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  1. The Moose will not sleep tonight after that miss. McGoldrick, on the other hand, will 🙂
  2. I do enjoy doo-wop. It tends to be joyous. We need joyous at the moment. Let’s talk about Darts/Showaddywaddy/Sha Na Na. All stand-out successful doo-wop revival acts. I own lots of material by them all. Very hard to pick a favourite………. but let’s talk about the pros and occasional cons of all three. Consider: 2 have a focal yob/comedy-relief character: Darts had Den Hegarty, The Na's had Bowser. Showaddywaddy did not have this component. One mark off for them. Darts had the added cannon-power of female vocals for diversity; the lovely Rita Ray. Deffo a point in Darts' favour. However... the Na's were genuine. Authentic. Doo-wop came from their part of the world. They were, for all intents and purposes, promoting their 'ethnic' culture. Point for them, nowt for the others. 2 had major hits here, but then the Na's probably had hits in their own country (discuss). Showaddywaddy overcame two major obstacles; coming from Leicester and appearing on New Faces. The other two didn't have those particular hardships . Two bonus points there. Darts and Sha Na Na never strayed from the template. Stayed true to their genre. Showaddywaddy tried a concept album. A point deducted for hubris. A member of 'waddy had a son who went on to play for Sheffield Wednesday. All points deducted. Darts had material produced by the magnificent Roy Wood. That's enough to win it, but..... Den Hagerty went on to be in TISWAS. The winning point! Darts fer me then. Thoughts/views/anecdotes welcomed.
  3. There's a 10-part series on Sky Atlantic called Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels. It's a follow-up to an earlier series, but set many years later and you don't need to know what's happened previously as its unconnected. As it is set around the 30s & 40s in L.A, there's an excellent collection of songs reflecting that area/era. It REALLY works, in the same way that the songs used in the BBC's 'Singing Detective' worked. Emotive, and nothing like anything you tend to hear used on soundtracks these days. A definite period piece, and worth hearing in context with the show.
  4. Like a LOT of Heep, but I may be unusual amongst their fan-base in as much as I couldn't get my head around Byron's voice. Too much of a generic/run-of-the-mill 70s vocal delivery for me. Powerful, yes, but ordinary. Only couple of his albums I like are Return To Fantasy and High 'N' Mighty. Far better are Firefly, Abominog, Conquest, Wake The Sleeper and Innocent Victim. A band VERY fortunate to have so many excellent vocalists pass through their ranks. Saw them at the City Hall on their Firefly tour. Fantastic night.
  5. A mate Dropbox'd me this yesterday. Will be playing it very shortly. Looks a very interesting set list. DAVID BOWIE ‘OUVREZ LE CHIEN (LIVE DALLAS ‘95)’ "Look Back in Anger" "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" "The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (as Beauty)" "I Have Not Been to Oxford Town" "Outside" "Andy Warhol" "Breaking Glass" "The Man Who Sold the World" "We Prick You" "I'm Deranged" "Joe the Lion" "Nite Flights" "Under Pressure" "Teenage Wildlife" Bonus tracks: "Moonage Daydream" "Under Pressure"
  6. My granddad blamed the Teddy Boys for vandalising his allotment in Attercliffe. This was in 1978...
  7. Was lucky enough to see Stray a couple of times at the Improvisions club on Arundel Gate. The jock there was a big fan of their One Night In Texas single and played it often. Good crowd for both gigs. I’m thinking I ought to get myself a ‘best of’.
  8. The third Richard Strange show on soundcloud, just released. https://soundcloud.com/user-198290831/dark-times-radio-episode-3-28062020-1651 Love the cricketbat-bass/oranges anecdote that follows the show's opener 'Next!'
  9. Dunno if you've heard this 60s grooveathon. From the TV21 EP. Owned it since it was released in the mid 60s. It's a good take. Big horn sound. Love it. Or told them the truth. That works too. Or maybe not......
  10. We had the Last Of The Summer Wine theme as one of my dad's funeral songs. A family choice. Him & ma loved that program. People who knew him well commented after the service on how apt it was. Naturally they were smiling, as he would have been. (The other two were Tina Turner's 'Simply The Best' - my daughter's choice as he loved Tina Turner and seeing her at Don Valley was one of the last gigs he ever saw, and I also picked Geoff Love's version of Pomp & Circumstance/Land Of Hope And Glory from the' War Themes' album as he was an ex-RAF man). Ha! Yeah, why's this clown even here? Is he one of those Troggs we're always hearing about...?
  11. Been cranking up the K C & the Sunshine Band 'best of' these past few days. Musically, it certainly suits this current weather. Lovin’ that horn sound. It loses traction by becoming slightly samey by track 16 but most are genuine disco-era classics. The version of Queen Of Clubs here sounds a bit murky/muddy and I wonder at the source, but the rest are wonderful. ‘Please Don’t Go’ is one of the best/saddest love songs written by anyone, ever.
  12. Just re-watched 'The Holiday' for the umpteenth time. We keep going back. I dunno why. Just like it. I've a lot of time for the work of Nancy Meyers, but on this occasion I think sections are poorly directed. She very much portrays the English as Americans like to see us. That grates, but overall the good scenes drowns out the bad. The ending is always bittersweet/disappointing. It's not the normal rom-com 'happy ever after' that everyone wants. I’ll refer here to Buzzfeed’s review. Their summary over the obviously-doomed romances was "In conclusion, I take this movie too seriously and probably need to lighten up a little". We found their associated poll quite amusing. Almost as close as BREXIT. Have you been personally victimized by the ending to The Holiday? “No, I somehow have a life outside of obsessing over romantic comedies from 2006” = 58% “Yes! I NEED TO KNOW IF THESE RELATIONSHIPS SUCCEED” = 42% https://www.buzzfeed.com/katangus/we-need-to-talk-about-the-ending-of-the-holiday
  13. wearysmith


    "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake"Napoleon Bonaparte. That should be a t-shirt.
  14. I rec'd an email from Richard 'Kid' Strange earlier today about a Soundcloud show he's done. Fascinating listening. Interesting choices - very Doctors of Madness heavy, as you’d imagine - but loving the anecdotes and insights. So laid back. More Radio 4 than Planet Rock. He doesn't so much name-drop as expand to the public his interactions with the people he's been fortunate enough to work with. Click the link at the bottom for an entertaining, informative, hour. Announcing Dark Times Radio. An occasional journey through music I have written, co-written, performed on, produced or been inspired by. Your requests, comments and feedback are invited. One show a week for the foreseeable future. Free. Enjoy ...and please spread the word. https://soundcloud.com/user-198290831/dark-times-radio-episode-1-10062020-1749 Richard Strange PFHEA
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