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  1. 'I've Never Been To Me' - Charlene.
  2. It was a joke gift. Last year the wife got me one of those DNA Heritage kits. Despite being from a long line of Yorkshiremen, it seems I'm mostly Viking and French/German. Hardly a surprise considering how many times Johnny Foreigner has come over and beaten the crap out of us through the millennia. So this year my 'friends' clubbed together and bought me a one metre-square patch of land in Brittany. It's big enough to stand on (or, as I've said I'm going to do, plant a Union Jack on). That car bringing the ball on at the beginning is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Hope that’s not going to happen every game. Also, the logo that flashes up after every incident is that colourful it reminds me of the Teletubbies. Irritating. Italy looked good though...
  3. 'Take The Money And Run' - The Steve Miller Band.
  4. 'Crazy Man Michael' - Fairport Convention
  5. I've drawn the Czech Republic in the draw at work. 100 to 1 according to the bookies. That's two quid I'll never see again. Friends have just bought me some land in France for my birthday, so I suppose I'd better cheer for the French as well.
  6. OK, a little cheeky (🙂) but it made me smile, remembering all those crappy TOTP and Hot Hits albums of the early 70s. Spotted in a charity shop in Broomhill. I would have bought it, but it was battered.
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