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  1. Saturday matinee at the Ritz, a blind man playing the accordion & ironlungs screaming down the mike...."lay that pistol down babe". Happy days.
  2. Probably due to Ripley Street being closed due to resurfacing.There is no access from Langsett Road.
  3. I am sure they were used in 1967 but cannot remember them in 66, could be wrong though.
  4. Yes Doreen, I remember you all. But Iv'e only ever seen Linda on the very odd occasion down Hillsborough.Iv'e spoken to Elaine but only on a facebook local history site.
  5. Right first time Doreen, but Ray lived next door but one. He would sometimesa be seen with a bird on his arm, usually a kestrel.I think he predated Billy Casper by nearly ten years.
  6. Hi Doreen Mac. I knew Yvonne Wood very well as i lived next door to her for over 20 years.She passed away in August 1988 aged just 40.She had a daughter only a few months old when she died.The last time i saw Yvonne was at a football match at Highbury in the early eighties as she was a staunch wednaysdayite. She lived in London at the time of her death but the funeral was in Sheffield.
  7. Is that Keith Ellis top right 1st picture.Scored a hat trick in a cup replay at old trafford about 1960.
  8. The chimney was still standing a couple of weeks ago. I think it would have been demolished by now but it could be listed.Would make an interesting garden ornament though. Have to have a look next monday.
  9. I think it became a football pitch at some point.There are now 43 houses being built on the site. Dysons brickyard also having houses built on.
  10. There used to be Jimmy's, but that was more towards where the current chippy is located. He cooked to order and the fish & chips were excellent, but not of a sizeable portion to last to Malin Bridge.
  11. Crown & Glove, Rose & Crown & Peacock All serve food and decent beer as well.Hope this helps.
  12. Just watched the H&M ad. on u tube, doesn't have the same effect as most of the others. At nearly 4 minutes lts like watching a a short film.
  13. Yesterday Debenhams was offering €1-12, but €1-13 for cardholders. I was in Majorca last week & not one shop was offering currency exchange in the resort, only the local Santander bank (€1-05).Best buy before you go.
  14. I got some from John Lewis on Thursday & the rate was €1.167. to the pound. Think it might have dropped a cent today though. Don't there's any better rate in town.
  15. I remember Vic. Chapman, lived in the first house on left on Meynell Cresc. We went to the same school but haven't seen him in many years.
  16. There is a notice in the dentist waiting room advising people not to park above the clearway signs on Ash Street as it is frequently patrolled by traffic wardens.
  17. Just finished Lee Child's Make Me. A little bit different from his previous, whereas his novels usually punch along, I got a little bogged down in this one.Might just be me.
  18. If you're staying central Adeje its about 20 minutes walk, but there are plenty taxis & a decent bus service up to Los Christianos.
  19. Hi webbo21. I've been to Costa Adeje a few times, there are quite a few karaoke and singers bars in the area, but comedians & tribute acts I'm not so sure about. Maybe in the high season you may find them. As its only a short walk into Americas that may be your better option if thats what you prefer. It is one of our favourite places with plenty of bars & restaurants. I'm sure whatever you decide you'll enjoy it. I hope this helps.
  20. Great stuff from the Owls and the fans also played their part. Never stopped singing, brilliant atmosphere.
  21. Thought it was just me. Does seem to happen on quite a few programmes though.
  22. Happy birthday old tup, keep safe & stay healthy.
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