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  1. Hello everyone. This may seem quite trivial to some but this really gets my back up.


    I was driving home yesterday from Chesterfield via the Dronfield By Pass, Just as I entered Sheffield I was met by a Digital Road sign saying "DON'T DRIVE DIESEL DRIVE PETROL" and again at Gleadless town end and again on Ridgeway Road.


    Yes I do have a diesel 57-85mpg and much better emissions than most petrol.


    Now I Thought that this is a service we have paid for using our hard earned taxes to provide us with helpful info regarding traffic conditions, potential problems and for warn us of future road closures.


    Now more signs at the side of the road means more eyes off the road more accidents... ...Wouldn't you agree? I do not want some jumped up bureaucrat who has been given a task to ram his or her opinion down my throat on my money.


    Tell me what you think or better still tell the council.


    Peace out and have a great day :-)

  2. As far as I understand If you are the one taking the picture/video you own the picture/video you only require consent if you ask/request from someone to perform an act at your request. All other images are free to do as you wish (being the owner). However if you have taken images of individual they have the right (if they request) to view the image i.e. Sheffield city councils has to release CCTV footage to you if you believe you have been filmed. That would be a headache for the council and probable shut the CCTV program down if everyone did that.

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