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  1. Well if it winds you up (as it does me) then youll be spitting feathers when i tell you it was a police car. Not the proper blue light ones but the civi ones badged up to look like police cars. Ill be honest i was so anoyed that i rang them up and complained. The guy on the phone was so apologetic and asked me if i wanted to make it official or get someone to have a word with the driver. I went for the second one mainly due to the fact that the road was a bit quiet so in the end no harm done plus im not even sure my car camera would be admissible as evidence on something like this.
  2. Ive just been on Normanton hill again today and again saw another speeder. Approx 40 to 45 mph. Thje road is wet and possibly a bit greasy so really theres no excuse.
  3. They wanted Ol Whitey out. They got what they wanted and what they deserve. If they are that unhappy then revolt. Do something for once.
  4. Never said it was mate. ---------- Post added 27-01-2015 at 23:52 ---------- I just use the white brown black yellow colour scheme. I dont go in for all these name changes due to some wallflowers sensitivities.
  5. Im on your side 100%. I think it stinks and i use that road a lot and see loads of people still speed and it makes me angry but its just not murder.
  6. Sorry. I didnt mean to imply you were trying to justify anything mate. I was just commenting on what Mafia said as it was a surprise to me until i looked it up.
  7. I checked on this because i was sure it must be wrong but yeah, bang on on both counts. Quite a number have been killed to around thye globe. A lot more than many people would think.
  8. NOT murder. Your emotional outburst has no effect on anything and just because the driver killed the girl it dont mean he murdered her. Unless it was a deliberate targeted hit and i dont think young Jasmine hung around in those sort of circles.
  9. I wont argue that could well be the case. I like to try to see the good in everyone though. Sometimes to my detriment.
  10. Yeah, course they would. I didnt think of that. ---------- Post added 27-01-2015 at 14:44 ---------- That would go some way to restoring some peoples faith in the justice system. It Wont happen though will it. Our system just seems too soft in general.
  11. Thats just a personal opinion though and the way i heard it i felt the police man was refering to the night of the incident and the fact he drove off.
  12. The intention wasnt to kill anyone otherwise he wouldnt have swerved to avoid the other kids. It was an accident. Like it or not thats what it is. If you have an issue with it then you need to adress the law makers and get them to change things a bit. Make a law that fits this kind of circumstances then decide on a suitable term in prison for it.
  13. I see where you are coming from but just for a second imagine the blind panic the driver was probably in after hitting the children. Obviously he panicked, obviously he did the wrong thing but thats not to say he isnt sorry for what he did. He may be just a good actor or a sick freak who can turn on the tears but i dont know him so i have to take his reaction at face value.
  14. The driver seems incredibly remorseful. Maybe this had a baring on the sentence? ---------- Post added 27-01-2015 at 13:34 ---------- 5 years for a tazer? Talk about going to the extreme! Did he use it on someone?
  15. It could have been much worse for the family. People have walked free from court after killing someone on the road. At least they have some sort of result. At least the tool is behind bars and cant hurt anyone. ---------- Post added 27-01-2015 at 12:53 ---------- Thanks. Yes thats what i meant. I made a bit of a hash of it though
  16. Compared to some thats a stiff sentence. its not as if he deliberately killed the girl. If he went out with the intention of killing someone then the sentence would be a joke. As it stands it could have been worse.
  17. Thanks for all your replies. Its a shame it seems like she cant stop any future debt collector taking random snaps of her which has her worried as she got some more post for the previous tennent today and now she thinks thats going to be more debt and more hassle. As she dosent have a computer ill be lodging a complaint with scottcall for the way the tool behaved. They will also be warned that if they turn up again and refuse to leave i WILL be removing them personally. Thank you again everyone. Well almost everyone because there is usually one Billy Nomates who thinks hes clever
  18. Thats sad. I had neighbours once who went like that. One passed away and the other one died within 24 hours. They are burried side by side at City cem. Well done for finding him and giving him a fighting chance.
  19. Theres just been somewhat of a curfuffle at one of my neighbours house and as she lives alone i decided to go round. Some thugish looking bloke from a company called Scottcall or something was harassing this women for a debt she said shedidnt owe.This man was bullying her to prove who she was even though she was at her home. She rents private as do i so her property is private property but this bloke started taking pictures of her house. She got really upset at this and i told him to jog on so he went but then started taking snaps from the street say its public land so he can do what he wants,. This has all been a stress for her and now shes worried hes coming back or doing something with these pictures hes took. I told her id see what information i can find out but im stumped. Can anyone help with some advice about her situation mainly is someone allowed to come and start taking pictures of a private house against the tenants wishes?
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