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  1. I have a Miele hoover long out of warranty that is slightly broken (it's stick on highest setting so can't be used on carpet)- any recommendations on a good place in Sheffield to fix hoovers?
  2. Yes equally this was from John Lewis so we hoped we wouldn't have any problems! No the clothes are going in with the usual slight dampness you expect after a wash and a spin cycle. They're fine when they go in. They're coming out from the dryer wetter than they were when they went in. We do a wash, then take out half the washing to get it down to under the 4kg. Then put it back on to dry for over 2 hours. And they come out even wetter than they went in after their wash,.
  3. We bought a Bosch Exxcell washer/dryer wvh28360gb 5 years ago from John Lewis, and sadly it's 3yr warranty has long expired. The washer works absolutely fine but the dryer has stopped working properly. Previously it's dried our clothes brilliantly on all settings for 4 years. However in the last 6 months its stopped working. The heating in the dryer is clearly working, but after a 2 hour 30 minute dry....the clothes come out sopping wet. They're hot, but far far wetter than when we started. We got DART on Barber Road to take it into their shop to fix, and they couldn't replicate the problem. Whilst they explained to us that these washer/dryers do take in some water to dry the clothes, they said the clothes they put on to dry came out bone dry after a 2hour 30 minute cycle. Since getting it back from them, we've tried again and the problem is unchanged for us. I have no idea why the problem didn't replicate for DART. The clothes still come out dripping for us. I feel like we've tried everything to get it working. We've cleaner all the filters, put it on the defluff setting, we've pulled it away from the wall to ensure it's got ventilation at the back- and tried running it again on the longest setting every time. DART cant fathom why it wont work for us. I don't know if any washer/dryer experts can help advise us? We are loathed to pay Bosch the £99 call out fee. I don't want to pay anymore call out fees. Are there any local engineers who would come and take a look but only be paid upon actually fixing it?
  4. Does anyone know of any swimming g lessons for little ones (3/4 yr olds) that carries on over the summer in Sheffield?
  5. Thanks- it seems it’s a fault with our dishwasher. It’s only 4 years old and DART are advising it’s so expensive to fix its not worth it
  6. Brilliant thank you. We’ve isolated it down to the dishwasher. Can plug everything back in. It is the dishwasher that finally trips it all out. Seems a bit odd being a dishwasher? Is only just a year out of its warranty. My guess is to contact somewhere like DART to come take a look at the dishwasher?
  7. Thought we had a power cut at the TV wouldn’t come on- then found a switch with title “CD 263U” is off. Which I switch it back on it only lasts about 10 seconds as the microwave, boiler, washing machine etc power back on...then it flicks off again. Before I have to start finding a local Electrician, is there anything obvious to try?
  8. Does anyone know if Corgigasman is still around? Had a sudden malfunction of our boiler thermostat and desperately need someone in next 48 hours who knows about boilers! Called him and left a message
  9. Got my parents visiting and we have a 2 yr old. Want to take them out to eat on Saturday or Sunday night probably to somewhere in London or Abbeydale road because my parents live in a small village so love the access we have to interesting restaurants like Thai or Turkish on London road. I've heard quite a few of the ethnic restaurants are great with kids on London road- anyone been to any in particular? I fancied taking them for Thai but haven't ever eaten Thai in Sheffield. Either that or Sri Lankan/South Indian?
  10. Steve- are you able to contact me? Having issues with my Ideal boiler and it needs a service. Have PMd you!
  11. Recommendation for DinkyDoo, fixed a garden wall for me and cut our hedges! Much appreciated
  12. I'm back to searching for a cleaner again- the rather wonderful one I got on here lives too far away from us and has got a new job nearer her home. We live in Crosspool S10 and needs two hours a week. We are very friendly couple with a baby and do tidy up beforehand!
  13. Searched for threads on this but not turned up anything... We recently moved to Crosspool at the bottom of Watt Lane bordering Ranmoor. A few walks around the local area and can't helping gawping at a slightly (very) audacious and bling local house on Ivy Park Rd called Manor House. As I walked by and stared, a bit stunned by the enthusiastic Christmas decorations, I asked my other passers by staring in the gates who lived there and was told a local Mr Hogg? Name didn't mean much to me and wondered if anyone could fill me in on some local history/knowledge of this house and the owners?
  14. I need a cleaner in S10 (with recommendations) for a weekly clean of 2 hours. I have cleaners at the moment but I never know if and when they're coming so want a more reliable company.
  15. Another massive recommendation for jodie23387 (the aforementioned Dave in this thread). He worked two Saturday's for me digging up a greenhouse concrete base then coming back to shift two tonne of top soil to fill the gap. My house has extremely steep flight of stairs up to it and he worked unbelievably hard, in the pouring rain, at 8.30 on a Saturday morning. Reliable, trustworthy, polite and fantastic value. Handyman of this quality are in short supply (we usually use the fantastic S6 handyman Lee but then the rest of Sheffield discovered him and I needed a job doing at short notice!) Will be using you again Dave!
  16. Can anyone recommend a handyman who can do heavy lifting, digging up rubble and transferring it to a skip then refilling with top soil? Steep stairs involved!
  17. I've searched the threads on here for recommendations of top soil delivery, of which there are a few, but I really specifically want it delivering not only in bags but up some steep stairs at the front of my house and directly into my back garden. Does anyone know a company who would do this? I can't risk it being just left out on the road or pavement, I would never be able to shift it fast enough as you can't get a wheelbarrow up and down our stairs. Plus those bags look damn heavy.
  18. Can anyone advise how much it would cost/if it's possible to hire someone to drill out some small concrete walls in my garden? Just moved into a new house and the previous owner seemed to love concrete in the garden- they've put some small garden walls round a veg plot and concreted them into the ground. I want to get rid of the walls and any concrete underneath and it's really ugly! I think with some brute force and a big hammer we could probably knock down the walls ourselves- but its still going to leave whatever concrete there is in the ground that was holding them in place which I want rid of Any advice appreciated?
  19. I'm registered there but cannot get them to answer the phone. Days and days and days of ringing. Finally answered it this morning and said there was a queue of people and could they call me back (begs the question why answer the phone then)....still no call.
  20. Can anyone advise if this is making traffic through Broomhill worse than usual? I'm going to guess it is. I live in Crosspool and get the 51 bus (that goes through Broomhill) or the 120 bus (goes up Glossop Rd) home. Am guessing the 120 a safer bet?
  21. We've just moved to Crosspool and still travel back to Commonside/Walkley for the pubs. They are pretty meh in Crosspool. I liked Artisan before so I hope this is an Indian worth going to, rather than just one of your usual neighbourhood Indians which are a bit samey (like the Indian restaurants in Walkley)
  22. I've also noticed something now seems to be happening with Artisan? Being repainted or something by the looks....
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