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  1. Hi I learned to ride there when I was 10 years old. There used to be a fair on Granville Road and we would ride all the ponies down there from Fulwood. Pixie was a skewbald shetland and Frisky was a dark brown almost black dartmoor pony I think....There was Peggy, welsh pony, white always flirting with bay Lucky; there was Pru dark brown almost black, August dark bay, Wizard, grey; your nan's cob Pal. Later there was a chestnut called Star, I used to take out on my own when I was around 17 yrs old....memories.......How are your grandparents? I would love to meet up with Hazel again. ---------- Post added 06-04-2015 at 16:06 ---------- Hi there....the dark brown pony bombshell was Frisky. Then there was Peggy, Welsh Mountain white pony....she was a biter and very flighty....lol... ---------- Post added 06-04-2015 at 16:17 ---------- Hi, would that have been dear old August? She was lovely; I think she was about 18 yrs old when I rode her back 1958 (?) I used to ride her on day rides. I remember a few people. Diane Fletcher, who used to ride Peggy a lot. Peggy bit her once in the nether region whilst on a day ride! OUch! There was Hazel Chadwick and her sister Susan; Anne Hathaway, used to ride a big horse called Rory....not one of Millview's I think; another Anne who used to ride Wizard a lot....can't remember her last name but she had a brown riding hat. Great to find this topic. Millview is now Newmay House Farm, Foxhall Lane, Mayfield Valley, Sheffield, S10. 6 bedroom barn conversion for sale Offers in Region of £1,500,000.00.......how things change, but we all have our memories of Millview ......sigh......them wer days.......
  2. You said there was only one male teacher, but I remember Mr Solway too...science teacher, black hair, glasses and very pale..... ---------- Post added 16-03-2015 at 10:54 ---------- Hi, I went to King Ecgbert from 1958 to 1965 - I think.... I married in 1967 and moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I remember loads of teachers and school mates....Lynda
  3. Maybe the other Hazel was Hazel Chadwick? Her sister, Susan was in my class; John Armstrong lived across from the school, he had a really good voice and quite often sang at assembly. I also went to the youth club there for a spell with Diane Fletcher, a year older than me, and she went to St Matthias then to Greystones. Also at Pomona was: Joan and Jeanette Smith, Gordon and Derek Dawson, Mary Latimer, Lynne Summersby, Eileen and Keith Knight, Ted Nash, Michael Langdon, David Burgess, Roger Hadley, Georgie Lowe...if I remember any more, I'll update. Do you know where any of these people are now? My name is Lynda, and my brother and sister also went to Pomona.
  4. Anyone go to either of these schools? Pomona Street School from 1952 to 1958 - I think.... King Ecgberts in Dore/Totley 1958/59 until about 1964/65. I remember: Hazel Stunnel, Victoria Harding, Susan Cunningham, Ian Wileman, Jeffrey Unwin and loads more at Pomona Street. At King Ecgberts, I remember: Susan Proudlock, Josie Woods, Rosemary Renshaw, Olga Hazeltine, Margaret Duckenfield, Susan Boyd, Ann Waller, Judith Walker......and loads more........also Miss Coates, Mrs Borman, Miss Benson, Mrs Fuller, Mr Chamberlain........and more..................
  5. Diane Fletcher went to St Matthias and then on to Greystones; she lived on Ecclesall Road near Botanical Gardens and worked at Wilson's Snuff Mill, then Tescos when it was built on the allotments there. Sad to say, she died several years ago.
  6. two friends went there during that time frame: Linda Walsh and Roy Smith.
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