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  1. As per title. Also needs insulating, but realise not many companies will have experience of fixing the bounce and insulation, so wiling to do the insulating with a specialist company. As a side note, is this sort of work the work of a carpenter/joiner or builder? Not sure what type of traders I should be asking. Cheers Dan
  2. Hi I'm looking to get a timber suspended floor insulated from above (not accessible from below). Also looking to get floor bounce fixed at same time. Anyone had this done or recommendations?
  3. Yea I was thinking that, good point. The thing that concerns me most is the 25% damp joist and another short one I found since right at the entrance which is over 30%. I guess if rot starts with those it could spread elsewhere, and they'll need replacing in any case (not sure at what point the damage is done).
  4. Cheers both, year got that impression, the guy seemed a bit slimy to be honest. Ok so sump pump priority, and replace joists and hopefully rot hasn't started to set it. We are thinking of getting a survey done on that, about 100quid it seems.
  5. We have a cellar in our house in Woodseats under the living room that has water coming into it, apparently from a nearby stream. There is a sump and pump to remove excess water, but there is still standing water. We had an insulation guy come round yesterday as another problem is the house is pretty cold, but he highlighted the damp in some of the joists. One of them has 25% damp, the others are around 18-20% (I haven't checked every one). He deals with spray foam and said this would insulate the floor and allow it to breath, but I've heard conflicting things about this stuff. At the minute, there is celotex between the joists, and he said this is trapping moisture and leading to the damp. I was thinking of putting a dehumidifer down there to try to take away some of the moisture, but I wonder whether the ingress would mean whatever water I take from the air will just evaporate from the standing water and replace it. We have an open fuel chute for ventilation (though of course that makes it cold). The other thing to add is that there is an adjacent cellar under the dining room which you can only see through a small hole in the wall - it is mostly filled with rubble, with perhaps 3-4 ft of space under the floodboards. You can clearly see the floor hasn't been insulated there, I guess because it would be impossible for someone to access. This means the dining room floor is freezing. The insulation guy suggested filling this hole so seal off the cellar, to help prevent cold, but to me it sounds like a bad idea in terms of ventilation and damp. I haven't checked the damp levels in those joists yet (in any case I'd only be able to reach in enough to check the first one or two). Is there some kind of expert who come come round and tell us whether the dampness in the joists is a problem, and what we could do about it? And because we originally got someone round about insulation, whether this person could also advise against this? Something we realised with the spray foam guy is people will come round to promote their own product, so we can't actually work out what is best. Any advice would be well appreciated!
  6. Hey don't suppose you're still looking for players? I'm 34 like to play casually nothing too serious but I'm an alright player at the same time. Possibly have another mate or two who could join too.
  7. Yes Matt can't wait for that! High Contrast is enough to sell it to me alone. Melodic, vocal, deep, musical dnb that also makes you want to dance, he's right up there for me.
  8. Cheers leo. That's a shame. I know the music itself has seen stronger days. Will keep my ear out for Tuesday club. ---------- Post added 11-02-2015 at 18:22 ---------- Ahhhh just come across this - love hospitality! Sweet! Will get some friends up but let me know if anyone who reads this fancies meeting up and coming along. http://www.tuesday-club.co.uk/fri-20th-feb-ttc-presents-hospitality-sheffield
  9. Hi all Not sure whether group lessons are a good idea or not, but it's something that would suit me as one of the things I need to overcome is getting over the fear or playing in front of others, and also because I'm new to Sheffield and looking to meet new people. I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything? I've been playing for a couple of years now and have the basics but am at the stage of wanting to learn more theory and how it all works, including the old scales. Cheers Dan
  10. Hi all Being quite new to Sheffield and coming from darrn sarrff I notice there doesn't seem to be much dnb in Or even would like to meet up for a mix and blend?
  11. Hi everyone very much interested in something low key and fun, a five a side kick around kind of thing. I'm 31, new to sheffield, have played a bit before but not in a serious way, I just enjoy the game. Let me know if you or your team want a player of this description!
  12. Hi both cheers for replies I'm around the broomhill area. I was going to send some PMs but I don't have enough posts so will go on a random posting mission! The Northumberland would be a good shout as it's just round the corner from me.
  13. Hi all Quite new to Sheffield and love a spot of the old pool. Anyone know a good way to join a team, or even just to practice a bit and play some not-too-serious games? I'm an ok player but haven't played in about a year now. Dan
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