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  1. Good news for those of us remaining. Many family and friends have bailed on it.
  2. https://youtu.be/_DxLtuK3pD4 'Punch On The Road' Close Up North BBC 1976. A wonderful snap-shot of a time, and a universally-recognised ambition. Been there, lived that. Dedicated to road-dogs everywhere. 30 minutes you'll smile through and thank me for. 'Spinal Tap' was the <removed>-take, but these fellas were the real deal. Shame it never happened for them.
  3. …….and the one on Bank Street's all shut up now too. Didn't know. Walked down from work and it's all boarded up. When did that happen? However, the one discussed that's upstairs in Wilko's, got to say I was very impressed with one of the ladies working there. I was sending a card to a mate's son in Philadelphia. He's 14. I just asked, on the off-chance, if there was anything 'interesting' available stamp-wise, rather than just putting one of the bog-standard Queen's head on. She tried in the back, she tried every till her colleagues were working on. She even tried the money exchange section. Alas, she couldn't find anything for the correct money required. She took the time, bless her. That's great customer service. Tracey m'dear, thanks again for trying.
  4. What's the story with 'Supernatural'? Seems to be missing from UK. Be gutted if someone doesn't air the final series.
  5. Old 'Murdoch Mysteries' from series 1 and 2. Enough time has passed, so I can't always recall who did what. That, and I missed some episodes on first airing.
  6. "Ah..you wanna sing, I'll give you a chance, alright...? Steve Harley's intro to 'The Best Years Of Our Lives' on the Face-To-Face LP. Makes the hairs stand up on my neck every time I hear it. Emotive and nostalgic. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Best+Years+Of+our+Lives+-+face+to+face&view=detail&mid=3B3B483ABA19DDDB56B03B3B483ABA19DDDB56B0&FORM=VIRE
  7. It's the only soap opera I'll entertain. Hate all the shouty ones on TV, but even high drama on The Archers is presented in a way that is considered. A recent storyline involved an elderly chap admitting to his family that he'd been sexually abused when he was younger. It was dealt with in very sensitive tones, menace and despair clearly evident. You get the feeling that had the same topic been on a tv soap, there'd have been a lot of eyebrow-acting, noise and throwing things around for visual effect. The great/bad thing about The Archers is they have small-village mentality nailed on.
  8. Saw it at the flicks 4 times. Bought the Blu-ray on release. It's a shame that the deleted scenes were taken out. Some marvellous material didn't make the finished film.
  9. So now his arse has been nailed to the wall, how about going after all those who knew what he'd done and turned a blind eye? The cover-up aides, the enablers? It's Jimmy Savile all over again. You can't do all that and people not know.
  10. Broadly speaking, I’ll use ‘romance’ in the sense of romanticizing a time and a place; 'American Graffiti'. My mate and I saw the movie in the summer of '73 in a run down seen-better-days flea-pit in Bridlington. It was a dirty rainy evening in a dying seaside town. We stepped outside into the wet and cold, in awe of what we'd just seen. It was just so 'other'. Nothing like we knew in Crookes and Crosspool. Almost alien. We stood on the cinema steps, wondering what to do and where to go next. A car screeched past at a ridiculous speed in the conditions. It was full of laughing (older) teenagers, music blaring, out there Living Life. We just turned to each other and grinned. The past, it seemed, was our future.
  11. I basically Torvill & Dean'd it on the footbridge over the Parkway Roundabout this morning. Proper dangerous. I gripped the railings for about 20 ft, tottering unsteadily. Feet going in eight different directions, making little progress. Then a young lass jogging gazelled past. I'm like "How the f......flip is she doing that???"
  12. The graffiti annoys me. Makes Sheffield look like a craphole to outsiders. The litter is similarly aggravating too.
  13. Special 80s mentions: 'Peg O' My Hear', used as the opening theme for the BBC's 'The Singing Detective' (probably Dennis Potter's finest hour. It was certainly Joanne Whalley's). Eric Clapton's score for 'The Edge Of Darkness'.
  14. As a Blade I can honestly say that even after what's happened to us, I stand by my original statement; I wanted it, it's necessary and in the long-term all involved in the game will come to understand that it's vital. If it stops and punishes pen-area shirt-pulling, if it 'cards' divers, if it is considered and fair, then I'll be a happy man and the game will be better for it.
  15. 'The Gentleman'. Guy Ritchie carries on with a film very similar in style and presentation to 'Lock, Stock...' and 'Rock 'N' Rolla'. You liked them, you'll like this. Nice layers, and VERY funny. Only issue; Michelle Dockery was perhaps slightly underused. Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell supported admirably. Bet Matthew McConaughey was rubbing his hands with glee when he read the script.
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