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  1. Be interesting to see what a bit of distance does. Let's say that in about 5 years all Christmas compilations released will include the tampered-with version. That's all younger people will ever hear. Will it, to them, still be a glorious song and be voted a top Xmas number in a decade or so? Will the lyrics even matter or will the overall feel of the song be the nostalgia point?
  2. Yeah, the series was a big hit when I was a nipper. We loved it. Some things just shouldn’t be touched. Not everything needs reinventing. That said, Kidman could have been a marvellous Samantha but it needed a far better script and a leading actor that isn’t like fingernails down a blackboard.
  3. Bewitched. And it was AWFUL. I know I'm a tad late to the party on this one. I avoided it like the plague at the time as I can't stand Will Ferrell. Spotted it was on NETFLIX and there was nothing else on so..... Bad bad move. Grievous error. I should have kept on flicking. What was Kidman thinking about, getting involved with this dross? Never say never, but I'm fairly convinced it'll never darken my screen again. Quality and script, a zero. Gets a 9 for Kidman's legs 😀
  4. I have three repeated-viewing films. Discounting the obvious Christmas ones ('Die Hard', 'Love Actually', 'It's a Wonderful Life' etc etc) I have these on rainy-day stand-by: 'The Legend Of Bagger Vance' Rannulph Junuh: "What was it Adele?... What did you like about us?..." Adele Invergordon: "I liked the way we danced..." 'Local Hero' Mac MacIntyre: "Any comets around?" Ben Knox: "Do you want to buy a comet now?" Mac MacIntyre: "Maybe.....” 'Restless Natives' Will to Margot: "I hold up buses!!!"
  5. Felt nostalgic for some Terry Pratchett. Past 2 weeks I've re-read (for the umpteenth time) 'Thud!', 'Going Postal' and 'Making Money'. Doesn't matter that I know them all word for word. With him, it's more of a comfort-read. Old friends.
  6. These days he's just a pantomime figure. All the gurning doesn't help his cause. Thing is, you go see the Stones, that's what you'd expect to see. You'd feel short-changed if he did act his age.
  7. I did something very similar in February. I played a live Stones album per day. Not on youtube though. From those in my own collection, either in the car, on the home system or on the ipod while dog-walking, going to work etc. The great thing about the Stones is they have A LOT of live material out there. I only deviated if it was a double CD. When that was the case I'd play it over two days. The Mick Taylor years were definitely their finest. Nothing against Ron Wood, but he's too similar to Keef. Jones was marvellous too, but the late 60s/early 70s material was their best/most ground-breaking IMHO.
  8. A couple of Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass 'best of' collections. It's a shame that so many of his 60s albums haven't been reissued on CD. My collection sounds 'loved'. Translation: crackly and perhaps overused. But then they would be. They're originals from the 60s.
  9. It's that time again..... Here's one I watch every year; 'Chasing Christmas'. Some of you will have seen it. Contains one of my favourite lines. A distraught Ghost Of Christmas Past (Leslie Jordan) is having an existential breakdown. His mark, the world-weary Tom Arnold, is having none of the Dickens crap he’s being fed. Jordan flips out. Arnold, taking pity, looks at him and says “Did you forget to take your meds...?”. Makes me laugh every time. You’ll (Yule?) find it easily enough on one of the seasonal Sky channels. Sadly, due to incredibly poor writing, poor Tom doesn’t get the girl in the end. Everyone deserves Andrea Roth after a bad day . For this glaring piece of insanity, I give it only 8/10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uqlP2TL1UV0
  10. When I worked in Rotherham (for about 2 & a half years), I used to regularly breakfast at Jim's Café on Westgate (just opposite the Cutlers pub). The food was marvellous and staff great. Jim & his good lady were lovely hosts. Always had fresh newspapers for the clientele. They moved on from Westgate to a place in Riverside Court. It coincided with me moving back to Sheffield to work so I never went to the new place. Was planning on going to Rotherham with my grandson once casual travel is allowed again. Looked on the website to learn it's permanently closed. Shame. Anyone else used to frequent, or have any clue why they closed?
  11. I had a giggle on the actual backend of the day when he was making a semi-victory speech. He was squinting to read his autocue and kept making mistakes. I'm thinking 'Silly ol' fool. Put your glasses on. No one will think less of you...'. He's 70-odd for goodness sake. It'd be astonishing if he wasn't wearing glasses. Either that, or he needs his contacts adjusting.
  12. On occasions I have walked my dogs on White Lane. I try to keep them on the grass side but the problem is most dogs like smelling wee and they tug like mad to get over to the pavement side where other dogs have scented gates etc. Sometimes my shoulders have ached from keeping them away from that side. Whenever possible I take them down Ford/Ridgeway now. It's muddier but less intrusive to other members of the public.
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