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  1. Seems Helen Rose has trannies on her new vid. Is that any way to get airtime....? Didn't hurt Lou Reed...... "Happy New Year! I hope 2022 find you and yours healthy and well in mind, body and spirit! We welcomed in the New Year with a mild case of breakthrough Omicron with a garnish of strep throat to boot! Feeling much better now and are convincing ourselves we’re stronger for it. I realize that in the mayhem that was the last part of last year I forgot to send out the announcement of the “Love & Life” music video! We shot this at the beloved Allways Lounge with some of New Orleans finest performers- two days before we left for Los Angeles. Many of the artists were in the Joni Mitchell tribute we were so lucky to be a part of. I do hope you enjoy- it is a song about resilience, and finding the light through the tough moments. Love & Light, Helen."
  2. I used to take my grandkids down to the grass in front of the cathedral. Sit, have a bit of a picnic, relax in the sun. The wasters you mention have spoiled that forever. One of my g-kids, aged 3, was terrified when a gang of 5 or 6 of them started a running fight around the whole area. I grabbed him, covered his face with my coat and held close as it all kicked off. Never again. Even when they're not fighting the language is horrific and the constant begging and not leaving you alone is disturbing. They've ruined the city centre. I'm all for the fire brigade turning water cannons on them. I don't care where they go, just get them out of my city. We've been an easy touch/target for far too long. Snowflakes, start wringing your hands now.....
  3. I do think that the early 70s was a wonderful time to be a teenager, especially when speaking of popular/chart music. Of course there was dross, but not that much was horrendous. I would never want to be 'that guy' who says all today's music is crap because obviously that's not true - it just feels that way 😀 . I just hope today's teenagers get as much fun out of their musical era as I did back in mine. Alright pop-pickers? Not 'arf!
  4. I loathe Sheffield city centre. The most ridiculous one-way/non-way traffic system ever devised. Complete joke. The way to get people in is to open it up to traffic, not exclude it. Parking prices are a joke too.
  5. 'Panic' - The Smiths So many places mentioned. Here's just one verse. "Hopes may rise on the Grasmere But honey pie, you're not safe here So you run down, to the safety of the town But there's panic on the streets of Carlisle Dublin, Dundee, Humberside I wonder to myself....."
  6. Like being back in the Silver Blades ice rink.
  7. 'Cool For Cats' - Squeeze. "The Sweeney's doing 90 'cause they've got the word to go To get a gang of villains in a shed up at Heathrow.."
  8. 'Starting All Over' - Christine Collister.
  9. That's been posted already. I put it up in Aug last year. 😀 . Worth checking the 'search' option first.
  10. 'Pop Muzik' - M "(Pop, pop, shoo wop) Activate it, New York, London, Paris, Munich' Everybody talk about pop muzik..."
  11. Sparks - 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us' "Heartbeat, increasing heartbeat You are a khaki-coloured bombardier, it's Hiroshima that you're nearing"
  12. ....and another one by the mighty Floyd. 'Astronomy Domine' - Pink Floyd "Around the icy waters underground Jupiter and Saturn, Oberon, Miranda and Titania Neptune, Titan, stars can frighten."
  13. U2 - 'Stay (Faraway, So Close)' "Up with the static and the radio, With satellite television, You can go anywhere: Miami, New Orleans London, Belfast and Berlin..."
  14. 'Hell's Garden' - Foo Fighters.
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