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  1. I'm interested to know what people think of the Fox Valley Friday Market, especially as there will also be a Fox Valley Tuesday Market from tomorrow (11.10.16). If you haven't been yet it's down by Aldi/Home Bargains. If you have been, did you like it? Why? If not, why not? I'd like to get some feedback before applying for a stall, and all comments will be gratefully appreciated! I guess this is what they mean by "Market Research" (sorry:roll:)
  2. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply! I will pm you this evening - both excellent suggestions. Kind Regards Cheryl ---------- Post added 15-01-2016 at 15:55 ---------- Thanks for your reply! I have dropped you an email. Kind Regards Cheryl ---------- Post added 15-01-2016 at 15:59 ---------- Thanks for replying! The St Mary's one is a good example. I'm planning to do similar, but moving around different localities, a sort of "floating market!"
  3. As a local trader, I enquired to all the markets around Sheffield and ALL of them have stalls for casual traders, available on a daily basis for around £20 per day. This includes Rotherham, Barnsley, Chesterfield, Huddersfield, Penistone & Holmfirth - except Sheffield. Even if they did this, apparently no one wants to shop there! Sheffield doesn't seem to want to attract or encourage small traders, who tend to spend all their money locally and boost the local economy. When you find a market on holiday, it's usually full of individual stalls selling unusual or unique goods, and even if you don't buy, you enjoy browsing and the general atmosphere. Why can't we have something like that in Sheffield? If you go to craft fairs and farmers markets, they are usually well-organised and sell the most incredible and unusual stuff that you can't buy in department stores. I'm going to organise a band of lovely local makers and traders, and get them into easily accessible venues around the City and beyond! Please get in touch if you have any ideas, suggestions, or want to get involved, as a trader, an organiser or to suggest a venue. Let's keep it local!!
  4. Can you recommend a good Sheffield Venue to hire for a Charity Craft/Gifts Event? Could be for a one-off event or on a monthly/quarterly basis. Please all have a think and let me know your thoughts. I've made a list, but would really appreciate some input from people in different areas of the City and different age groups. Could be indoors/outdoors, with room for plenty a stalls/tables and free parking in the vicinity. It could be evenings, or weekends. I'm expect to pay, so please don't think I'm trying to cadge a freebee! Also, if you are a local crafter or sell unusual gifts, would you be interested in showing off your wares/talents? Thinking caps on please!
  5. Thanks for that - will do, and I really appreciate your input. Totally agree about fake reviews - see my post before this one! ---------- Post added 02-07-2015 at 14:44 ---------- Thanks for your advice which I am definitely going to take! Just hope I don't have to put my ugly mug on YouTube - may use my 2 cats, as they seem to attract a lot of attention on there. How do I know this? Someone must have told me - I'm far too busy to spend time looking at cats (phew)! Seriously, thanks for the advice - I've roped in a couple of beauties to let me do their makeup on video and one lady genuinely looks 10 years younger afterwards, so fingers crossed!
  6. Useful? It is priceless! Thanks for ALL your advice! There is plenty to get stuck into here! I'm ok with Facebook and Twitter and have today persuaded two models to do videos for me! I'm going to do everything you suggest, and I really, really appreciate your time and advice! ---------- Post added 04-06-2015 at 17:57 ---------- Thanks for your reply - it is much appreciated. I understood about 94% of it, but am now finding out about the 6% I don't understand. It amazes me that people (like you) are so kind and generous with their time. I will put your advice to good use! Thank you!! ---------- Post added 04-06-2015 at 18:24 ---------- Hi Steve Thanks for the questions - here are the answers: 1) My brand is unique to me, and trials prove my products are at least as beneficial to customers as the leading brand. 2) I can sell my products worldwide, but as they are cosmetics and an unknown brand, I need to actually get them onto customers faces for them to appreciate the benefits. Once they try, they buy. This is why a 25 mile radius applies, so I can physically reach them. I dislike these pyramid companies that get people recruiting more people for commission, and I have no plans for world domination or to employ an army of sales-drones, so I'd rather go it alone to start with, although I have recruited 2 part-time helpers, because they have the same passion for the products and level of commitment as me. 3) My products are massively competitive, but the market is huge, and I only want a bit of it! The website will be to generate repeat sales, and new sales gained by word of mouth. It would be impossible for a new customer to find me at the moment. I've built the site myself (it's not finished yet - I'm typing this while I should be working on it!) and it is a showcase of colours available for anyone who isn't physically viewing the products, together with general info. Hope I've answered your questions ok - I currently get invited to sell at events, and frankly already have more offers to sell at them than I'd have dreamed possible, so initial prognosis for success is fair. ---------- Post added 04-06-2015 at 18:27 ---------- Tried to reply with "Grrrr!", but my answer was too short! ---------- Post added 04-06-2015 at 18:30 ---------- Thanks for the advice! I am a Twitter user, but am not sure how to reach my target audience there. I'm ok with Facebook (easy) but I will definitely look into Twitter:). Cheers!
  7. To all of the posters above, my sincere thanks. I'm going to take ALL your advice! Luckily, I don't plan to make a million. It's just my way of helping local people's money go back into the local community, and not some fat cat's pocket. I was feeling a bit down before, but you have made me realise by using the power of social media together with video footage, I can do this. I really appreciate you all taking the time to think about this and offer your really valuable responses! Cheers!!!
  8. My new website (not going to mention it and it isn't the one after my signature) is almost ready. I sell a type of product that is in competition with massive companies and even if people type the name of my company or my product into Google, all the conglomerates are ahead of me, so a new customer would probably end up on a competitor's site. Before anyone thinks "what a d@@k", I am an old bat of 59 and no tech genius.! I know a little bit about SEO, but my question is this - won't the big bucks American Companies always be ahead of me? I can't chuck money at this - my small business sells products as good or better than the competition and I don't plan on selling it outside a 25 mile radius of Sheffield to begin with. Should I emphasise the local connection? My products are actually made in Kent but I live and run the business from Sheffield. When I show and demonstrate my products, customers love them, but when it's time to re-order, I'm worried they won't find me. Any suggestions to make sure that when they come to re-order, they actually find ME and don't end up at XXXXXX or XXXXXXX!! All suggestions welcome:help:
  9. Thank you Hesther! That is a brilliant idea! I'll contact MacMillan, and I will try to do my own 'Big Night In' too! x
  10. Thanks for this! I will get straight on it. Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look:)!
  11. To Marx & Steve Roberts - many thanks for taking the time to reply - I really appreciate it! Marx - totally agree with your comments - I used Courier on my homepage as a sort of "homage" to the fact my new product labels are in Courier! Big mistake, which I will rectify, but that was my general business website. The website for the new makeup is different, but I won't put it on here in case anyone thinks I'm advertising! You obviously know of which you speak, and I may engage your website know-how on a professional basis! I will try the Circle for demos! Steve Roberts - thanks for the video idea! They would be great for You Tube! I knew there were gurus out there williing to share their expertise, cheers guys!
  12. I love to read the pithy, no-nonsense business advice on here. Now it's my turn to get shot down in flames. Long story short, I'm involved with a dermatological chemist in developing a range of mineral makeup. I could go on about it, but this isn't an advert. The only thing I will say positively about it is that it's safe, and suitable for everyone, inc vegan & halal use. I'm building a website, and would like to add testimonials - real ones - so need volunteers who would give honest reviews of the products in return for a free makeover. My friends and family all love the products, but I am not comfortable with using their possibly biased reviews. I'm not trying to sell anyone anything - I just need volunteers with different skin tones/skin concerns to let me put some makeup on them in a public place (ie. their workplace?) and give me an honest opinion of how it looks and feels. I'm thinking gyms. Any other suggestions gratefully received!!
  13. It was really good, except for the wind!! The old cruck barn the markets/car boots are held in is a really beautiful location and the organiser, stall holders and customers are extremely friendly. It shares the Tesco car park, so plenty of free parking. It is on every single Tuesday, and the 2nd and 4th Sundays every month. I'm going to become a regular, if only for the beautiful location and great people. Deserves to become a "must-go" event!
  14. There is the first Sunday New & Old/Car Boot at Penistone Barn Market Starting at 9am tomorrow the 12th of April. It will run 2 Sundays per month and will continue to run every Tuesday, as it has done previously in the Market Barn at the bottom of Tesco's Car Park. I am going tomorrow as a seller for the first time and will report back afterwards.
  15. Ladies!! There is going to be a fantastic Ladies Night at the Niagara Sports & Social Club, Hillsborough on Thursday 16th April. All proceeds to Charity, which is currently being chosen on Facebook, and the Children's Hospital is currently well in the lead. Admission is a minimum of £2, all of which goes to the chosen charity, and there will be stalls and loads of brilliant entertainment. Please try to come, bring your friends and message me for more details or find me (Cheryl Stephens) on Facebook. It starts at 7pm until 11pm and you are now officially invited to what promises to be a great night out with excellent raffle prizes! Whoever wins my donated prize will be over the moon!
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