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  1. To end my stay at this piece of crap forum I will leave you with this Einstein : “Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
  2. Not sure if anyone saw this article in the star http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/cyclists-praise-safe-pass-plan-in-sheffield-1-8678512 "Sheffield's cycling fraternity is welcoming a police plan to adopt a 'safe pass' plan in the city, but warn it won't be a magic solution to problems between drivers and riders. The plan, launched today by South Yorkshire Police, will help ensure drivers give cyclists adequate space - 1.5 metres - when passing them on the road. Police community support officers will hit the Sheffield and Doncaster streets, recording footage from their bicycles. Officers will then review the footage and investigate any motorists deemed to be driving too closely to cyclists."
  3. As the insurers should be dealing with it then B could have forwarded the papers to their insurer.
  4. I can see this business doing well when things change regarding street parking http://www.totalliftingsolutions.co.uk
  5. They are not vigilantes they are survivors and for that reason not interested in other forms of crime
  6. For survivors I could imagine it is a way of dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions they will encounter every day of their lives following such an attack. We all have to deal with what life throws at us and not run away from it.
  7. A friend of mine had his Giant bike stolen from outside Waitrose after leaving it for 5 minutes locked up with a wire loop in town yesterday.
  8. Train stations are an ancient way of transfer. The modern way will be syncing parallel trains to transfer passengers onto the fast moving carriages then the transfer station train slowing to stop at the next of two connected stations then back along the same line in the opposite direction to transfer onto the none stop fast train in the opposite direction. Train station Hah!
  9. You can help the campaign to stop pavement parking by having a look at https://www.livingstreets.org.uk/what-we-do/key-issues/pavement-parking
  10. It would be better if they knock down the whole estate and build a station at Mexborough than have HS1.5 going through Sheffield city centre
  11. The way I see public sector structures is that the people doing the hard work are getting the least and those that are doing the least work getting the most. Could do with restructuring pay scales from the top to pay for the lower scales.
  12. Sheffield Council should be on top of this but the fat, useless, incompetent weasels prefer to let unregulated unscrupulous selfish drug dealers buy houses in the area. All houses that cannot be proved to have been bought in a reputable manor should be clawed back by the state under proceeds of crime.
  13. Council should charge the scumlords and licence rented housing
  14. I have seen European lorry drivers setting off on the wrong side of the road from warehouses around Sheffield. They only realise when confronted with oncoming traffic. I reckon its time for painted direction arrows to be marked on all roads before and after junctions along with speed limits as the road signs get engulfed by unkempt trees.
  15. The City Centre Ambassador model could work in local communities. Teachers have enough on without having to police parents too. No point in bringing a byelaw in if it can't be enforced.
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