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  1. One of the funniest shows I ever saw.
  2. Grinning at this. I'm remembering waaaay back in the day when you only ever found out any United news from three primary sources; The Star, Radio Sheffield or from some bloke who had a mate that lived three doors down from the Myrtle Road training ground and heard everything.
  3. Great player, great pundit.
  4. Yeah, 'Raising Steam' was a good idea but it wasn't even a Pratchett book I reckon. If the poor chap had remained compos- mentis it would never even seen light if day. Read it once, will never again. That said, these characters are far too good to never be used again. There's some really good fan-fiction out there. His family should have a rethink about letting real writers, people who Pratchett liked and admired, have a go with the franchise.
  5. I've a lot of happy memories of the Free Trade Hall (and the Apollo) in Manchester. My buddies and I spent a lot of the 70s going to gigs and we would travel some distances for certain acts. We particularly enjoyed our trips over the Pennines. The train fare to Manchester was about 2 quid. Rush, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, the Strawbs....many others. We'd have the afternoon off work from our various jobs and be in Manchester about 2. Have a bite and a few beers, then try to get into soundchecks. Easier than it would be today. Most of the time we just walked in. We looked like roadies anyway 😀. Most groups weren't precious. Always glad to speak to fans. After a show we'd try to get backstage for another natter with the band, then a few more beers and catch the 2.00 a.m 'paper train' back to Sheffield. It was called that as it used to leave Manchester loaded up with copies of the next day's Daily Mirror. Happy days indeed.
  6. Been a good week. Two new acquisitions; The Pretty Reckless 'Death By Rock And Roll' and The Strawbs 'Settlement'.
  7. Frampton coving Roxy's 'Avalon'. Very relaxing. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/peter-frampton-roxy-music-avalon-1133906/
  8. As a young man open to all forms of literacy, Steve Harley pointed me toward the work of authoress Virginia Woolf. I tried a couple, 'Lighthouse' and 'Orlando' and gave up on both. Too flowery for me. Found them hard work. However, was keen to see 'Vita & Virginia'. It's not a film to rush. The soundtrack is disconcerting. Virginia's other-worldliness is convincing. Sympathetically directed and the camerawork is both atmospheric and stark in places. A well-rounded film. The Sapphic scenes are treated as a soft art-form rather than cheap titillation for the voyeuristic. Would watch again. Quite enthralling. 8/10.
  9. A couple of episodes of the latest series of Murdoch Mysteries.
  10. 'Tell It To The Bees' Watched it mainly because Holliday Grainger's in it (as she's so good in 'Strike'). Wish I'd seen it on the Big Screen. Set in a uncompromising backward little Scottish town in '52. Basically a young lad develops an empathy with bees while his world collapses around him. It's deep. It has layers. It has Anna Paquin. It has an unhealthy amount of dreich. It has jazz (man) You'll find it on Sky Cinema. Giving it 8 out of 10. Loses marks for the predictable (yet probably real) ending.
  11. 'Blown Away' https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80215147 While you have to admire the craft, the program itself is a nightmare watch. The edit is awful. The show's only 23 minutes per episode so everything feels like you're rushed along at a 100 miles per hour. Fast cuts and dramatic music do not, IMHO, work on any show where skill is involved. They need to slow the whole thing down radically. If if was presented like something like 'Portrait Artist Of The Year' it would be a far more enjoyable watch. Have to respect the craft though.
  12. Favourite line last night was the Mexican wrestlers one 😀
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