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  1. HI Folk, I'm looking to spark discussion and gather views on fitting wi-fi based smart technology into new-builds or to retro-fit. I'm interested because I can see a whole load of aftermarket consumer stuff being sold, but in its current guise I don't see it fulfilling a value-added purpose, it's more of an expensive gimmick. I think the real place that should be leading this change meaningfully are the home-builders. I wonder if you agree and if so, do you feel you have the stock/tools/techniques available to successfully implement it into the homes you build? Cheers, Dan
  2. Hi Folk, I've recently re-discovered my love for putting together great recordings! If anyone wants some help pulling together a mix, I have the software and tools available to gel things nicely and I'm really just looking to work with other musicians to make great music! You can hear my own stuff on Soundcloud here: soundcloud.com/El_thwatez - some properly done and some drafts... Cheers, Dan
  3. Adi, Dean Thom, I'm also somewhat haggard and leaning towards the heavier end... also on guitar. what you're suggesting is just what I'm after, bit of music and maybe also the chance to lay down a few tracks... Based in Heeley. If you've got an email I can mail across a couple of old tracks which best sum up the sort of direction I head..
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