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  1. Ha, ha! Its not all doom and gloom. With the way fuel prices are going, perhaps liposuction will soon become cheaper than extracting oil. Then we can start to use all this obese body fat as fuel. It's a win win situation
  2. Hi all There is such a huge variety of makes out there with some places offering a warranty or free delivery. I'd appreciate your recommendations and warnings about any makes and retailers. Cheers, jim
  3. What if one bought the bigger property and rented out the one you're already in till it sold? Would that be possible? Obviously, it would mean paying two mortgages. Presumably, one of which would be a buy-to-let (?). Has anyone had experience of doing this? What are the hassles?
  4. Cheers. You wouldn't have a number or name of shop by any chance?
  5. That's not entirely true because the money paid in interest can't be got back unless the price of the property increases by the same or a greater amount. In the early years of a mortgage most of what one pays in is interest.
  6. I don't think we'll see the sort of price rises that happened in the late 90s for a long, long time. Just think about it, a first time buyer earning around 20k a year has an upper limit to how much of their monthly income they can pay towards a mortgage. If house prices are pushing to 200k, there is no chance they are going to pay all of their take home pay just covering the mortgage! In the late 90s, a first time buyer could still purchase a decent home around 3 to 4 times their annual income, which usually meant less than 50% of their take-home pay. Now a decent home could mean over 10 times their annual income, meaning most of their take-home going towards paying the mortgage. It all points towards a price crash or at the very least, a drastic slow down as far I can see it. Its simple mathematical logic!
  7. Hi Can anyone recommend a reliable and reasonably priced repair person for fridge repairs? I think its only a problem with the thermostat but not sure. Cheers!
  8. 19 percent of what? I presume 19 percent of Sun and Daily Mail readers! I have always found C4 news to be a lot more balanced than most others. In a world dominated by Murdoch's media, what you've stated above may appear to be so to his zombie consumers, exactly because the Sun's and Fox's of this world are so 'horrifyingly' biased in the other direction.
  9. LOL. Your choice of words is hilarious! On the one hand you say that they're 'horrifyingly anti-semitic' and on the other you're promoting a TV programme on one of these same channels that speaks out against antisemitism. This is classic Nazionist propaganda, using all means necessary to portray the oppressor as the victim.
  10. Whatever! On the contrary, the media in this country (including the BBC) is a hotbed of Neo-Nazionism.
  11. Well. If someone were intent on doing others harm (as a health service worker) I'd much prefer that they had one of those other things you mentioned rather than a gun.
  12. Alive and well and sunning himself on Jeb Bush's beach side condominium in Florida. Occasionally puts on a beard when they need him to make a statement.
  13. Must be a spelling mistake! Brumiland has to be the 'greyist' city in the UK.
  14. I think everyone should fly St George's flag or the Union Jack, so that the racists need to go find something else to fly.
  15. Are you implying that Lebanon started the war? That's the most ludicrous presumption! I find myself partly agreeing with Chuffinell on this issue in that Israel and Hezbollah (via Syria/Iran) should compensate the Lebanese for turning their country into a battle field. However, I wouldn't say they are all equally culpable. Israel, as the primary aggressor in this case, should be the one made to foot most of the bill.
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