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  1. we might have if we'd got a chance to eat!
  2. If my mum was shouting my dad would say she sounded like a "common vardyke". Nobody seems to know what this is or even heard of it. His actul words were "you're nowt but a common vardyke".
  3. Booked table for 4 at Seven Spices Indian restaurant in West Bar for 9pm. Stressed we wanted to sit down at this time. When we got there we were told there was no table available and to sit in the bar area. Checked when it would be available and told a few minutes. Kept being told this until 9.30pm when we left and went elsewhere. They were not apologetic and just shrugged at our complaints. What is the point of booking when they don't honour that booking? Other restaurants manage to work a booking system. Appalling service and we won't return and neither will any of our friends.
  4. When my mum used to shout at him, my dad said she sounded like a "common vardyke". Nobody seems to know this word - any clues? Also told her to "get down Dixon Lane" where the market used to be.
  5. I am looking for a builder. Does anyone know anything about Clayborn Construction? Thanks.
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