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  1. Has anyone got any contact details for cat charities in Sheffield? Have tried the Cat Protection place but they're full up at the moment. Thanks
  2. I'm seeking a 1 bed flat but am new to all this. I'm after details of anyone that let such properties out and preferably furnished or at least with white goods as i'm merely looking for a 6 month contract. Any pointers would be great. I'm wanting the south of Sheffield but i'm open to all offers.
  3. Thanks Nichola. That's great. I'll look into both.
  4. Thanks Annie. Really appreciate the advice.
  5. Our daughter has just been diagnosed with Autism. Are there any Autism support or play groups in Sheffield? Thanks
  6. Does anyone know if the club is still in going? If not, what junior sides play on the old Ashleigh pitches? Cheers
  7. Does anyone know if there will be new homes built in the S12 area in the not too distant future? I know there is land available on the old Newstead and Scowerdons estates and the plans suggested homes would be built on this land. Any info/updates much appreciated. Thanks
  8. Property Offered Area: Herdings Park Type of Property: Semi detached (New build) Number of Bedrooms: 3 Landlord: (Council / HA) HA Any other information: Large 3 bed semi detached property overlooking Herdings Park. Excellent views. Nice neighbours. Has drive and fenced off back garden. Property Wanted Area: S12 Hackenthorpe or Birley Type of Property: House Number of Bedrooms: 3/4 Landlord: (Council / HA) Either Any other information: Need to move back in the area for schools.
  9. Hi, I'm interested in playing bowls. How do I get started? Cheers
  10. Sad that not a team/stadium could not accommodate the Eagles. 60 mile round trip for home matches? What a joke. Such a great club being destroyed by the City it represents when all it's ever done is bring success to Sheffield, just like the Steelers. The OLP looks terrible - can't even get that right. Will be like playing at Goals at All Saints School. Hardly the setting for Championship rugby league.
  11. Does anyone know if there's a bonfire in or around S12 Birley/Hackenthorpe or Woodhouse?
  12. Young un wants to play football. Are there any under 10's sides in S12 or surrounding areas looking for players?
  13. Che's off! No doubt about it. United will always be a selling club.
  14. I'm wanting to start bowling. Does anybody know of any beginner friendly clubs that are taking on members? Preferably around S12 but can travel. Rotherham would be fine too. Any help/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
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