doors blew the curtains open made mum and dads bed rumble like it had oil drums under the bed it flung a guitar from one side of the room onto me when I was in bed in the end we had to move .Also had ghost hunters in the house for a few days doing recordings we was told it was down to people who used to live at the address doing the ouija board it want wrong and the next doorneighbours was part of it think its in a book called ghosts of sheffield
  11. what gets me is no matter who united play teams ether don't turn up or teams aint worked out how we play Well guess what. We are a good TEAM ask Wednesday wolves and the other 10 teams we have won too
  12. that same script that ripped Wednesday a new one at home let me keep reading it .Well till you beat us a home lol
  13. Another excellent home result for Carlos and the girls. At this rate they'll own that 13th spot without any fear of the drop
  14. Not play well and still win that will do for me .Shows how far we have come in 14 months And the blades go marching on and on
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