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  1. Hi trying to trace a Mobile mechanic with a decent review Hathersage. Is he still going and if so the number please:help:
  2. Thank you for your replies and is there anyone who does lead loading out there or a very good welder
  3. My classic coupe is badly rusted around the rear screen where the window rubber fits. An elderly gent thought leading was the way to go, but if anybody has other ideas Iam open to all options.
  4. Hi does anybody out there know of a restorer who uses lead on car body panels, in partic coupe roofs around the rear screen. I know it is a skill fast vanishing but hopefully a craftsman in the Sheffield area still uses it.
  5. Does anybody know a decent engine fitter for a classic car east side of Sheffield, Anston, Dinnington area
  6. Looking forward to the new season of Classic car events, hopefully my 1954 4 door splitscreen moggy will be ready to show but it takes an age to carry out a total restoration. It started badly, I bought it April 2014, moggy went to be shotblasted in May. What should have been a 3 day job took almost 3 months. I went to a unit just off the Dronfield by pass.and had to endure a plethora of excuses. After 5 months of welding it is now in the paintshop. The brakes and suspension have been renewed. Engine and gearbox have to be rebuilt and then we have the interior trim. GOSH perhaps Iam being a touch ambitious preparing for this years events maybe 2030 but seriously what do you all think will I make it or not.
  7. A belated thank you to Rossyrooney and Mutley00 for suggesting 2 Sheffield trimmers to fit the headlining in my splitscreen Moggy
  8. At the moment restoring a 1954 splitscreen moggy, does anyone know a trimmer or upholsterer who fit headlining with the hoops and tension wire. I would like to have a go myself, but I do not want to make a pigs ear of it.
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