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  1. Although parent governors do have benefits to governing bodies, academies are now not having parents on governing bodies. I agree with this, I don't see how for example, a stay at home mum or a salesman is able to have the sufficient skills and knowledge to challenge the head teacher/principal. It's like someone who works at Tesco appraising a neurosurgeon. Parent governors, not all, tend to lose sight of what the role and responsibility of being a governor is, eg, they tend to bring up issues in governors meeting about something that has happened to their child and what the HT/principal is going to do about it; a lost coat.
  2. She's a good Headteacher. She has turned around the school's she has been at. I've worked with her and she is a consummate professional.
  3. The reason why I am singling out Julie Dore is that as leader of the council she is ultimately accountable. The fact is that I received an email from the MP's office 2 days after my query. Now just imagine how many queries she gets per day and compare her office with the office of the leader of the council in terms of people who work for her.
  4. Has anyone else tried to email Julie Dore regarding an issue. I emailed my local MP and they responded promptly, but as yet no response from the office of the leader of Sheffield City Council. I've heard horror stories from people who have had responses to queries that don't even relate to the topic that was initially put forward. I can't wait for the day when she loses as she is utterly useless.
  5. It's a difficult one. I'd say either side of Abbeydale Road so I'd say Heeley- Meersbrook-Greenhill-Norton-Beauchief seems to be attracting the young professional crowd at the moment, transport links are excellent but the only downside is the traffic on Chesterfield Road. Then you have Nether Edge-Millhouses-Dore which is the other side of the Abbyedale Road which are all lovely area's. Also have Crosspool-Lodge Moor- Fulwood-Ranmoor which is very family orientated. Seems lots of Headteachers, lectures from the Universities and Doctors live in this area. This I know because I used to work in a school in this area. Then in North Sheffield, I'd say the outskirts of Hillsborough, so Worral and upto Grenoside, but then you have the nightmare of Penistone Rd to contend with each day but you do have the tram in Hillsborough. Personally I'd recommend Woodseats area where I live. Excellent transport links, a good choice of shops and some lovely houses off Chesterfield Road. Just my thoughts so hope it helps
  6. Currently I pay £26.60 a week and that is a megarider for bus and train. In the morning I get the 6.30 bus from Woodseats and then the Cleethorpes train at 7.10 and that gets me into Doncaster at 7.35. I always try and go for the quick trains. At night again I get the 17.42 train from Doncaster that gets me into Sheffield at around 18:05. From there then it depends on traffic on Chesterfield Road so I'll get home usually 18:45-19:00 at the latest. The organisation I work for charges £1 a day for parking. I only have a 1L car and it's 50 mile round trip so I have no idea how much petrol I would use per week or even if my car would be able to handle the motorway everyday with it being a 1L. ---------- Post added 20-02-2015 at 09:51 ---------- I'm also on flexi-time so the times I have got the slow train that stops at every station between Doncaster and Sheffield, that takes around 40mins on the train. It's annoying because the 17.20 slow train from Doncaster gets into Sheffield just 3min before the 17.42 fast train from Doncaster does. So depending what train I get, from leaving the work building and incorporating walking to the train station in Doncaster it can be up to 2 hours before I'm home.
  7. I currently live in Woodseats but work in Doncaster. Since I started working in Doncaster in Dec, I've commuted using the bus and train but I'm now considering driving instead. Wondering how other people who commute to Donny in the car find it. Do I stick to the bus or train or drive?
  8. Let's be realistic here. There IS a serious issue in the U.K with Asian men targeting white girls, just as there is a problem with 'How are young white girls allowed to get into a situation like this? Who is responsible for them? The family or the state? The way I look at it is that it just show that 'Multiculturalism' is a massive failure in society.
  9. Regarding flexi, it's encouraging to manage your time and I'm lucky with the organisation that I work in that they trust you to manage your time. As long as you don't go into deficit at the end of the month then it's fine. It's also really nice to actually think that the extra hour or couple of hours you may put in every few days actually counts towards something. You can also use it to your advantage to take it in conjunction with annual leave so you can get long weekends off or extensions. I love the fact that in the week I can decide to leave the office at lunchtime or 1pm if I just can't focus or I'm not feeling 100%.
  10. In my opinion it's all about flexi-time. I can accumulate 10hours a month off which equates to a day and a half or carry it over. On a number of occasions I might go into the office for 4 hours or 6 hours or I'll work late in order to build up the flexi. I think it increases productivity in the workplace instead of set hours.
  11. I travel from Sheffield to Doncaster Mon-Fri for work and back. What frustrates me more than anything else is that between 17:00 and 17:30 there are 2 pacer trains taking 40mins to get to Sheffield but between 17:30 and 18:00 you have 3 trains that take between 22 and 30mins. On most days I stay late on at work just so I can get the quicker train. What I would like to see is more Cross Country Service mixing up their services using Doncaster more instead of always going through Wakefield Westgate. Currently the only Cross Country that runs through Doncaster (to my knowledge) is the Newcastle-Reading/Guildford train. It feels like a treat using this service instead as you're in Sheffield or Doncaster in 20mins.
  12. Had my car broke into on Holmhirst Road so just watch out around Woodseats if you park your car nearby. Funny thing about it was the idiots only took my £6.50 Asda USB cable.
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