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  1. Yeah. I rarely read the papers but if in an act of boredom I buy one, I'd probably go for The Express or The Mail. My life doesn't need 'LESBIAN SHEEP RAPED MY VICAR' headlines.
  2. I called in to get her an ice-cream at the Spar on Gleadless and I saw the headline on the news-rack. I was clueless as to what the issue was until I spotted that. Who reads The Sun? People not bright enough to make up their own minds. Or who like big t*ts.
  3. 'Damn Strait' - Scotty McCreery. "Nobody in his right mind would've left her. That was her favourite song. She sang along every time it came on. The first time we danced was to Marina Del Rey"
  4. I knew bugger-all about it. I was nearly late getting a granddaughter from school as Freshville main road was chaos. I'm driving towards her school, a few miles or so away, and it was jammed solid with people wanting to turn right into the petrol station. 'Course, coming the other way, cars were six or seven deep also waiting to get onto the forecourt and not letting anyone in for fear of missing out. Tossers, every woman and man involved. I blame The Sun for today's panic headline that we're facing rationing of fuel.
  5. 'Tokyo Melody' - Helmut Zacharias Orchestra
  6. 'Baby Jump' - Mungo Jerry "I dream that I was Da Vinci and she was the Mona Lisa. I dream that I was Humbert and she was Lolita......"
  7. 'Over The Hill' - John Martyn "Can't get enough of sweet cocaine, get enough of Mary Jane Going back to where I come from, going rolling back home again..."
  8. 'Star Of Bethlehem' - Neil Young
  9. 'Bang Bang' - B A Robertson. "Tony and Cleo struck out for the free down Egypt's way. But Caesar had squeezed her in Rome on his quilt for a day... Hey, hey."
  10. 'Carolina To Me' - Scotty McCreery. (Lovely soothing vid that makes you want to visit 😀 )
  11. A real character. Proper entertainer, both on the pitch and as a pundit with Saint.
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