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  1. Hi Janet I remember you well when you knocked about with my twin sister Sue Shaw!
  2. Hi there, Sounds great but is it easy to install it into a standard laptop? I have a slow Lenovo running on Windows 10...
  3. Eyup Rodger Hey I remember you! How are you doing! I remember all the names you've put down in your post! I wonder if I missed any reunion events? I also remember Stuart Elam, Stewart and Malcolm Keys, Pete and Alan Johnson, Charlie (welder) Arthur (driller and first aid man) - others drift back in to mind from time to time and I will place them all on a list I have generated just to stop me forgetting them altogether...
  4. Hello Woodhouse lad (still don't know your name) Apologies for my very late response (just haven't got into the habit on logging in to this forum) I remember another name for you - Keith Parkin (Ned) he was a turner. I think Steve Smith lives in Killamarsh these days. I remember many (not all) of the names you mentioned, like Dave Betts (he got married yound and bought a house in Clowne I think) Big Dave Haythorne, wasn't he a biker with the big beard and big laugh? Wonder what's become of them all?
  5. I served my apprenticeship at Bone Cravens and worked 1968 - 1978 building plastic injection moulding machines. I remember Georgie Gott (Gotty), Gordon Baxter, Basil Presir, Pete Dodd, Roy Platts, Keith Riley, Dave Hodgkinson, Jimmy Carter, Pete Johnson, Alan Johnson, Stewart Keys, Bob Monkhouse, Geoff Goodwin, Glynn Alison, Black Mick, Charlie (welder) Tommy France, and many others I can picture but can’t remember all their names - sorry to them who know me! Please remind me your names. Great place, great people, great times, fond memories, lost forever except in my head.
  6. I was an apprentice fitter/turner there from 1968 - 1977. I built every size of injection moulding machines from 200Tons (pressure) to 2000 Tons. Worked under foremen Gordon Baxter and Georgie Gott (Gottie). Happy days!
  7. Hi Anyone I am Phil Shaw. I was at Waltheof 1964 - 1968. Remember mates Roger Thurston, Gary Street, Lewis Hamilton, Tony (Bug) Schultz... Hope you’re all still around. Be great to know.
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