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  1. Good day I am the son of a French resistant of the Ain department who fought with Mr. Gordon Nornable. During the operations of the German attack of July 44 on the region of "Haut Bugey" my father was young liaison officer and after the battle of the "Col de la Lèbe" near the small town of "Hauteville" he recovered Lieutenant Gordon Nornable who was injured (the nom de guerre of Nornable Gordon was "Bayard") and led to a family farm where he was hiding and neat. After the war Mr. "Bayard" returning every year in the region for meetings of veterans of the maquis into the 60s and it was always a visit to my parents' house where he was staying. My father always exchanged New Year greetings with him at the following address: "13 little Norton Lane Sheffield.". Child I have very good memories of this discreet and charming man, a young lieutenant explosive instructor had disembarked from a Dakota on the night of July 6 to 7, 44 to come and help our liberation. My father was five years younger than Gordon, he died in 2011, a few days before his death he still spoke of "Bayard" and the maquis adventures. RIP
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